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  • 【AP Company, Inc.】 Spring is coming to the north country! Sasaki store’s superb “Snow Melt Oyster” forty-eight fishing grounds, etc. Started offering on Thursday, April 4

【AP Company, Inc.】 Spring is coming to the north country! Sasaki store’s superb “Snow Melt Oyster” forty-eight fishing grounds, etc. Started offering on Thursday, April 4

AP Company Ltd. Spring is coming to the north country! Sasaki store’s superb “Snow Melt Oyster” forty-eight fishing grounds, etc. Started offering on Thursday, April 4 ………………………………………………………………………………………… Hirosaki Bay, Rikuzentakata, as a production area relay for oysters at each of the fresh fish taverns, including the “Forty-eight fishing area” operated by AP Company, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hisashi Yoneyama) We will provide Sasaki Shoten “Snow Melted Oysters” from April 4, 2019. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/4635/212/resize/d4635-212-219233-2.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/4635/212/resize/d4635-212-617692-3.jpg]
The creators and locals know when the time is really good “In fact, oysters are the best from this period!” Spring season, which is generally considered to be the season for oysters, is the true season for oysters (in Hirota Bay), saying that producer Sasaki Mr. Gaku puts a heart on it. It is “Snow Melted Oysters” that has been branded to spread this deliciousness to the local community. Rikuzentakata’s severe winter snow melts, and the spring water takes the nutrients of the mountain and pours it into the sea, increasing plankton. Thanks to this plankton, the riparian Takada oysters of this period will become more and more ripe for the spawning season, and they will become thicker and thicker, so you can enjoy a different taste from winter oysters. ※ Conditions for oyster season and shipping vary depending on the area. Commitment of Sasaki store The oyster aquaculture of Sasaki Shoten will carry out steady work and grow carefully from the arrival of only a small seed oyster to the day of shipment two years later. Typical tasks include the following. 1. In order to improve the growth of oysters, we will cut the number of oysters to tens of thousands in the future. 2. Vary the position of the dangling oysters by looking at the bay situation and how to grow. 3. In the summer, oysters are put in hot water at 60 ° C to 70 ° C and treated with warm water to eliminate organisms that take away oyster’s nutrition. 4. Before shipment, carefully separate the lumped oysters one by one with Nata, take out the rubbish attached to the shell, put it in the net and let it return to the sea once again. 5. Treat sterile seawater and ship with extreme care for temperature zones. In addition to work directly related to oysters like these, we will enter forests and prepare forests to create a better sea for oysters. In the first place, if it is possible to ship delicious oysters without having to this point, if the quality of the water is excellent in Hirota Bay, in order to be impressed by the high quality and absolute deliciousness, and the oysters of value in view of regional revitalization It is Sasaki Shoten who delivers the best oysters packed with a lot of feelings one by one for shipping. Approach [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/4635/212/resize/d4635-212-476601-0.jpg] On the 10th of March, Ms. Manabu Sasaki stood in the store and had the opportunity to recommend Yonezaki oyster (another brand in winter of Sasaki Shoten) to customers directly. From what point of view the consumer leads to purchasing, what kind of impression they have, and what kind of communication does the staff try to do with the customer every day, and what is the problem? The aim is to enable producers to experience each other and to gain new awareness and learning, including food. This initiative will rotate production areas, producers and fishermen and hope to continue in the future. Product information Sasaki-san’s oysters, which favor oysters, are not seen until around November when the thawed oysters have been shipped. You can enjoy the rich, creamy “Snow Melt Oyster” that you can only taste at this time at the following stores.
■ Offers: Forty-eight fishing grounds, fish rice, fish rice, Nipponbashi Suminoe, Naki Kana www.48gyojyou.com/shop/
■ Offer period: April 4, 2019 (Thursday) ~ 1 month ※ The number of shipments is limited, and it depends on the sea conditions such as water temperature
■ Price: 580 yen / unit ~ (excluding tax) Oyster production area relay Each of the seafood taverns and stores that the Company operates, including the forty-eight fishing grounds, offers delicious oysters from all over Japan almost all year round. ※ The offer period is approximate and is based on the present results from last year September-October: Hokkaido Akkeshi “Kakiemon” “Maruemon” true oyster October-March: Miyagi Prefecture Oku Matsushima Shinya Abe Maoy oyster (for heating) November-March: Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture Manabu Sasaki “Yonezaki Oyster” True Oyster April-May: Manabu Sasaki, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture “Snow Melted Oyster” True Oyster May: Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture May-June: Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture “Sakai” rock oyster June-August: Yukuji-cho, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi Prefecture Hiromitsu Ito “Dream oyster” true oyster ※ The information in the press release is the information as of the date of the announcement, and the passage of time Or it may be changed by various subsequent events. Please note.

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