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  • 【PopIn Co., Ltd.】 ★ rental real estate broker limited ★ ceiling light with projector “popIn Aladdin”, campaign to realize dream home theater campaign

【PopIn Co., Ltd.】 ★ rental real estate broker limited ★ ceiling light with projector “popIn Aladdin”, campaign to realize dream home theater campaign

popIn Corporation ★ Rental real estate broker limited ★ Ceiling light with projector “popIn Aladdin”, campaign to realize dream home theater campaign started ~ 5 companies by draw, 1 gift per company, rental for free up to 10 ~ ………………………………………………………………………………… PopIn Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: President: President: Yoshito Tomohiro, popIn) who developed a ceiling light with projector “popIn Aladdin (pop in aladdin)”, as a plan to support new life in March, We will hold a campaign for intermediaries from today until March 8th. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/17805/42/resize/d17805-42-948351-0.png] Campaign overview · Benefits 1 As a dream home theater realization campaign, we will present one popIn Aladdin per company. · Benefits 2 Up to 10 units per company popIn Aladdin will be borrowed free of charge as a demonstration machine for rental property preview until May 31st (Friday). · Benefits 3 For those who have experienced popIn Aladdin by preliminary inspection and have contracted a room where it is installed, we will provide actual machines installed at special price.
■ Three benefits of rental real estate brokerage (1) By exhibiting popIn Aladdin on the property you are handling you can direct attractive properties with home theater. (2) We will offer popIn Aladdin during rental at a special price, if you are interested. (3) You can use one of the gifts for the present and use it as a prize of the contract campaign. Application period March 1, 2010 (Fri) – March 8 (Fri) # Number 5 companies Limited Demonstration Machine Up to 10 companies Free rental + 1 company 1 free gift ※ We will select five companies by lottery at our company.
■ Target Campaign We are limited to companies that operate rental real estate brokerage business (corporations that have a residential building building business license). Condition A company that operates a rental real estate brokerage business where you can install popIn Aladdin as a demonstration machine on your rental property
■ Rental date Please return the actual machine which could not be sold by the end of May. Please bear the return fee at that time.
■ Application method Please send the necessary information contents to the following e-mail address and send e-mail. aladdin-biz@popin.cc
■ Required contents to submit application form =========================== Mail Title: Rental Real Estate Brokers Limited PopIn Aladdin Campaign Application =========================== company name: location: Company URL: Contact name: phone number: mail address: Number of annual contracted properties (approximate): Location area where you plan to introduce demonstration machines: ===========================
■ Winning announcement method After 8th March (Fri), we will contact you by e-mail from the person in charge of popIn Aladdin.
■ Other ·But only in Japan. · When you use internet services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime · Video, please note that the Wi-Fi environment is required for the installed property.
■ About “popIn Aladdin” (aladdin.popin.cc/) popIn Aladdin (pop in aladdin) is the world’s first 3in 1 smart light with projector, speaker and ceiling light together. In addition to content such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime video, we also have content for children such as learning posters and world picture books. You can also watch TV and recorded programs by connecting with the recorder inside the house. The ceiling light is equipped with a dimming / toning function that can be selected from 6 stages of brightness × 6 stages of color. It is a product that enriches the space of the room.
■ Installation method and product specification aladdin.popin.cc/pages/spec-use/
■ Inquiries for this campaign aladdin-biz@popin.cc that’s all 【About popIn Co., Ltd.】 Headquarters: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 39th Floor, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director and President Establishment: July 2008 Business contents: Provide intelligent services and devices such as content discovery platform. Business integration with Baidu Corporation, a Japanese corporation with China Baidu in 2015, also expanded to Taiwan and South Korea URL: www.popin.cc/

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