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  • 【TOBE Corporation】 Hawaii tourist service “Hawai marriage tour” With good reputation, the service contents are further enhanced and released

【TOBE Corporation】 Hawaii tourist service “Hawai marriage tour” With good reputation, the service contents are further enhanced and released

【TOBE Corporation】 Hawaii tourist service “Hawai marriage tour” With good reputation, the service contents are further enhanced and released
TOBE Corporation Service for Hawaii tourists “Hawai marriage tour” With the popularity highlighted, further enhancement and disclosure of service contents ………………………………………………………………………………… March 1, 2019 TOBE Corporation [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-615061-2.png] TOBE (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryutaro Ogi), which manages a comprehensive love affair information site for women in the 20s and 30s, “Aikatsu” is a subsidiary of TOBE, Through TOBE America, Inc., which manages the marriage service “Hawai Marriage” (hawacon.jp/), the theme of “Wow! And amazing beautiful transformation and lifelong memories” for tourists visiting Hawaii We have provided Hawaii’s first new service called “Hawai Marriage Tour” (hawacon.jp/hawatour). Since the announcement of the other day, we received many inquiries and reactions and made the contents of the menu more fulfilling according to customer’s request and made it public. Menu details and prices of “Hawai Marriage Tour” (hawacon.jp/hawatour) are as follows. 1. “Insta · Photogenic Tour” $ 150 per person (It is possible to accept up to 2 at the same time) We will provide point make-up fashion advice to women who visit Hawaii with friends or colleagues. In the meantime I transformed to American Beauty just like Roco (Hawaiian locals)! It will become a photogenic figure and enjoy the strolling recommended Hawaiian sightseeing spot and shooting. (Guides and photographing are required beforehand, cost extra) 【Flow of service】 Office duration: about 60 minutes 1) Point make-up (about 45 minutes) A professional makeup artist performed a makeup that is surprising at a short time. Make a big change to a beautiful woman of Loco in a moment! 2) Fashion advice (about 15 minutes) Coordinate your clothes or clothes available at the shopping center near the office and transform it! Fashion advice specialist is in charge.
● Guide · shooting We introduce the spot which the company staff recommends photos. Please enjoy shooting! 2. “Transformation date tour” $ 300 + restaurant actual expenses burden ($ 100 per person per person) A couple and a couple who came to Hawaii travel will make nice memories! Just for 2 hours, everyone around me turns into a beautiful woman amazed as “Wow!” At a restaurant chosen by the staff who knows about Hawaii, we will spend time to become eternal memories with a partner who is amazed at you transforming. 【Flow of service】 Office required time: Approximately 120 minutes 1) Full makeup (about 90 minutes) Makeup of the whole body whose professional took 90 minutes! Partner is a big transformation and there is no mistake to be surprised. 2) Date manners / fashion counseling (about 30 minutes) I will guide fashion coordination and how to behave in a restaurant loved by men. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-364019-1.png]
● Dating at a luxury restaurant Luxury restaurant chosen by the staff who knew Hawaii. Have fun with them with memorable moments! 3. “Daily gift tour inspired by parents” $ 350 + Restaurant actual expenses ($ 100 / person per person) A service that presents a date that you can be impressed by your parents who have taken care of until now. We will make and arrange make-up, styling, date place to make it something that will remain in your life’s memories of your life forever. Also at the request of the customer, we will propose not only parents but also all family members and relatives etc. 【Flow of service】 Office required time: Approximately 120 minutes 1) Fashion counseling (about 15 minutes × 2) We will receive fashion advice for men and women separately to have a special time. 2) Full makeup (about 90 minutes) From here you will receive a full makeup by a single lady. Partners reuniting after this is no surprise that no mistake! 3) Romance counseling (about 15 minutes) I will teach women the secret to love more from men with partner and date manners.
● Dating at a luxury restaurant The restaurant which the staff who knew Hawaii specially selected for the two people. Enjoy your memories of your life for the moment! 4. “Romance English Conversation” 60 minutes $ 130 90 minutes $ 200 English necessary for romance and dating, conversation technique, thorough communication lessons that attract American men! A romance counselor and an English lesson will be in charge of experienced bilingual staff. It is also possible to attend from Japan online. At the same time you can attend up to 3 people. 2 people 60 minutes $ 200 90 minutes $ 300 3 people 60 minutes $ 250 90 minutes $ 380 At our company, the staff of Japan-US bilingual and bicultural support has helped to boost the girls’ power of Japanese women in Hawaii and has been linked to marriage. Please expect us to “Hawai Marriage Tour” which only our company boasts of its achievements can offer. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-189043-0.png] TOBE is an information site “Ai Katsu” (aikatu.jp) that responds to serious troubles of women who love and marriage is not good, experts solve the troubles of those who are suffering from love by telephone Love Katsu Telephone Consultation “(soudan.aikatu.jp), Share the afflict of love among readers, advise each other” Love cut love consultation bulletin board “(bbs.aikatu.jp) We have managed to provide services to solve problems of romance and marriage held by readers. TOBE will continue its business in the future with the goal of proposing optimal service to each customer who visits our group service. Please expect from each future service of Hawaiian marriage and TOBE group. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-554382-3.png] Photo: Hawaiian logo [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-732866-4.png] Photo: Hawai Marriage Service Site 【About love cutlet】 Love Katsu is an information site that responds to serious troubles of women who love or marry is not good. Monthly 35 million PV · 2.7 million UU (as of February 2019) 1. Well-selected authors with extremely high expertise in each field Approximately 40 authors including Renai Entrepreneur, Ryutaro Ohki, Director of Love Marriage Research Institute, Koji Shigenami provide over 500 monthly romance / wedding columns and news content per month. 2. Alliance with excellent medium 30 or more, including LINE news and TRILL We collaborate with over 30 major media including “LINE news”, “TRILL”, “Smartnews”, “livedoor news”, “neta rika”, “Google news”, “gnoche” and distributes articles to each media. 3. Romance consultation service to solve problems related to readers’ romance / marriage On the love consultation bulletin board, we received troubles about many romantics and marriage everyday from everyone of readers, and the total number of counseling cases exceeded 8,700 (as of February 2019). Also, in telephone / mail love consultation, readers can directly consult love experts by telephone or e-mail. Communication between love experts and readers is done day by day, and we support the troubles of love affair. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/14982/79/resize/d14982-79-368106-5.png] Photo: “Love cut” logo 【About TOBE Corporation】 Company name: TOBE Corporation Representative: President and Representative Ryutaro Oki Address: Takanawa 3 – chome Minato – ku, Tokyo No. 23 17 Shinagawa Center Building 3F (reception 4F) URL: https: //tobe.tokyo Business description: Marriage / love solutions business · Love Katsu: https: //aikatu.jp · Katsu Katsu phone consultation: https: // soudan.aikatu.jp · Love cut love consultation bulletin board: https: //bbs.aikatu.jp · Hawai Marriage: https: // hawacon.jp · Love Marriage Research Institute: https: //lmri.jp 【About TOBE America, Inc.】 Company name: TOBE America, Inc. Representative: President Koji Shinko Address: 1601 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 920 Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96814 URL: https: // hawacon.jp/company Business description: · Marriage information service in general · Match setting service by membership system · Counseling on dating, companionship and marriage, coaching of romance skills etc. 【Contact】 TOBE Corporation (love cut company management company) TEL: 03-6721-6526 (Representative) Mail: info@tobe.tokyo

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