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  • 【Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.】 “Venom” Blu-ray & DVD released March 6 (Wed)! Digital advance delivery! Why was Venom born? Author’s revelation The birth of secret story? ! “Venom’s birth parent” Todd McFarlane’s interview Arrived!

【Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.】 “Venom” Blu-ray & DVD released March 6 (Wed)! Digital advance delivery! Why was Venom born? Author’s revelation The birth of secret story? ! “Venom’s birth parent” Todd McFarlane’s interview Arrived!

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. “Venom” Blu-ray & DVD released March 6 (Wed)! Digital advance delivery! Why was Venom born? Author’s revelation The birth of secret story? ! “Venom’s birth parent” Todd McFarlane’s interview Arrived! ………………………………………………………………………………… Spider-Man’s nemesis, the dark hero “Venom”, one of the most popular topics in American history. The long-awaited movie “Venom” Blu-ray & DVD will be released on March 6th (Wednesday). (Digital pre-distribution in progress) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/36028/3/resize/d36028-3-284386-0.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/36028/3/resize/d36028-3-981560-1.jpg] This film is the 1st ranked first appearance in Japan, the US, China etc. Hero action movie of record hit greatly in the world! Despite the cruel “worst” and irregular existence, I draw the birth and activity of a unique and humorous dark hero “Venom” with out-of-standard actions and the latest VFX. Talented actor Tom Hardy represented by the main character Eddie as “Dark Knight Rising” and “Mad Max Max’s Desert”. Heroine ‘s role is overwhelming by Michelle Williams of “Manchester by the Sea”, “Greatest show showman”, and Liz Ahmed of “Jason Born” “Rogue One / Star Wars story” I will harden my armpits with acting power that is said to be normal. Blue-ray & DVD contains luxury bonus footage over 1 hour! It is packed with fans’ must-see images including musicians and videos of theme song ‘Eenem’ by Eminem, including making-ups, unpublished scenes collections depicting behind-the-scenes shots of action scenes and VFXs. ★ We recently received an interview with comic artist Todd McFarlane who is known as “the creator of Venom”! I also talk about the recent story of the birth of the dark hero “Venom”, the impression of becoming a live-action movie, and the “Spawn” which gathers more attention. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/36028/3/resize/d36028-3-953255-2.jpg] – How was the character Venom born? Venom was born as a villain of the comic “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Peter Parker was wearing a black costume when I was to participate as an artist drawing Spiderman. But I did not want to draw a black costume. For me black costumes are not Spiderman. Speakers were thinking of red and blue costumes. So I told Marvel, “If you can stop black costumes, I will draw a Spider-Man.” But they liked the black costume and they have been dismissed. So, “Let’s take off the black costume from Peter Parker, so I will make another character.” Then you can get a black costume character and I can draw Peter Parker in red and blue costumes. Marvell approved of this plan, so I thought that if it was a black costume it would be an alien or some kind of creature, I drew a sketch of a big monster. And it gave big eyes and a crooked back, big mouth. There is a tongue, but it was not thick as I thought at the beginning. Passing that design to the writer, a character named Venom was born. But later I told you that there is a man called Eddie Block in Venom. But when I designed it I thought that it was just a monster and I did not want to change that design, so I answered, “Let’s make this costume to swallow Eddie Block.” Then you can leave a huge body. Like Incredible Hulk, for example, it seems to become huge when it comes to Venom. Moreover, since Venom became bigger, Peter · Parker / Spiderman It is not an opponent who can beat with a fistbeat, but it has become a character to use more wisdom to beat down. Looking back now, if the young artist Todd McFarlane delightedly painted the black costume Peter Parker, Venom might not have been born. But perhaps everyone will be pleased that I was an inexperienced and childlike artist at the time? Because I said that I do not want to draw, there is now a cool character called Venom. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/36028/3/resize/d36028-3-114987-3.jpg] – Where did you first come up with Venom’s design? Also, what kind of things did you conscious about drawing? Anyway, I felt like I wanted to have a very big body. Because Spider-Man came and swooked while kicking Venom, tying it with spider’s thread, did not want to be a character that can be sent to prison. That’s too easy. If one is much bigger, for example, it is like I confront a rhino. It is impossible to try to push the rhino with force, do you? It’s too big and too heavy. In other words, if I try to turn the rhinestone onto the ground now, I do not manage with power, but I have to think of something different using my head. It is the same when Venom is made. I wanted Peter Parker to be a huge enemy that would not be able to defeat without using his head. Besides, I am not writing a story, I draw a picture, so I need to make art interesting. A small thin man named Spider-Man stood in front of a huge creature with a claw called Venom and it was interesting to draw a figure that he thought of being “howwow, how can I beat it?”, And the answer to that story development It was fun to leave it to the writer. The writer was pressed by the need for Spiderman to come up with a way to defeat Venom, but I just draw. – Could you tell us about when you were drawing Spiderman? I am one of the legendary artists in Spider-Man, but are there any memories of the time? When I was drawing Spiderman, I just wanted to draw a red and blue classic costume spiderman as I said earlier. But at the same time, I did not want to repeat what various people were doing in the past 30 years. Perhaps I do not understand it much, but artists and writers sit in the room alone most of the time because there is no companion to talk to. In other words, when you work towards your desk you have to entertain yourself yourself. So, when I took over Spiderman, I thought like this. “What would be fun to draw, how can I withstand the deadline?” In other words, I concluded that when I saw Spiderman with books, I felt that the word “man” of the word Spiderman, the human part, was emphasized. But, “No, different, if I am” Spider “, I emphasize the part of the spider. From me, once I wear a costume, it is not “man” any more. That is why I made a strange pose and made my eyes big like insects. I made it even more like a spider by letting me release the thread from my wrist. It was cool, so I enjoyed myself. That’s awkward It also became a situation (laugh). Please be told from the top “Do