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  • Finally mahjong boom is coming! ? The relationship between Saito and Mahjong … “I used to play mahjong with my family when I was little” “I am fighting with mahjong in various places online in private”

Finally mahjong boom is coming! ? The relationship between Saito and Mahjong … “I used to play mahjong with my family when I was little” “I am fighting with mahjong in various places online in private”

J: COM Finally mahjong boom is coming! ? The relationship between Saito and Mahjong … “I used to play mahjong with my family when I was little” “I am fighting with mahjong in various places online in private” A number of mahjong related programs are broadcast on “J: COM TV” in line with the release of the movie “mah jong roar 2020” ………………………………………………………………………………………… The TV service “J: COM TV” provided by Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J: COM, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Kunihiko Imura) released the movie “Majell Wandering 2020” in April On April 5), we will broadcast many different programs related to mahjong. Please enjoy the intense drama that is unfolded on the sparrow table and the intense bargain on “J: COM TV”. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/7676/887/resize/d7676-887-425651-1.jpg] Mahjong’s professional league “M League” was launched in July last year, and mahjong, the image of so-called gambling, has begun to show signs of a boom as healthy entertainment for old and young men and women to enjoy, like shogi. There are many lovers for celebrities and entertainers, and “J: COM TV” shows not only professional spears but also shows that show celebrities like show mahjong, three people mahjong, eight stations mahjong, time restrictions, etc. , We broadcast a lot of games of the original rules. In April, there are other programs such as “Mondo Mahjong Pro League 18/19 13th Masters Battle” and “The Entertainment World Mahjong Strongest Decision Battle THE Meme DE Pong”, of course, but in 1984, the movie Mahjong roving We broadcast a large number of movies and animations based on mahjong, such as all 26 episodes of the full-length 26 episodes of the anime “Farring Legend Akagi: A genius that has fallen in the dark”, and will deliver Mahjong’s charm without hesitation. In front of each broadcast, over 10 years of work by Saito, who plays an active role in dramas, movies, magazines and commercials, oversees the plan, and reprints the best-selling novel “Tsujiya Asada’s Mahjong Wanderings” for the first time in 35 years. J: COM conducted a special interview in line with the release of Mahjong Wandering 2020. He talked enthusiastically about movies and mahjong, as well as his hobbies and TV programs he has recently focused on. “When I was little, I used to play mahjong with my family” “In private, we are fighting with people in various regions online with mahjong!” In the movie, he is fighting for the death fight with “mah-jongg”, but when asked if he will play mahjong even in private, he says, “I used to play mahjong with my family when I was little.” But in private I’m fighting mahjong with people in various regions online more than that, “he told me that he usually enjoyed mahjong. On J: COM TV, you can watch programs of various genres such as movies and dramas, animation, music, sports, etc., as well as mahjong related programs. Start your new life in April, and enjoy the encounter with new content with “J: COM TV” as an opportunity. (Check out the full movie, program information and interview articles below!) “MONDO TV HD” (751 ch) 【Program name】 “Mond Mahjong Professional League 18/19 13th Masters Battle” [Main contents] One of the three major title games of the Mondo Mahjong Professional League, “The Masters Match”. Skills and skillful psychology battles by veteran professionals over 50 years of age. Every year, we deliver a seasoned game that brings the discerning mahjong fan to life. This time, as in the previous tournament, we will compete for the championship with a system of 10 people. Each unique tactic creates a drama that goes beyond the competition. 【Broadcast schedule】 April 2 (Tuesday) every Tuesday 23: 00 ~ others “Fuji TV ONE Sports Variety” (753 ch) 【Program name】 “The World of Mahjong: The Battle of the Dead: The Dream DE Pong” [Main contents] A Mahjong variety program in which sparrows in the entertainment world meet in one hall and decide NO.1. Each time four proud celebrity celebrities join to create a fierce battle! We adopt super radical rule of “split”, “buttobi”, “ariri”! Please enjoy “THE I DE DE Pont” live! 【Broadcast schedule】 April 26 (Fri) 24:00 ~ “Toei Channel HD” (503 ch) 【Program name】 Mahjong Wanderer [Main contents] Based on the bestseller of Asada Tetsuya original, adolescent youth of youth who continues to hit mahjong on stage just after the end of the war, and learn another life by encounter with various players. First directed by popular illustrator Makoto Wada. Ueno right after the defeat. A seventeen-year-old boy, Tetsuya, later named “Bowaya Tetsu”, comes in charge of a secret casino “Ox Club” with a professional Hakushin, Dosa Ken, who is nicknamed “Boy Satoshi”, but he is betrayed by Dosa Ken. Then, full-scale mahjong practice begins …. 