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  • 【JRA】 Yuya Yanagi and Osushi Nakagawa jealous of girls! What? Takahata Mitsuhi, Tsuchiya Taiho san, Aoi Wakana make a great savage at the racecourse! !

【JRA】 Yuya Yanagi and Osushi Nakagawa jealous of girls! What? Takahata Mitsuhi, Tsuchiya Taiho san, Aoi Wakana make a great savage at the racecourse! !

Nippon Racing Association Yuya Yanagi and Mr. Osamu Nakagawa are jealous of girls! What? Takahata Mitsuhi, Tsuchiya Taiho san, Aoi Wakana make a great savage at the racecourse! ! Holy land of racetrack where you can enter only “●
●” … …………………………………………………………………………………
■ 5th “Umaji, Day 5” Hen “UMAJO” Official website: http: //umajo.jra.jp/ [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-218570-7.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-731160-1.jpg] The JRA Nippon Racing Association, the fifth volume of the WEB movie “UMAJO (Umajiyo)” which is a topic of horse racing love that is now being talked on the official UMAJO website on March 5, 2019 We will make it available from 15:00 on Sunday (Sunday). In this WEB movie, Mr. Takahata Ms. Takahata, Yuya Yanagi, Takeo Tsuchiya who is currently an annual promotional character of JRA and Mr. Osamu Aoi who joined the new member from this year have appeared. In this CM, Takahata Mitsuhi, Tsuchiya Taiho san, Aoi Wakana do a woman “UMAJO” enjoying horse racing, and I am fully enjoying Tokyo Racecourse. In the JRA racecourse, there is a free relaxing space “UMAJO SPOT” that only girls can enter, and in this CM, a lot of girls chatting happily or teaing at that “UMAJO SPOT” It is crowded with appearance. Looking at such a situation, Yuya Yanagi and Mr. Osushi Nakagawa. Please take a closer look at what two people respond when watching the girls enjoy horse racing. Also, at each racecourse, we are preparing many events that UMAJO can continue enjoying, so please have a wonderful weekend as “UMAJO” by all of you. 【Outline of “Umaji, Day 5″】
■ Title: “Umaji, day 5” (15 seconds / 30 seconds)
■ Cast: Takahata Mitsuki, Yuuraku Yuya, Tsuchiya Taiho, Nakagawa Osami, Aoi Wakana
■ Publication date: Published on “UMAJO” official website from 3:00 (Sun) 2019 3: 00
■ Movie URL: umajo.jra.jp/ [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-381132-8.jpg] [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-218570-7.jpg] [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-173675-9.jpg] Takahata san, Tsuchiya san, Aoi’s girls girls came to the horse riding center of Tokyo racecourse. Taking pictures with a horse playing “cute ~” together. Like girls, girls who like to come to the racecourse, they call this “UMAJO” … and Yuya Yanagi who teaches Junior Nakagawa Osashi. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-620625-6.jpg] [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-752430-5.jpg] [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-896535-2.jpg] When asked “UMAJO”, Nagakawa Osushi said that “I like the girls’ thing about the racecourse?” Then, it is said that “The racecourse loves girls …” Yuya Yanagi pointing to a certain place Mr. There, “UMAJO SPOT” which only girls can enter is. [Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-871274-3.jpg] [Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-918373-0.jpg] [Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/16585/18/resize/d16585-18-100622-4.jpg] “You can only enter girls over there!” “Eh ~ Maji !!” “We can never have tea over there … because we are not …” UMAJO “…. Yuya Yanagi and Mr. Osamu Nakagawa, two boys, talked hotly, and they were looking at “UMAJO SPOT” so as to envy. 【Interview: Mitsuru Takahata, Taiho Tsuchiya, Ms. Wakana Aoi】 Q1: Please tell me the impressions and highlights of finishing CM shooting. 【Tsuchiya】 “UMAJO SPOT” has all things that seems to like women, I always thought that I do not know, when I actually went to the racecourse I saw “UMAJO SPOT” Then, people gathered quite a lot of people, so I was filming while thinking that part of such “fun spot” would be able to express today. [Takahata] That’s right … Because the horse was cute, I was healed anyway! To a horse. Also, since it is the CM of the setting that we have seen from Yu Raku you guys, I’d be happy if you feel the girls’ sense of gifts. [Aoi] The CM of “UMAJO” I was watching was the CM that the two of you and Nyami God interviewed, it was a CM of a female looking line, so Mr. Suzuki said, So, it is becoming a commercial that feels a sense of women unique to women, so girls are also fun! I hope that it will be transmitted. Today was my first time touching a horse, but I enjoyed myself very much. Q2: Mr. Yanagaku and Mr. Nakagawa are looking at enviroment of “UMAJO SPOT”, but do you have anything that you think is “envious of men here !!”? What? [Tsuchiya] Is it a voice? I like the sound of the vocal cord of that person, I like a terrible voice, but I guess when the sound of the voice is good. Even women Miki who is singing are also wonderful and wonderful, but something like a sound of men, something hoo … I hear that the sound from underneath is amazing. [Aoi] It is a place where you can change clothes everywhere. I hope to be attached on the spot immediately when I turn on the microphone, but I think that I am sorry when I go back to the room and return to the site again. If you are a man, remove it on the spot and give it “Yes!” Did not you feel like students or after physical education? 【Takahata】 It was a high school girl …. 【Tsuchiya】 I was doing it normally. 