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  • 【KDDI Corporation】 Get the au CM’s name song “au STAR” with a! ORANGE RANGE “Eternal Telegraph” ~ collaboration version with “MONGOL 800” created at the 15th anniversary of formation ~

【KDDI Corporation】 Get the au CM’s name song “au STAR” with a! ORANGE RANGE “Eternal Telegraph” ~ collaboration version with “MONGOL 800” created at the 15th anniversary of formation ~

KDDI Corporation Give au song of that au CM as “au STAR” for present! ORANGE RANGE “Eternal Telegraph” ~ collaboration version with “MONGOL 800” created at the 15th anniversary of formation – From Friday, March 1 ………………………………………………………………………………… On Friday, March 1, KDDI, which provides a music distribution service “Uta Pass” for all carriers, is targeting registrants of the free membership program “au STAR”, “ORGANGE RANGE” Collaboration version with MONGOL 800) will be presented. In conjunction with this, “uP !!! Live Pass” will invite members to the ORANGE RANGE live event “ORANGE RANGE presents” TVs Night 019 “in addition to that. “Electricity Telegraph” is an album included in ORANGE RANGE’s 2004 album “musiQ”. It is a popular song widely known as au’s CM songs by which they himself appeared, and is often played live. This collaboration version with MONGOL 800 which will be free delivery was recorded in the collaboration best album “Edge board” which was released in commemoration of 15th anniversary in 2016. Collaboration with Mongolia’s senior, MONGOL 800 was realized and it became a hot topic. Please download on this occasion and enjoy. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/34485/123/resize/d34485-123-797807-0.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/34485/123/resize/d34485-123-219299-1.jpg] Album “Edge board”
■ “au STAR” songs free delivery overview Distribution contents: au Sumaho · au Keitai Free distribution of ORANGE RANGE’s “Electric Telegraph” (collaboration version with MONGOL 800) at free membership program “au STAR” for users. Delivery period: March 1st (Friday) 10: 00 ~ May 7th (Tue) 9: 59 Target audience: au STAR member ※ free registration Distributed music: “Eternal Telegraph” (collaboration version with MONGOL 800) URL: https: //star-musicstore.auone.jp/present/normal/1011404418/? From = austar_0001
■ ORANGE RANGE starring live invitation information We invite members of “uP !!! Live Path Plus Plan” to the following live where ORANGE RANGE appears. 【ORANGE RANGE presents “TVs Night 019″】 Description: ORANGE RANGE organizes various events before and after the debut “TVs Night” to interwork with various genres Date and time: April 13 (Saturday) 16: 30 opening, 17: 15 opening (planned) Cast: https: //orangerange.com/tvsnight019/ Subject: uP !!! Live Pass Plus Plan Invitation number: 5 pairs 10 people Reception period: Thursday, February 28, 12: 00 – Thursday, March 14, 12: 00 Application URL: http: //kddi-l.jp/95 A 【UP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC extra vol.3 supported by SPACE SHOWER】 Contents: In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of “LIVE HOLIC”, extra performances gathered by past performers will be held for 3 days in Makuhari Messe Event Hall 2DAYS & the first Osaka! All 22 sets of artists are decided to appear! Cast: https: //www.spaceshowertv.com/liveholic/extra2019/ Subject: uP !!! Live Pass Plus Plan Number of invitations: 【DAY 1】 March 29, 2019 (Friday) @ Makuhari Messe Event Hall: 10 pairs (designated seats) 【DAY 2】 March 30, 2019 (Sat) @ Makuhari Messe Event Hall: 10 pairs (designated seats) 【DAY 3】 April 20, 2019 (Saturday) @ Namba hatch: 3 pairs for 6 people (standing) Reception period: Monday, March 4 12:00 – March 17 (Sunday) 23: 59 Application URL: http: //kddi-l.jp/lDo ※ ORANGE RANGE appeared in [DAY 2] on March 30 (Saturday) It is a performance performed in the Makuhari Messe Event Hall.
■ What is Songpath? “Uta Pass” is a music distribution service of KDDI that can also be used by people other than au. In addition to listening to the playlist and all-you-can-eat plan Basic (over 300,000 yen per tax), you can listen to over 5,000 types of playlists, which is a carefully selected group of songs, plus 10 songs you like from the playlist every month In addition to offering an all-you-can-e-mail plus My Uta plus (monthly fee of 500 yen / tax) that can be saved and repeatedly played, Japan’s first full-scale music specialty internet radio which you can enjoy Uta Pass original radio program everyday “Backstage Cafe “, regular holding of” Listen with “event which can communicate chatting in real time with various artists, provision of Utpas original unique shooting 360 ° VR video content” VROOM “, free of charge to live / concert Proposing various ways to enjoy music, such as invitations and music presents, not just within the application is. Currently available for free for 30 days. In addition, Uta Pass has been available for all carriers except au since August 2018. Uta Pass Official HP: http: //au.utapass.jp
■ What is “uP !!! Live Pass” Selected music live and theatrical performance tickets ahead of you, uP !!! Invitation to the back stage tour to see the live pass limited event and the back side of the stage, movie watching tickets and uP !!! gifts of limited live pass goods goods etc. , Providing a premium and exciting experience, enriching entertainment life. In addition, we offer discount coupons for leisure facilities that you can use for usual usual times and music live images. Two types of plans, “Free plan” (free) and “Plus plan” (450 yen per month) are prepared. We also offer preferential reception that only “Plus plan” can enter, nice invitation reception, and nice benefits that the probability of application winning will be up! ※ “uP !!! Live Pass” Official HP: https: //www.up-now.jp/

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