【Broadcast schedule】 April 5 (Fri) 22: 00 ~ Others 【Program name】 “Ma-jong Hou Densetsu Tengu Gaiden”, “Ma-jong Hou Dens Tengu Gaiden 2” [Main contents] A live-action film with “Tengu Gaiden Mahjong Hado Densetsu” serialized in “The Cartoon Goraku Special” starring Kenji Matsuda. A spin-off featuring the popular character and Kurosawa of “Majell the Dragon Legend Tengu”. “Majaku-Hamichi Densetsu Tengu Gaiden” Kurosawa, who has the nickname of Mah-jong craftsman, strikes Mah-jong to save the mother-in-law of familiar BAR “Ya”. “Majaku-Hamichi Densetsu Tengu Gaiden 2” Being involved in Kosuke, who has handed out the gold, Kurosawa will play a high-rate game at a Yakuza-structured bet. 【Broadcast schedule】 “Majaku Hadou Densetsu Tengu Gaiden”: Friday, April 5 24:00-Others “Majakuha Dori Densetsu Tengu Gaiden 2”: April 5 (Fri) 25:30-Others “Family Theater HD” (558 ch) 【Program name】 “The Fighting Legends Akagi: A Genius That Has Fallen to Darkness” One Time Broadcasting [Main contents] 1959. It is rainy night. There is a hot spring at the end of the field. A boy who survived in a chicken run. He was Shigeru Akagi, who is the legendary substitute for shaking the “back mahjong world”. The first Mahjong, starting with a special aura of the boyhood, starting with Akagi who wins one after the other at Yakuza. In the long run, a game with a variety of rivals, such as a blind baller, Ichikawa, and a fake memory with amazing memory, was awaited. 【Broadcast schedule】 April 6 (Sat) 13:30- ☆ Special interview for Mr. Taku Saito ☆ [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/7676/887/resize/d7676-887-906350-2.jpg] Q Please tell me what kind of movie this film is. Ko Saito: Now that films are becoming increasingly mild due to the importance of compliance, a film maker called Kazuya Shiraishi You can see how cars are fighting. It’s too inconvenient now that this film stands out if you put it back. Heisei is about to finish, but when the main character of the symbol of the time of Showa, Boto, has been time-slipped, the modern person can touch him by the chemical reaction with the analog thing that is only deepened because of the present. Something comes back. I guess that’s a movie like that. As a role, we are fighting for the death in “mah-jong”, but is Saito-san doing mah-jong even in private? Koto Saito: When I was little, I used to play mahjong with my family. There is a blank from there, but a mahjong teacher comes with me in the wake of a work called “snack”, and I am instructed in mahjong at various places, and from that point, the heat of mahjong has rekindled among me as well. The feeling is that it has flowed in this time. In the play, I use online games to fight the machine, but in the private, I fight against people in various regions online. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/7676/887/resize/d7676-887-7178887.jpg] Q In the mahjong roaring 2020 movie, a scene in which a boy named Tsutomu Saito plays mahjong in one spot is evaluated, and it received an award for the best newcomer in “Best Fundoshi Store Word 2019”. Please let me know what you think. Takumi Saito: If you evaluated, did you see the movie (laughs)? For me, I think it is not a prize by Saito Koko, but an award received by a few Tetsu. Q Saito-san, who has many hobbies, please tell me about your most passionate interests. Takuto Saito: I’m self-taught in photography, but I really want to do it. The opportunity is KinKiKids. I used to shoot with a private camera in a variety of KinKiKids’s show that previously appeared in the movie Bansen. The photo became the KinKiKids’s commemorative single jacket. I wanted to face each other seriously from that point. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/7676/887/resize/d7676-887-380538-4.jpg] Q What kind of activities are you doing in the photo? Takuto Saito: I am currently serializing in the magazine “Figaro Japon” and I am taking pictures of various people. The photographs were to be displayed at the Louvre museum at the end of last year, and I received an award, but nobody in Japan knows it! However, on the other hand, there is a sense that the gap to receive the newcomer award of Today’s (2/12) Hundsia Ward is maintaining my balance now (lol) Q Please tell me the TV program that Saito is focusing on. Koto Saito: The most important thing I’m aware of right now is live sports broadcasting. I’ve been playing football for a long time, but I often watch on television what are the figures that are exciting at that time, such as tennis and baseball. How is the birth of a drama without sporting lines … something that does not rival our profession. So I’m the genre I want to see as a competitor to sports. It is a sport that you absolutely do not want to “record and see later”. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/7676/887/resize/d7676-887-210964-5.jpg] “Channel galaxy” (553 ch) 【Program name】 “Love similar to destiny” [Main contents] Is Kasumi’s encounter with Yuri “a destiny”? ? A pure love story for adults by popular screenwriters called “Gods of Love Story”-Reiko Kitagawa x Tomoyo Harada x Saitoko. 【Broadcast schedule】 April 5 (Fri), 8 (Mon)-10 (Wed) midnight 0:00-2:00 (two episodes in a row)

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