【Takahata】 Another normal another? What? What? What? Men? What? Tsuchiya: Oh, but it was a high school girl. Q3: 【Mr. Aoi】 Have you learned something from Takahata san, Tsuchiya senior in UMAJO about horse racing or other than horse racing? [Aoi] It takes quite a lot of shooting of graphics and I have to make variations in pose, but when I saw the two completed objects, I was doing for years and thought that it was amazing. Q4: 【Takahata san, Tsuchiya san】 “UMAJO SPOT” is a free relaxing space exclusively for women, but what are your favorite relaxing spaces, Toshiba’s Takahata san, Tsuchiya’s space? 【Tsuchiya】 It is the best relaxation time to stretch while watching a cooking program before going to bed. Every day, watching while stretching the program “Today’s dish”, it looks delicious … I thought, I stretch, I’m happy to go to bed. [Takahata] You do not have to make it … just watching …. Oh, Hirano Remi is appearing. 【Tsuchiya】 Oh yeah so alright! Hirano It is a moment that I think that you do not have to worry about such details as Remi is so loose and it is roughly sprinkled. (Lol) 【Takahata】 (lol) I like relaxing, yes, I like knitting, so when knitting, I do not have to think about anything, so it’s comfortable. Easy, knit cap etc. I am not dexterous, but I like quite a bit of being innocent. Q5: 【Everyone】 Heisei is over at a little more, but everyone born in Heisei will have “Do you want to do this!” Before the Heisei is over, do you think you left behind? [Aoi] I want to go hunting strawberries. Because it is spring (laugh) I have never been there …. [Takahata] Please go ahead (lol) 【Tsuchiya】 My older brother went to hunt for strawberries, came back and ate strawberries freshly harvested, but it is deliciously delicious! Half softness! I brought it home and ate about the next day! 【Aoi】 … Is not it such a freshly sampled? (Lol) 【Tsuchiya】 It is different! Already different! Tell me to eat in reverse the next day. … A day to mature. I thought fruit was amazing. It is a story without punch line (lol) 【Tsuchiya】 I … I want to see the lightning on Mt. Fuji! I am thinking I want to do it, but I do not know for a moment. Also, I wanted a license written Heisei, but I do not get it in time. I think that it will become a new start with the next era. [Takahata] What I think I left behind … I have no idea at all …. I did not think about it, Heisei end. Ah … there is a person who gave me this kind of New Year’s cards (Chief Cabinet Secretary Obuchi announced the paper written “Heisei”) and it says “Heisei”. I took a picture and I wish I could do it. (Lol) Everyone in the drama scene at the moment the next year ‘s prediction, Takuzaki Tsunano says “Kagura” is not good. I wrote a picture with Mr. Kakuno with a version written as Kogura. During Heisei! is not it. 【Interview: Yuya Yanagi and Mr. Osushi Nakagawa】 Q1: Please tell me the impressions and highlights of finishing CM shooting. 【Yu Hakusho】 It was a little up-tempo, I could cooperate with a feel like a control, and I enjoyed the feeling that the wavelength matched. [Nakagawa] Well, as I was photographing for the first time, I had a feeling of tension, but this time I was more relaxed than last time …. As this series of “UMAJO” was exchanged between Mr. Yanagi and Mr. Yanagi, it seems that the relationship between the two people is also visible. It was amazing to do it together, I made a lot of upgrades and it was a lot of fun. 【Yu Hakusaku】 I think that the highlight is … “multiplication of two people”. [Nakagawa] Yes, there is no Tsukkomi. Both of them are blurred (haha) Q2: I’m looking forward to envying “UMAJO Spot”, but do you have a place to think of “Women’s Enviable !!” to live? [Yuyu Haka] I wonder, I have a lot of interesting things. Hair, clothes … everything, what do you say, I feel that there are places where individuality can come out. How is it? (Lol) I think that it feels good to be particular about makeup, beauty system. I guess there is a limit as a man. I think that it seems to be something fun, I heard that kind of conversation. 【Nakagawa】 Is it supposed to be enviable …? As I thought, it seemed like fun for makeup or fashion (lol) (Do you think you would like to try it too?) [Nakagawa] If it were a woman …. 【Yu Hakushin】 I would like makeup. Q3: Although Heisei will be over a little more, everyone born in Heisei will have “Do you want to do this!” Before the end of Heisei, do you think you left off? 【Yu Huang】 I want to learn English! … I’m doing it, but I’d like to concentrate well until the last day of Heisei …. Well I think I want to keep sustaining it even after I changed, but I want to concentrate more! [Nakagawa] Well, leaving a lot of pictures as records. It is like a picture of the last day of Heisei. It is the first time for me to change dates and yearly from birth! 【Yu Haku】 That’s right! … How do you announce the anniversary? I guess you digitize something …. [Nakagawa] It may be something like delivery on Twitter or something. [Yanagi Maki] I can not predict it for a while. 【UMAJO official website outline】 It is about women enjoying horse racing more freely, making use of the feeling unique to women, not just “horse racing” so far. I was excited to buy a betting ticket, I was excited with my friends like a festo, I went out with a cute Kode that I can not usually do, I had a different drinking party under the sky. The “UMAJO” official website is a site for “UMAJO” that is full of content that supports how to enjoy horse racing unique to women.
■ Official site URL: http: //umajo.jra.jp/ It is a relaxing space for women who enjoy horse racing. There are plenty to enjoy such as free drink service and selling UMAJO original sweets. Because there is also a female concierge, it is safe for the first time.

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