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  • 【KDDI CORPORATION】 “Kamen Rider Spur Off RIDER TIME” Episode 1 Sunday March 31 (Sun) Delivery decision! & “Masked Rider Geo Spin-off RIDER TIME Eve Festival” ~ Premium Screening & Talk Show ~

【KDDI CORPORATION】 “Kamen Rider Spur Off RIDER TIME” Episode 1 Sunday March 31 (Sun) Delivery decision! & “Masked Rider Geo Spin-off RIDER TIME Eve Festival” ~ Premium Screening & Talk Show ~

KDDI Corporation <Video PathInvite 210 people from Video Pass · Smart Pass Premium! We are recruiting from March 1st (Fri)! ………………………………………………………………………………… KDDI can handle all carriers * Kamen Rider geo spin-off "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Ryuki" which had announced exclusive distribution at the video distribution service "Video Pass" was produced in all 3 episodes, and ※ March 2019 We have decided to deliver it for 3 consecutive weeks from 31st. ※ "Video Pass" has been compatible with all carriers since August 2018. ※ The second episode starts delivery on April 7th (Sunday) The third episode starts delivery on Sunday, April 14th And this time, in commemoration of the completion of the work, it is decided to hold 'Kamen Rider Geo-spin-off RIDER TIME Evening Festival Premium Screening & Talk Show' on 30th March (Sun)! We will invite a total of 210 people, including 75 pairs of video path members and 60 members of Smart Path Premium Membership, totaling 210 people. In the premium screening, you can see "First episode" of "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Ryuki" and "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Sinobi" exclusively distributed at Toei special effects fan club on March 31. On the day, we celebrated the completion of the work with the customer, just the eve of the evening. Details of the talk show will be announced on March 17th (Sun)! Please apply for all the mask rider fans must-see event! [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/34485/124/resize/d34485-124-968576-1.jpg] About Masked Rider Geo spin off work "RIDER TIME" "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Sinobi" is a new topic that "Born in 2022" is a big topic, but many of them are drawn in the broadcast of the future mask rider "Kamen Rider Sinobi" enveloped in a mystery Your untouched face will be unraveled. Episode 1: From March 31 (Sun) 2nd talk: From April 7th (Sunday) Third episode: From April 14th (Sun) We will be delivered at Toei Sci-Fi fan club. "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Ryuki" starred in Kamen Rider Ryuki / Kido Suga who played Shimji Kido in Kamen Rider's Geo 's EP 21 & EP 22 (February 3rd & 10th Broadcast Schedule on 2019 February 3 & 10) I will work on you. Toshiki Inoue, who was responsible for the screenplay of the "Kamen Rider Ryuki" TV series, newly completed complete original episode and the world of Mirror World will appear in 2019. And from "Masked Rider Sio", Masked Rider Georg / Masayuki Okuno role of Joban Segoro and the appearance of Masami Oshida, role of Masked Rider Gates / Gates. Episode 1: From March 31 (Sunday) 2nd talk: April 7th (Sun) from 3rd talk: April 14th (Sun) will be exclusively distributed on the video path.
■ "Masked Rider Geo Spin-off RIDER TIME Eve Marathon Premium Screening & Talk Show" Outline Date and time: around 30th Saturday evening Place: in Tokyo Description: We conducted a talk show in addition to the first episode of 'Rider TIME Masked Rider Sinobi' and 'RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Ryuki'. * The talk show 's speakers and details will be announced on 3/17 (Sunday) application page and so on! !
■ "Masked Rider Geo Spin-off RIDER TIME Eve Festival Premium Screening & Talk Show" invitation recruitment summary Contents: The long-awaited masked rider Geo spin-off work, the first video episode of "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Shinobi" and "RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Ryuki", video path member 75 pairs for 150 people and Smart Pass premium member 30 We will invite six people in pair (total 210 people). Recruitment Period: Friday, March 1 (Friday) 10: 00 ~ Wednesday 20th (Wed) 23: 59 Number of recruits: 75 pairs from the video path members by lottery 150/30 out of 60 smart pass premium members from lottery Audience: Video Pass member, Smart Pass premium member Application method: Please access the application page below and apply. Application page: http: //kddi-l.jp/Qyu [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/34485/124/resize/d34485-124-381423-0.png] [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34485/table/124_1.jpg]
■ What is a video path? "Video Pass" can also be used by people other than au (*) KDDI's video distribution service. You can enjoy unusual videos of various genres including domestic drama overlooked delivery and popular animation, topical Japanese movies, foreign films, drama, variety, music, entertainment, comedy and so on. In addition, you can also rent the most recent works not included in the unreported fee for each work. If you subscribe to the unlimited plan of ¥ 562 per month (excluding tax), you can enjoy for 30 days from the first registration, you can rent one latest movie every month for 540 yen equivalent video coin every month It will be! Moreover, it is a very profitable service that you can also use the movie theater discount award "au Monday" that you can enjoy watching movies at great prices. In addition, you can use the video path with the "Netflix plan" which started from the end of August. ※ The video path has been compatible with all carriers since August 2018, so that customers other than au can enjoy it. Video Path Official HP: https: //www.videopass.jp/
■ "Toku", "Fun" and "Anshin" as well! About "au Smart Pass Premium" Safety and safety services such as 'au Everyday' where every day is not limited to specific days of the week, such as data recovery support in case of emergency, is available for 499 yen (tax excluded) per month. Since its launch in January 2017, it has been used by customers of 6.5 million members. (As of the end of December 2018) www.au.com/entertainment/smartpass/

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