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  • The legendary loose idol program revives greatly! The 2nd “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” will be held !!

The legendary loose idol program revives greatly! The 2nd “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” will be held !!

Pony Canyon, Inc The legendary loose idol program revives greatly! The 2nd “Shibuya LOFT 9 idol club” is decided to be held! The second time is held on 3/18 (Monday) at Shibuya LOFT 9! ………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-308302-12.jpg] From left) Yoshida Naomi, Hirase Misato (Rokka Japonica), Takai Chiho (Rokka Japonica), Matsui Nana (Full force straight girls playballs), Inagaki Kaori (AKB 48), Noguchi Koriori (= LOVE), Akita Natsumi (Ange ☆ Reve) About 1 year after the end of the legendary idol program “Poniacan Idol Club” which had been broadcast for five years in Nico Nico Live with the concept of “Loose Talk Program not burdening the idle”. Yoshida Naoji of Nippon Broadcasting announcer who strived for MC revived as a real event “Shibuya LOFT 9 idol club” idol gathering over the office and label boundaries under the initiator, the first event It was held at Shibuya LOFT 9 on February 18 (Monday). It was announced that the second time will be held on March 18 (Monday) with the popularity of the participants. The first is Nishida Nishihai (Ange ☆ Reve), Noguchi Koriori (= LOVE), Inagaki Kaori (AKB 48), Matsui Nana (absolute straight ball girls! Playballs), Takai Chiho (Rocca Japonica), Hirase Misato (Rokka Japonica) Idols gather from each direction. The second time to follow is Tsuji Mitsuko (elfin ‘), Shinozuka Tsugumi (Absolute Female Girls Playballs), Kanazawa Fudana (Task have Fun), Nana Abe (Pax Puella), Yukina Okaguchi (Magical Punch Line), Sakamoto Hazuki (Was it) appeared. Variety rich idols with a reputation for talk and presence have been named. Tickets will be on sale March 2 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon Plus. Why do not you experience a new idol event that you can discover the charm of idols that you can not easily notice in live MC? “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club vol.2” March 18, 2019 OPEN 18:00 / START 19: 00 Opening: LOFT 9 Shibuya (1-5 Maruyama Town, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo KINOHAUS (Kino House) 1F) Advance ¥ 3,000 / day \ 3,500 (Both food and drink fee order ¥ 500 or more) 【The guests】 Mr. Tsuji Mitsuko (elfin ‘), Shinozuka Tsugumi (Absolute Female Girls Playballs), Kumazawa Flower (Task have Fun), Nana Abe (Paks Puela), Yukina Okiguchi (Magical Punch Line), Sakamoto Hazuki ) 【MC】 Yoshida Naotohi Ticket release ⇒ LOFT 0 Shibuya: https: //www.loft-prj.co.jp/schedule/loft9/date/2019/03/18 ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club vol.1” Official Report 2019.2.18 (Monday) LOFT 9 Shibuya February 4, 2013. One program began with Nico Nico Live. The title is “Poniacan! Idol Club”. As the name says, the idol belonging to Pony Canyon gathers and talks spread. MC was in charge of the idol lover, also known as Nippon Broadcasting announcer “Yopie” Naoto Yoshida. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-982987-10.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” At the time, 10 girls, such as baby raise, sangyu ~, and other girls who would be able to acquire many fans later, centering on the members of the idol group “idling !!!” who had programs on Fuji Television ~ About 15 people gathered in the studio, and it was a style to talk to them according to the theme given from time to time. From the beginning, he self-named “loose idle program”, but at first it was idling who was good at talking power !!! It seemed like the performers were consciously trying to speak, mainly among the members. Although it is net distribution, if it becomes a program on media seen by many people, that would be normal. However, as I repeated the times, I also noticed a side that saw derailed stories and unexpected reactions that I showed in occasions more interesting than neat talks. At that time, the program of the net was in a state of fumbling. Up to that point, “Ustream” where many individual distributions were done has lost momentum, “SHOWROOM” and “AbemaTV” have not started services yet. Under such circumstances, it can be said that this program created a new space that both the people watching the net and the outgoing idols wanted. Although it was a program known among fans of each group, unfortunately it ended in December 2017 at the end. As an idol program, I think that it has been quite a long time since lasting five years, but there are many missed voices. One year has passed since the program ended, and the event took over the thought started. “Shibuya LOFT 9 idol club vol.1”. How much does the air of that “idol club” reproduce and what is the influence of the versatility of performers beyond the frame “Poniacan”? I am interested and I participated so I want to report it. The event and tickets were sold out as soon as possible after release, and we also decided to distribute at SHOWROOM. On February 18, a lot of idol fans gathered in Shibuya LOFT 9, the venue on the same Monday night when “Poni-kun! Idol Club” was broadcast. Before the performance, MC’s Yoshida Ana has an explanation of this time. First of all, this event is that the sales of foods and drinks