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【SBI FX Trade Co., Ltd.】 Notice of Option FX Order Function Addition

SBI FX Trade Corporation Notice of Option FX Order Function Addition ………………………………………………………………………………………… Thank you very much for using SBI FX Trade. We responded to the many requests that we would like to settle for a part of the rights we hold in the customer survey on Option FX. In addition, payment from the home screen is also possible. (※ When you settle part of the owned rights, it will be settled from the oldest order of contract date.) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/5190/225/resize/d5190-225-533816-0.png]
■ You can now also order payment sales in the order screen on the top right of the home screen. In the past, settlement orders were ordered from the holding rights list screen, but it is also possible to order settlement sales from the home screen. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/5190/225/resize/d5190-225-995756-1.png] We will continue to meet customer needs in the future, so please continue your favors with SBI FX Trade “Option FX”. [Overview of SBI FX Trade] (1) Business name: SBI FX Trade Co., Ltd. (English: SBI FXTRADE Co., Ltd.) (2) Registration number: Kanto Finance Bureau General Manager (Kinsho) No. 2635 (3) Location: 1-chome, No. 6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (4) Capital: 480 million yen (Capital reserve: 480 million yen) (5) Business description: Type 1 financial instruments business (over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading) (6) Date of establishment: November 22, 2011 (7) Major shareholders: SBI Liquidity Market, Inc. 100% that’s all Business Name, etc. SBI FX Trade Ltd. (Financial Instruments Business Operator) Registration No. Kanto Finance Bureau General Manager (Kinsho) No. 2635 Membership Association Financial Futures Business Association (Member No. 1588) [SBI FXTRADE and funded FX (over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading)] Since over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading involves trading based on a small amount of trade requirement margin for the transaction amount (contract price), it may obtain a large amount of profit compared to the trade requirement margin, but on the other hand In a short period of time, you may incur significant losses. You can not withdraw in foreign currency. Depending on the results of economic indicators, prices may fluctuate rapidly and unexpected losses may occur. In addition, the amount of loss may exceed the amount of margin deposited. The transaction price, swap point, etc. varies depending on the service provided, and changes due to changes in market and interest rate conditions, etc., so it can not be guaranteed in the future. The transaction price has a difference between the buying price and the selling price. The settlement method is the difference settlement by opposite trading. The amount of margin required for over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading varies depending on the service and trading currency pair provided, and a certain margin rate against the trading amount according to the trading price (“SBI FXTRADE” individual customers: 4% Bold 25 times), corporate customers: Forex currency risk ratio for each currency pair announced weekly by the Financial Futures Trading Association of Japan * (with different leverage for each currency pair), “Forged FX” individuals and corporations Customers: A margin of 100% (1x leverage), 50% (2x leverage), 33.334% (3x leverage)) is required. * Estimated foreign exchange risk ratio is calculated using the quantitative calculation model specified in Article 117, paragraph 27, item 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc. 【Option FX (OTC Currency Option Trading)】 Over-the-counter currency option trading uses the currency of over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading as the underlying asset, and losses occur when, for example, the price movement of the underlying asset or the rate of change thereof is incorrectly predicted. Also, the value of the option decreases over time. The trading prices for options offered by the Company differ between the Bid Price and Sell Price. The settlement method of the over-the-counter currency option transaction provided by the Company is liquidation by reverse trading, and since it is NDO (non-deliverable option), the counter price is traded by strike price and prevailing price on the exercise date. 【Common】 In principle, account opening and maintenance costs and transaction fees are free of charge throughout all services. However, this does not apply when you use other ancillary services provided by our company. In addition, principal and profits are not guaranteed. The settlement method is difference settlement or clearing by opposite trading.

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