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【KOMM】 “Bundle Card” Over 1 million download breaks in 2 and a half years

Komu Corporation “Bundle card” broke one million downloads in two and a half years ………………………………………………………………………………… Kamu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Wataru Hachimura, hereinafter “Kam”), which provides Visa prepaid card “Bundle Card” that can be issued at the fastest speed, will start offering smartphone applications of the same card We will inform you that we have exceeded the cumulative 1 million downloads in the year and a half (* 1). [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/12797/32/resize/d12797-32-239143-1.png] <If you can not display images please visit kanmu.co.jp/news/20190228-app1mmdl/> In recent years, opportunities for cashless settlement including credit cards are on the rise. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has stated that the domestic cashless settlement ratio will be raised to 80% in the future (* 2), and this trend is expected to accelerate further. In addition, “card payment”, which traditionally had a strong impression of high consumption and long-term loans, became common in everyday easy small-amount settlements with the spread of online shopping. On the other hand, there are many people who hesitate to possess credit cards due to complicated subscription examination / issuance procedures or “unnecessary use of money”. In such people, there are present conditions that shopping convenience is impaired, such as missing purchase opportunities of popular products and services, paying cash on delivery fee for EC site. Kamu paid attention to these points and started offering “bundle card” in September 2016. “Bundle card” is issued at the fastest 1 minute · It is a Visa brand prepaid card which can settle in 3 minutes. Ease of issuing a card number just by registering a date of birth and a phone number and a sense of security that the balance is clear with a charge formula are supported, and 250,000 downloads are downloaded in September 2017, and in December 2018 We achieved 1 million downloads. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/12797/32/resize/d12797-32-496871-0.png] Furthermore, in addition to virtual cards to be displayed on the application, we issue plastic “real cards”, “real + (plus)” (* 3) for people who wish to use in real shops, and deposit money at Seven Bank ATM We have added a lot of functions to make the card usage more secure and convenient, such as enriching new payment means such as correspondence and postpay service “Pochit Charge”. Kamu will continue to offer unprecedented card experiences through “bundled cards”.
■ Outline of “Bundled Card” User (* 4)
■ The gender composition is male 65%, female 35%. (*Five) By age, 20’s are the largest, then teenagers. Users in their 30s and over have increased five-fold over the past year. Half of the users settled within the day that they registered. Usage right after the “postage charge” in postpay form (by number of times of use) ranked first in “Amazon” 2nd “iTunes”, then settlement in convenience stores such as Seven Eleven Family Mart · Lawson and so on. “Mercari” “Rakuma” is popular in teens, the tendency of convenience store usage tends to be higher as age rises.
■ About Kam Co., Ltd. Kamu Co., Ltd. is a company that constantly develops services based on the theme of “fusion of technology and finance” since its founding in January 2011. We will release “bundle card” in 2016 after running information site for investors and receiving passengers to credit card franchisees, and then, in collaboration with many financial institutions · settlement operators, easy and convenient for individual users We support the settlement. In 2018, we have entered into a comprehensive capital tie-up with Freakout Holdings Co., Ltd. and are striving to further expand our business. * 1 Total number of downloads from the App Store and Google Play exceeded 1 million on 20th December 2018 * 2 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Cashless vision” April 2018 * 3 Virtual cards are free to issue fees, “Real card” is 300 yen, “Real + (plus)” 600 yen. In addition, real + (plus) only for overseas real stores * 4 Person who installed the “bundle card” application and registered user * 5 Excluding “other” and unregistered persons

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