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【Mitsuji Fuji Co., Ltd.】 Wearable IoT’s Mitsuji Fuji launches “hamon for stress”, a stress visualization solution making use of biotechnology information technology

Mitsufuji Corporation Mitsufuji of wearable IoT, sales of “hamon for stress”, stress visualization solution making use of biological information technology …………………………………………………………………………………
Mitsufuji Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto Prefecture Seika Town, President: Sannidi Ayumu) ​​announced the service of “hamon for stress”, a stress visualization solution aimed at realizing the “visualization of the workplace environment” in March We will start selling more. Since stress checks were mandated in 2015, many companies are conducting stress checks, and in recent years more companies are engaged in “health management” as part of their efforts to reform. In response to the acceleration of activities to improve the workplace environment, Mizufuji can “quantify stress” which was difficult to visualize by using original biometric information sensing technology with the theme of “aiming for leave of absence 0 due to workplace stress” We will realize “visualization of the workplace environment”. 【Background】 In many stress checks, countermeasures leading to stress improvement are being implemented based on the analysis of score aggregation at present, but, for example, do not respond honestly concerning personnel evaluation, or have not noticed the stress on their own There is a risk that stress may not be seen only by a temporary questionnaire that measures the state of stress, and there is a risk of inducing erroneous judgment. Therefore, in addition to the subjective data by the conventional stress check, Mitsuji-fuji is objective data based on biological information (vital data) and we propose a solution aiming for in-house improvement in mental health. 【Features of this service】 1. Visualization of risks that could not be seen with stress check alone by vital information (vital data) 2. Based on objective analytical reports high stress persons implement stress menus 3. Based on comprehensive evaluation report for enterprise, countermeasures, realize PDCA cycle with continuous use These will not only reduce the cost related to company employees who are on leave, but also improve the corporate image, improve productivity and creativity, and as a result enterprises give consideration to the health of their employees, so that great results are gained from the management side It can be expected. Mitsuji will support employees’ mental health improvement and revitalization of the workplace and contribute to the health management of the company. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/20122/30/resize/d20122-30-480187-0.jpg] 【Service contents】 Set menu (per ID) 1. hamon wear 3 arrival 2. Transmitter – 1 (USB Cable for charging needs to be purchased separately) 3. Cloud service fee 4. Stress countermeasure menu (including stress check 57 items, doctor’s diagnosis, stiff shoulder menu etc.) 5. Environmental and personal analysis report by vital data 【Company Profile】 Company name: Mitsuji Fuji Co., Ltd. (Seika Town, Kyoto Prefecture) Business: Development, manufacture and sale of conductive fibers “AGposs (R)” and “AGfit (TM)” for wearable IoT products and wearable IoT product “hamon (R)” Features: Develop self-developed wearable electrode sensor adopted by many major domestic and overseas companies History: Showa 31 Fuji Sansei founded as Nishijinbara plant Showa 55 Develop and sell conductive nets, tapes, etc., including application development of conductive fibers 2002 launched silver plated fiber brand “AGposs (R)”, trademark registration. AGposs (R) adopted for the astronaut’s underwear material at the International Space Station in 2008. Exhibited at the 1st Wearable EXPO in Heisei 20. Heisei 28 announces its own brand of IoT wearable device “hamon (R)” using clothing sensor Exhibited hamon (R) at Heisei 29th largest home electronics trade fair “CES 2017” Winner of the 48th Sumika Synthetic Fiber Award “New Frontier Award” in Heisei 30 Forbes JAPAN sponsored the Small Giants Award “Grand Prize” and “Cutting Edge Award” 【Corporate Site】: http: //www.mitsufuji.co.jp 【Hamon (R) official website】 www.hamon.tech

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