are going in the clear accounting that they go to the acting idol. And, from February to April, I tried it three times and if I feel “hot”, I will stop it. And aim for a loose program like “Poniacan! Idol Club”. Of course, it is a perfect condition as a fan. When asking the venue “Who was you watching” Poni-kun! Idol Club? “”, Surprisingly about 10% of the hands rose. After all, there may be many fans of each performer. In addition, it was imagined that those who enjoyed delivering once watches over SHOWROOM. Event starts at 19 o’clock on time. First of all, an idol appearing appears. The appearance of this time is a total of 6 performances including Nishi Akta (Ange ☆ Reve), Noguchi Koriori (= LOVE), Inagaki Kaori (AKB 48), Matsui Nana (absolute straight ball girls playballs), Takai Chiho, Hirase Misato (both Rocca Japonica) It’s a name. In LOFT 9, in the case of many idle events, talking is often done by separating time by one or two people. Indeed, that person would be able to listen to each and every one. However, regarding this event, “the feeling that a lot of cute girls are going down” is important. Sometimes most members are meeting for the first time, and at the beginning, the state of the circulation calling has been conveyed. But this, even on the original program, it was a nostalgic air that was seen when members joined the new. First of all, each of the speakers ordered a drink from a toast in the venue. Mineral water, melon soda and other favorite drinks will be mentioned. In each place, toast! This time, it is non alcohol only, but I will consider considering asking for alcohol in the future. I briefly introduced myself. Each member writes “Official profile” and “just a little profile” in the flip and announces it. Then, a stick written “PIECE” is given to the speaker, so that when other people are talking, it can be put in place as appropriate. Here too, I feel the nostalgia, the system I used in the original program. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-249605-0.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” It was Mr. Gokuda who first tried to make the venue a self-introduction. When I was 20 years old, I kept only 70,000 yen for my parents and went to Tokyo without permission. He said that he was on the verge of getting a search request without being contacted for about half a year. Forgotten to raise the stick to the suddenly surprised story, also questions such as “How did you live?” For a while, it is said that she was in a share house of girls only, but this year is the oldest, so life experience seems to be abundant. Next Noguchi said that he likes animation and wants to become a voice actor and entered = LOVE. Yoshida Ana speaks at a stroke that comments are entered as “a tight speech specific to otaku appears”. It was Inagaki that there was a reaction from the venue due to the drink order earlier. My favorite food is “cream soda”, but unfortunately it was not on this menu. Therefore, she said that she ordered melon soda. Besides, the octopus confession was confessing a unique eating habit, such as eating octopuses only, eating octopus at the last to eat. For subsequent Matsui, Yoshida Anna is also a fan of Playballs and introduces their song “We are UMPIRE”. However, other members seem to have no knowledge of baseball, and there is a steepest impression that “What is UMPIRE?” When asking each, answers such as “People of Anping Times?” “Anpanman?” Will come out. This is the atmosphere. I will spread the derailed story well and show the part closer to the element of the idol. I feel something like grooves that can not be seen as having the right time and structure. I murmured in my mind “I wanted to see something like this!” Lastly, there were two of Rocca Japonica. Takai and Hirase liked idols, especially, they were fans of Baby Raises Japan (Bebile). Bebile was also a regular of the original program and there were many fans in the venue. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-973064-1.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-116910-2.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-934466-4.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-687922-11.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” Also, Takai got to tell you that he can not ramen ramen, Yoshida Ana ordered “Are there any noodles?” I decided to have Okinawa soba later. From this kind of unexpected flow, the flexibility to actually get it done is unique to this program. Hirase, on the other hand, likes to sleep with two table chairs next to each other. Because studying in my room does not progress, doing with the table, sleeping there when getting tired. It has already passed over 1 hour already. Yoshida Anna thrusts into the expression that Goda got bored. I think this freedom is an idol club. Here, a break takes about 10 minutes. After resuming, the members’ seats are reversed. It is consideration to the fans of the audience seats as fairly as possible. Where talk began, Okinawa soba appeared. Takai tries to eat it. I put noodles in my mouth and try to rinse, but I still can not get rid of it well. Matsui as a ramen favorite will show examples. Takai will challenge again according to it, but it can not be done. However, from fans, it seems that the scenes that were pretty interesting were seen. The latter half talk theme, the first one, “What is