not mess with this iconic character too much”. As I was just just having fun. Fortunately, however, comic sales were rising. In other words, the fans let me continue their work. He thought Spider-Man who I think is good. Nonetheless, it came to be said that “Please do not make it creative until a while”. I got tired and decided to quit Marvell. It’s a pity. Spider-man was a fun character drawing and still want to draw. – The movie ‘Venom’ has become a big hit movie all over the world. What did you think of seeing the movie? Luckily, I was able to participate in the World Premiere, so I watched it with the general public. As an artist who designed this character for the first time, I wanted to see a huge character on a big screen first and foremost …… That’s it. I think that David Miquelaney, a writer and co-creator, was looking forward to some sort of story-like element. But I was not worried about the story. I just wanted to see a lot of cool stuff, and it was actually seen. Anyway I thought that I wanted to see a huge Venom on the screen and I was satisfied to see it. The Venom that appeared in the movie ‘Spiderman TM 3’ (2007) was not so big, right? Personally, as a human who made a huge character, that was a bit disappointing. But this time the “Venom” played by Tom Hardy was like “Yeah!” “I Is not it close to the depicted Venom? ” I can not speak for what other people thought, but I was happy. – “Venomu” is the first American villa to play the role of Villan. What is the important point as a story with Villan as its leading role? First of all, the character must look cool. Venom is cool! Huge black character with big eyes. There are no children who do not like it at the age of 10? And the other is a shit and a disgusting place! I think there are important elements there. Punisher, Batman, Wolverine became popular for the same reason. Everyone likes characters that are easy to break rules. For me, Venom is an unlimited character I want to do, but I try to do the right thing myself think. But, I do not care if something breaks on the way. That is different from many other well-behaved superheroes. However, I think that there are a lot of children who like characters that are not so. Wolverine is the most popular reason for “X-MEN”, because he was the roughest person. Venom does something that would never be done if Peter Parker / Spider-Man. I can not do that well-behaved Peter Parker. But when it was Venom, “What if I break his head, I will make a break” And that is it. Such a place is like a child like us In any case, it is funny in a strange way. – The movie “Venom” is expected to produce a sequel as early as possible, but what do you expect from the sequel? I do not yet know if it was officially decided, but what I want to see is that character that appeared at the end of this work. It’s carnage. That is perfect as the next step in Venom’s mythology (mythology system). It was a great correct answer that character. Moreover, it was wonderful to see a good actor like Woody Harrelson playing that role! Because I would like to see Woody Harrelson and Tom Hardy talking to each other. The first work of most super hero movies is to draw origin (a story till it becomes a hero), do not you? Then, half of the story must be spent drawing on the character’s formation. But in the sequel you do not need to set up anything, so you can do cool things from the very beginning. Everyone will know more about this character. I also know how to make fascinating charms on the making side from screens. So, I think the sequel will be a better movie than the first one. – How is the person who is re-making the original “Spawn” re-movie? What is the situation now? Now we are moving on to finance production costs. If that goes well, you will find a studio to become a partner and the final go-ahead will come out. I think that the success of “Venom” should be a promising blow. If you do that, you can get the word “Venom’s co-creator gives …” at the beginning of the trailer! Also, I do not know if this will come true, but I would like to make “spawn” with Sony Pictures as my wish. In that case, Spawn and Venom might be able to co-star. Perhaps two characters may actually meet in the future. If I can oversee ‘Spawn’, I may be able to oversee that movie and that is my dream! If “Spawn” goes well in the future, we can crossover with already successful “Venom”. Although it may be impossible in reality, it would be cool if so, right? – The big hit of the movie “Venom”, the number of people who do Vosa’s cosplay in Japan has increased and the popularity has increased. Can you give me a message to Venom fans in Japan? Even Japanese fans will not change anything from fans around the world. Everyone reacts to the same thing. The reason Venom is liked in Japan is the same reason why people around the world like it. Venom is just cool! Right? Everyone in Japan knows something about “cool” is not it? Where are those who do not want to see the gigantic big guy swinging around the claws and banging down the crowd? Moreover, there is huge eyes and teeth in this guy, and the iron bar is also strong enough to bend, is not it terrible? There is no child who does not like Venom at the age of 12. Therefore, I think that it is not unique to Japan. Perhaps, everyone likes a little aggression. There is some sort of appeal. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/36028/3/resize/d36028-3-302180-4.jpg] – Are there any plans to come to Japan? “I’d like to go to Japan, but first I’d like to complete the movie” Spawn. “Then I can see and talk about various cool stuff in Japan and maybe I can go with the performers. Of course I can go even now but I would like to do more big.I want to bring excitement to Japan.So let’s promise to premiere in Japan when “Spawn” is completed.America Not only for us, we want to travel to countries like Premier that do not normally open for 5 or 6 countries, even if we decide to cut ourselves! – Finally, please give a word to Japanese fans watching the movie “Venom” on Blu-ray & DVD. “Venom” Blu – ray & DVD contains over 1 hour video benefits. This is important. Perhaps, I think that there are many people who saw the movie that they never read the original comic. Even people who do not know the character of Venom, if you watch this image benefit, you can become Venom experts as well as Todd McFarlane! “Venom” Blu-ray & DVD Release on March 6 (Wed) & rental start! ※ digital pre-distribution now!
■ Blu-ray & DVD set 4,743 yen + tax
■ 4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray set 【initial production limited】 6,800 yen + tax
■ Japan Limited Premium · Steel Book · Edition 【Full Quantity Limited】 9,200 yen + Tax Publisher / distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment (C) 2018 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Tencent Pictures (USA) LLC. All Rights Reserved. | MARVEL and all related character names: (C) & TM 2019 MARVEL.

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