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  • 【CBC Co., Ltd.】 Broadcasting area further expanded from April of “Gogosuma” in various districts including the Kanto region (Iwate · Toyama · Kumamoto)!

【CBC Co., Ltd.】 Broadcasting area further expanded from April of “Gogosuma” in various districts including the Kanto region (Iwate · Toyama · Kumamoto)!

CBC Television Inc. “Kogosuma” which is good in each district including the Kanto region The broadcasting area further expands from April (Iwate · Toyama · Kumamoto)! ………………………………………………………………………………… CBC · TBS afternoon information program “Gogosma ~ GOGO! Smile! ~” Starts broadcasting from Iwate (IBC), Toyama (TUT), Kumamoto (RKK) from April. Broadcast areas are broadcasted from Tokai (CBC), Kanto (TBS), Miyagi (TBC), Tottori · Shimane (BSS), Yamaguchi (tys), Niigata (BSN), Shizuoka (SBS), Hokkaido (HBC) It expands to 11 stations. The audience rating of each district is good, and in Hokkaido which began broadcasting from October 2018, the average audience rating is 4.2% (10/29 – 11/2) on weekly basis and 5.7% (11/29) on a daily basis did. Also, in December 2018 the average monthly average was 6.3% in January 2019, Tottori · Shimane 7.0% (2/11) in Niigata and 6.8% (2/13) in Niigata on a daily basis in January 2019 Updated the highest viewer ratings later. While weekday afternoon each station is working hard on information programs, while “Gogosuma” is a Nagoya production, while utilizing the special board show, a variety of commentators, light footage of the unique coverage of footwork From viewing weather information to politics, incident accidents, entertainment to sports, we are approaching the greatest concern of the day and broadening the viewer’s support. We decided to organize “Gogosuma” to create a program that will be “face of weekday afternoon” and want more viewers to become a station that adjusts channels on a daily basis. Interest in viewers’ news is high, and increasing the time of live broadcasting is also regarded as the mission of terrestrial TV stations. I am convinced that cooperation of JNN that we have cultivated, including disaster reporting, will live even in “gossosma”. Competition between information programs is intense, but as expected, “I would like to see how to tell Gogosuma”, I will endeavor to get to know the programs until the end of the next largest prefecture of Hokkaido prefecture . (IBC Iwate Broadcasting Organization) Recently, there are major natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, etc. in Japan. Also in Toyama prefecture, serious incidents and accidents have occurred. We decided to broadcast “Gogosuma” to quickly convey information on such cases to viewers in the prefecture through live broadcasting. Furthermore, I would like to deliver the seasonal information of Toyama to everyone in the whole country. We hope that Toyama’s people will surely be satisfied with easy-to-understand commentary and a wide variety of guests ‘”Talk of viewers’ perspective”. (TUT Tulip TV Organization) In Kumamoto, after the “Kumamoto Earthquake” in 2016, an earthquake of seismic intensity 6 class continues to occur. Also, recently all kinds of news are being called for “expressability”, and local broadcasting stations must also deal with those “moment-to-moment news”. To deliver information on such emergencies quickly to everyone in Kumamoto through live programming. In terms of not only delivering raw seasonal information to viewers, we are very excited about our organization as well. The information of Kumamoto was disseminated to everyone viewing CBC Ishii announcer who was now nationwide in easy-to-understand explanation, “Talk of viewer’s eyes” by various variety performers, and sometimes from Kumamoto to “Gogosma” across the country We aim for the top viewer rating in the same time zone in Kumamoto and we will do our best too. (RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting Corporation Organization) [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/15357/228/resize/d15357-228-528952-0.jpg] “Gogosma ~ GOGO! Smile! ~ ” (Broadcast) Every week Monday – Friday 1: 55-3: 49 broadcast CBC TV production / TBS · TBC · BSS · tys · BSN · SBS · HBC · IBC · TUT · RKK (Appearance) Ryoji Ishii (CBC TV announcer) and others Broadcast in April 2013 Kanto area from April 2015 From April 2016 Miyagi From April 2017 Tottori · Shimane Yamaguchi from September 2017 From April 2018 Niigata · Shizuoka From October 2018 Hokkaido Start broadcasting in Iwate / Toyama / Kumamoto from April 2019 * Numbers examined by Video Research Inc. In case

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