Shibuya for you?” Hirase is “109”. It’s here that you buy clothes (though, mostly mothers get them to buy it). Takai is “Live House and TOHO Cinemas Shibuya”. Matsui is “Playballs’ activity base”. Even if it comes to private, it is almost always everyday. Inagaki “I came for the first time with the audition of AKB.” At first, I got lost, but I saw that there was a girl like that and I went to the venue safely. Noguchi, “Ramen is delicious.” Especially because he likes Konnoro Ramen, Yoshida Ana is saying “I love Ponno” and I made the venue a big boost. Gokuda is “Hachiko”. It was here that I met the members for the first time here, there were too many people in Hachiko, and I talked about stories that I could not meet easily. The remaining theme is also the last theme. “Please tell me about the lost schedule you have done recently or failure, and finally say” Please forgive me and Nyan. ” Yoshida Ana said, “When asking” Forgive me, Nyan, do you know who said what? “Most of the performers were unable to answer as sweet, but made me feel the flow of the times. This answer also comes from Hirase. I was asked “Are you wearing studless?”, Misunderstood something as a shoe and said “Yes, I’m wearing it”. Takai talks about things that fell on the escalator today. Matsui was quite spectacular. I am hospitalized with gastroenteritis and apologize for having postponed PV shooting. Not only that, he ate a large amount of oden immediately after he left the hospital, and he said that he was carried by an ambulance. It is not the case that it is no longer done with “forgive and Nyan”. Inagaki told seniors as mistaken and talked in the mouth. Character street, failure also pretty. Next time the venue was excited is Noguchi’s failure. I wanted a Nintendo switch and had my money paid money to my mother, but that amount 300,000 yen! It seems that the price was misplaced by one digit. Yoshida Ana answered “I refunded to my mother?” As well, “I have not refunded …”. It had to apologize indeed, and apologized through delivery. The last Akoda said, “The expiration date of transportation expenses can not be kept.” Everything seems to have to write off the current office on paper and have to hand out it, “I want you to make it possible for EXCEL to do it.” [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-512027-8.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” [Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-555512-9.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club” The last notice of each group. Rocca Japonica says that there is a live performance at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 29th. Playballs will have a performance at Shinjuku ReNY on March 29, Kenjiro Kawasaki of former Yakult Swallows will start a ball ceremony. Among the names of former players, Yoshida Ana, including a surprised voice in the venue. Inagaki says there is a special stage on boat race Kojima in Okayama prefecture on March 10. For Inagaki from Okayama prefecture, it became the first local triumph, so it appealed that we would definitely come. Noguchi will PR the New Single to be released on April 24th, the tour of April. Goda announces that he is performing a single performance at the AKIBA Cultures Theater every month. I did not forget to add that “(ticket bill is cheap).” That concludes the event. Yoshida Ana also said “I really enjoyed it, I want to do it again,” I was impressed. The people who entered the venue this time were limited, but in the distribution of SHOWROOM, more than 10,000 people were watching. Originally, it is convincing that there are many people who want to enjoy on the net this time as well, considering what started with internet distribution. It is not a song, it is not a dance, it is neither a talk nor a proper talk (lol), it can be said that it is a very favorable event in a sense that enjoying the unexpected words and reactions that the idols emit at the time of futility. I think that it is wonderful to be a space to co-ordinate with those fans who can share their charm. I felt it even at this event, but the line-up of performers will be important as well. It is not always interesting that the idle which is good at talk is simple, but this program is strange. It unexpectedly appears, idiot’s unknown side, unique point, draws them well and connects topics. In addition to the cleverness of Yoshida Ana, for example, it is looking forward to see Castest thinking about power balance, such as arranging the members who appeared in the previous program as well as this time. Next time is March 18th (Monday). The appearances of Tsuji Tsuyoshi (elfin ‘), Shinozuka Tsugumi (Absolute Female Girls Playballs), Yuuna Okiguchi (Magical / Punchline), Sakamoto Hazuki (Ohtete) have been decided and 3/2 acceptance of tickets Become As Yoshida Ana’s “I will carry on whatever three times in the meantime”, this event has only just begun. As someone who likes idols will be aware, everything, “Keep a look at the beginning” will be an important experience later on. Although it has accumulated so far, it is a newly started event. It is not too late. I would like to encourage those who are interested to experience earlier. [Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/31071/264/resize/d31071-264-340448-3.jpg] The first “Shibuya LOFT 9 Idol Club”

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