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[Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd.] GPTech Expands “IT Procurement Support Service”!

Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd. GPTech, “IT procurement support service” expanded! ~ The only CIO outsourcing business in Japan Contributing to strengthening the IT system of user companies throughout the system life cycle – ………………………………………………………………………………… Global Partners Technology Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shunsuke Sakamoto, hereinafter referred to as GPTech), which supports user procurement of IT as a CIO outsourcer (TM) Service “IT procurement support service” will be available from March 1st. With regard to expanding services, we will contribute to the more reliable success of IT investment by strengthening support throughout the entire life cycle of the system, including not only procurement support at the system construction stage but also medium- and long-term use promotion. A system consultant specializing in system planning and procurement promotes projects together with customers, thereby encouraging individuality of client staff and realizing a sustainable IT system. ※ CIO outsourcer (TM) ?: Trademark registration pending
■ “IT procurement support service” overview: https: //gptech.jp/business/cio/#it-supply [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/39380/2/resize/d39380-2-949776-0.png] IT procurement support service
■ About half of failures The key to successful IT projects is “upstream process” According to the “IT Project Actual State Survey 2018” conducted by Nikkei Computer in 2018, the survey result revealed that the success rate in system development was 52.8%. (The project satisfying the three conditions of “schedule” “cost” “satisfaction”) is defined as “success”, among other things, pay attention to the “satisfaction level” closely related to the utilization state of the system, and should be most avoided in system development As a result of investigating the “reasons why the system is not used as originally planned” that is one of the circumstances, “Reason defining is inadequate” (35.2%) as the reason for the highest point, then “system planning Was inadequate / inadequate “(31.8%) came up. As a countermeasure for improving the situation, the fact that “added development was added to the system” (40.9%) is the leading item, the insufficiency in the upstream process such as the planning and requirement definition phase is “schedule” And “cost”, and eventually it has a great influence on “satisfaction”. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/39380/2/resize/d39380-2-940246-1.png] Source: Nikkei Computer “IT Project Actual State Survey 2018”
■ Enhance IT system throughout the entire system life cycle “IT procurement support service” As mentioned above, the upstream process is very important for the success of the IT project. Enhancing the in-house IT system of the user company in particular before the ordering to the system company is the key to success. Nonetheless, it is practically difficult to maintain an IT system that can respond to frequent downturn waves within the company, and it is not recommended from the aspect of efficiency and cost. Therefore, the conventional “IT procurement support service” contributes to the success of the IT project by providing a support service for strengthening the user company IT system at the planning and construction stage, which is the busy period of IT operations, We received high praise from. Meanwhile, the fact that the information system will show its effect after the operation is started, and in addition, since about 60% of the cost of IT investment is required for the operation process, sustainable monitoring after operation is an IT investment It can be said to be one of the necessary requirements for the success of. This time, “IT procurement support service” to be newly launched is a service to expand management support for IT utilization over the medium to long term as CIO outsourcer (TM) in addition to the conventional service menu. We support IT management throughout the life cycle of the system and contribute to not only the success of the IT project but also the maximization of the IT investment effect. About GPTech GPTech promotes the project together with the customer (the customer) and supports the planning and execution of the IT strategy based on the management strategy. Based on the management philosophy of “change common sense of system ordering in this country”, drafting improvement of IT strategy that gives impact to business, maximization of IT investment effectiveness, dramatic improvement of human resources, knowledge and systematic lack of user company Contributing to the realization of a sustainable IT system that is user-oriented.
■ Company profile Company name: Global Partners Technology Inc. Location: 2nd Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 8th town M Building 3F Representative: Shunsuke Sakamoto, President and Representative Director Business description: CIO support service, IT procurement support service, IT business planning support service

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