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  • 【Satellite】 40th Anniversary Exhibition “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO” Comment, Key Visual, Ticket Information etc. General Presentation

【Satellite】 40th Anniversary Exhibition “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO” Comment, Key Visual, Ticket Information etc. General Presentation

Satellite Corporation 40th anniversary commemorative exhibition “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO” personal comment, key visual, ticket information etc. General presentation ………………………………………………………………………………… “Songs” who changed the world with songs and deformation “Masaharu Kawamori” Footprints of 40 years Macross, Aquarion, and to the future 40th Anniversary Exhibition “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO” Personal Comment, Key Visual, Ticket Information, etc. Outline Presentation Satellite Corporation (Head office: Suginami Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Michiaki Sato) will hold at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo (Gallery Irmo) from May 31 to Friday, June 23, 2019 Kawamori Shoji Pro announced the 40th anniversary commemorative exhibition “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO” to be held. The original exhibition, director, scriptwriter, painter’s story, and mecha designs “Elegant” This exhibition commemorating Masaharu Kawamori ‘s 40th anniversary of pro debate features more than hundreds of design drawings and pictures that Kawamori has been involved with so far Context, idea notes, etc. will be exhibited, and Kawamori’s view of the world will be expressed in original creative new video. We will also start selling tickets from Saturday, March 23, 2019. Details will be announced from the official website from time to time. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/42407/2/resize/d42407-2-914654-0.png]
■ Kawamori Masaharu EXPO Overview Over 100 hundred design drawings, storyboards, idea notes, etc. which Kawamori has been involved with are exhibited. Representing Kawamori’s view of the world as a creative new video. At the “K – 40 Theater” set up in the hall, venue limited video is screened. We plan to sell goods of various works involving Kawamori, including limited edition items. Details will be announced from the official website from time to time.
■ Masaharu Kawamori Comment I want to produce “something” that no one has seen. From an early age, I have continued my traveling creation that has been unexplored so far as to be thrust by that impulse. Original drawings and rough design born in the process of 40 years, prototypes of transformed TOY, project document, scenario, picture story, interview photos and creative memos. While watching the mountain of materials, I feel that my creative activities are backed up by so many staffs that I can not count on them, and that my support for the warm support of the fans has given me a heartfelt impression . Therefore, in this memorial exhibition, I wanted to meet the process of creation traveling with myself and the many people who supported the 40 years. As the motif of the Osaka World Expo, which was heartbreaking on a boy’s day, as “Kawamori Masaharu EXPO”. Please come and experience this creation, the process of trial and error and the festival of various world views. March 2, 2019 Kaori Kawamori [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/42407/2/resize/d42407-2-680939-1.png] A vision creator who handles animation director, planning, original work, script, video / stage production, mechanical design etc. Participated in TV animation “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” as one of the original authors while attending Keio University School of Engineering. It was televised all around the world and gave a huge impact as a cool animation from Japan. In the original and director’s work, there are “Aquarion Series”, “Macross Series” and so on.
■ “AnimeJapan 2019” SANKYO Satellite booth decided to release a limited ticket! We decided to sell special design tickets at “AnimeJapan 2019” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24, 2019. AnimeJapan 2019 Limited sale so do not miss it! “AnimeJapan 2019” SANKYO satellite booth (East 2 Hall / booth number: A 21) ※ Admission to AnimeJapan 2019 requires an admission ticket. For details, please visit AnimeJapan 2019 official website. www.anime-japan.jp/ “Transform” ticket Contents: It is a special design ticket. You can also appreciate the K – 40 theater. Triangle ticket Contents: This is a special design ticket which three people can enter. You can also appreciate the K – 40 theater. In case * It can be used three times in one person. · We will announce details of prices etc at a later date. · Both tickets will be sold first. · Although we keep stock for each day, we will end sales as soon as it is gone. · We do not plan to set the maximum number of purchases. 【Outline of Kawamori Masaharu EXPO holding】
■ Event Title: Masaharu Kawamori EXPO (English: SHOJI KAWAMORI EXPO)
■ Date of opening: Friday, May 31, 2019 – Sunday, June 23,
■ Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00 (final entry 19: 30) ※ Every Monday 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (last entry 18: 30) during the period ※ Friday, May 31 open 13:00.
■ Venue: Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo (Gallery Armo)
■ Admission ticket: Start selling on Saturday, March 23, 2019 【Denomination】 General admission ticket advance sale 1,800 yen / day 2,000 yen Admission ticket with K-40 theater Advance 2,200 yen / day 2,400 yen ※ “K-40 Theater” will screen special images limited to Kawamori Masaharu EXPO including new movies.
■ Organizer: Satellite Corporation
■ Official website: https: //kawamoriexpo.jp/
■ Official Twitter: @ kawamoriexpo (hashtag # Kawamori EXPO)
■ Rights Representation: (C) Shoji Kawamori / Satelight Inc. All rights reserved.

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