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  • [Partner Agent Co., Ltd.] Partner Agent and Airic Corporation “Insurance Clinic” opened at Shibuya Dogenzaka on April 1 (Mon)!

[Partner Agent Co., Ltd.] Partner Agent and Airic Corporation “Insurance Clinic” opened at Shibuya Dogenzaka on April 1 (Mon)!

Partner Agent Co., Ltd. Partner Agent and Airic Corporation’s “Insurance Clinic” 2nd store opened on Monday, April 1 in Shibuya Dogenzaka! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Partner Agent Co., Ltd., which develops marriage and marriage support services (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shigeru Sato, Securities code: TSE Mothers 6181, URL: www.pa.jp/, “Partner Agent” below “) In cooperation with Airic Corporation, Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative director: Ryuji Katsumoto, stock code: 7325, hereinafter” Airic Corporation “),” Insurance Clinic “Shibuya Dogenzaka store April 1 It was opened on Sunday (Mon). [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/6313/375/resize/d 6313-3375-558669-0.png]
■ Starting from marriage support Partner agents continue to create value as a reformer in the marriage support industry, create more opportunities for marriage, and marry, under the philosophy of “more smile in the world, more happiness.” We are developing our business to contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of our customers later. As part of that, Partner Agent has partnered with Airic Corporation and opened “Partner Agent Insurance Clinic No. 1 Store” in our Marunouchi branch in January 2016 to provide high quality insurance for customers after marriage. The proposal work of has been done. This time, Partner Agent has been offering high quality insurance for customers visiting the company as it welcomes Meission Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Meission”), which will continue to create new wedding styles in the bridal area from April 2019. Based on the desire to provide a “Partner Agent Insurance Clinic No. 2 store” in the Masonation Shibuya showroom, with the help of Airic Corporation. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/6313/375/resize/d 6313-3375-297019-1.jpg]
■ About insurance clinic This is the first (* 1) insurance shop opened in Japan in 1999. We have developed our own insurance analysis and search system “Insurance IQ System” in order to explain visually and clearly the life insurance that approximately 90% of households in Japan are subscribed to. We have added functions to search and compare insurance products, and provide high-quality uniform services at “Insurance Clinics” nationwide, from understanding the current situation of insurance to the proposal of plans tailored to customers. (189 stores nationwide, 76 stores in the Kanto area, 22 stores in Tokyo as of April 1, 2019) (* 1) “Japan’s first store-type joint insurance shop chain ※” ※ Determined 11 stores or more or annual sales of 1 billion yen or more as chain stores Tokyo commerce research investigation (June 2018)
Business name: Partner Agent Co., Ltd. Securities code: TSE Mothers 6181 Representative: President Shigeru Sato Creation: September 2006 Place: 20-3 Osaki 1-chome Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Imas Osaki Building 4F U R L: Partner agent www.p-a.jp/ Business Description: 1. marriage service ・ Welcoming activity support service “partner agent” to realize high marriage rate by full-time concierge ・ Wedding party service “OTOCON” ・ A member’s mutual introduction platform service “CONNECT-ship” for marriage and marriage support companies ・ Alliance type marriage activities support service ・ Welcoming activity support service for local government ・ Wedding support service for company, others 2. Bridal service etc. ・ Smart wedding “suma marriage” service in pursuit of appropriate price ・ “Second meeting” service that performs secretary service of wedding second meeting, etc. 3. Other Quality of Life (QOL) services ・ Wedding hall introduction service “anniversary club” ・ Bridal ring “LITO DIAMOND” · Insurance agent service ・ Party venue management (IROGAMI Inc.), others ~ Representative message ~ The present age is said to be difficult to get married. As social encounters such as matchmaking and dating have decreased, there are many single people who are fortunate to have the opportunity to marry. Our company was established with the aim of getting more reliable marriage information service. We have been supported by many customers by reviewing the conventional marriage consultation service and providing high results to customers who want to get married. In the future, we will develop business in a wide range of fields including bridals as a lifelong supporter who walks with people by utilizing the knowledge and know-how cultivated through such marriage service, and aim at the realization of a society where many people feel happy You Partner Agent Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Hirata / Kobayashi TEL: 03-6388-9831 (direct department transfer) FAX: 03-5759-2701 Mobile: 080-4575-7766 (direct person in charge) Mail: public@p-a.jp

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