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Live Viewing Japan SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU’ LIVE VIEWING decision to hold! ! Attention degree number one K-POP group SEVENTEEN, the nationwide tour last day of application rush is completely live broadcast to the movie theaters nationwide! ………………………………………………………………………………… Live Viewing Japan Co., live viewing at the movie theaters in various parts of the country, the pattern of “SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU'” to be held at Osakajo Hall on Saturday, April 27, 2019 I decided to do. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/3481/958/resize/d3481-958-893383-0.jpg] SEVENTEEN who debuted in Korea in 2015 is not an exaggeration to say that it is currently the most noticed, 13-person group K-POP group. It is composed of three units of vocal team · hip hop team · performance team, and is a “self-produced group” that will themselves perform lyrics and composition as well as choreography of dance. In Japan, she continued to vigorously perform concerts, and in May 2018 he made his debut in Japan and quickly grew into a group that was favored by Japanese fans. This nationwide tour entitled “SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU'” started on April 2, 2019 (Tue) Marine Messe Fukuoka, on April 27 (Sat) at Osakajo Hall at 5 venues nationwide , A total of 12 performances including additional performances are carried out. On the last day, the whole live coverage of the performance on Saturday April 27 to the movie theaters nationwide! Please enjoy the overwhelming performance of the members’ interlace by all means on the big screen! 【Live viewing implementation overview】 «Title» SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU’ Live Viewing «Sunday» Launched at 17:00 on Saturday 27th April 2019 «Venue» Cinemas throughout the country ※ The opening time varies depending on the movie theater. ※ If you are under 16 years old and are not accompanied by a guardian in Osaka prefecture, you can not enter the end due to screening after 19:00. Please note. ※ Screening theaters will be announced at a later date. Please check on the information page. liveviewing.jp/seventeen/ «Charge» 3,800 yen (All seats specified / tax included) «Ticket» 【SEVENTEEN Japan official fanclub “CARAT” precedence (lottery)】 March 14, 2019 (Thursday) 17: 00 ~ March 17 (Sun) 23: 59 ◎ Please confirm details on the official website. seventeen-17.jp/ 【SEVENTEEN Japan official site Free member precedence (lottery)】 March 28, 2019 (Thu) 17: 00 ~ March 31 (Sun) 23: 59 ◎ Please confirm details on the official website. seventeen-17.jp/ 【Pre-Request (Lottery)】 March 29 (Fri), 2019 March 17 ~ Sunday 31 (Sun) 23: 59 ◎ Lawson Ticket: https: //l-tike.com/svt-lv 【General release (First come, first served)】 Sunday, April 20, 2019 10: 00 ~ ~ Friday 26 April 12: 00 ◎ Lawson Ticket: https: //l-tike.com/svt-lv ◎ Or, sold at Lawson, a terminal within the Ministop store “Loppi” ※ General release tickets will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, so the reception will be closed as soon as the planned number of boards in each building has been reached.
● Inquiries regarding play guide tickets: Lawson tickets 0570-000 – 777 (10: 00 ~ 20: 00 operators supported)
■ Notes
■ * We do not make any changes in the case of customer’s convenience and refund after purchasing tickets. Please apply in advance after consent. ※ In any case (lost / stolen / damaged etc.) the tickets will not be reissued. Please note. * Purchase of tickets for profit, assignment · resale act (internet auction · ticket trading site · cash voucher shop etc.) are strictly prohibited in any case. * It is a screening that customers enjoy as well as regular performances. In some cases, clapping and cheering may happen, so please understand after purchasing. (However, dangerous acts are prohibited.) * Paid over 3 years old / charged when less than 3 years old is required for seating. You can purchase up to 4 per person. * Tickets will not be reissued even if there are any circumstances (lost / stolen / damaged etc.). Those who forget the ticket can not enter, so please be forewarned. ※ In the theater, recording / recording / shooting / distribution is prohibited for any equipment such as camera and mobile. Please note that if such an action is done, you will be sent out after deleting the recorded content. ※ For distribution events, disorder of video / sound may occur. Please note. ※ There is a case that photographing for the coverage goes into the screening venue. Please acknowledge it beforehand, please purchase. ※ Transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue will be borne by individuals. Also, please be advised that we can not refund the performers, we can not refund the contents of the performance when there is a change. ※ If the screening is carried out, please note that we can not refund even if you can not visit due to natural disasters etc. ※ You can bring cheering goods to the audience seats. However, thank you for watching with your seats. In addition, we will refuse any acts that hinder the viewing of the surrounding people. ※ SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU’ Live viewing original goods will be on sale. Details will be announced at a later date.
■ When applying for a play guide ticket Notes
■ ※ Lawson ticket member registration (free) is required in advance to apply by internet. * A fee will be charged in addition to the above ticket fee.
■ SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR ‘HARU’ live viewing information site liveviewing.jp/seventeen/
■ SEVENTEEN Japan official website seventeen-17.jp/ Organized by: PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT Distribution: Live Viewing Japan

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