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【One company】 All-Japan business association Cycling competition Federation Bike New League in Japan Spring, opening to the opening

All Japan Business Collision General Association Bicycle Sports Federation Bicycle New League in Japan Spring opening in spring 2021 Japan’s best bicycle road race “J Pro Tour” ends in 2020, establishes a new league ………………………………………………………………………………… Looking at the world, realizing a unified bicycle league including the professional category, rooted in the region Implemented various measures to improve the appeal of the event from the 2019 season Implementation of online tournaments utilizing “Zwift” and collaboration planning for watching non-competitors with “Campus Lab” The Japan Bike Competition Federation, a member organization of the Japan Cycling Federation, organizes and manages the bicycle road race “J Pro Tour” The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association All Japan Cycling Federation (abbreviated as JBCF, Chairman: Katayama Ukyo) For each tour including the domestic highest peak “J Pro Tour” where various organizations such as teams and club teams participate, ended in 2020, looking at the world, including regionally rooted professional categories We decided to establish a unified bicycle new league in the spring of 2021. The purpose and concept of the establishment of the new league, the main initiatives of this year toward establishment are as follows. Please expect from the bicycle new league, born in 2021 after the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. 1. League structure of the new league The new league is a bicycle league that has passed through from the top level race to the enjoyment-oriented hobby race. The new league will carry out league development divided into the following three categories. The three categories cooperate with each other, and work on improvement of competitive skills and maintenance of bicycle environment in each region. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/32171/3/resize/d32171-3-298598-7.png]
● Professional category (equivalent to current J Pro Tour) · From 1st to 3rd league is called “Professional category”. · We adopt the club license system, and decide belonging leagues according to management situation, the number of players held, contract type. · As a result of the season, the elevation of the club will be decided. · We will conduct video distribution, install a fee-watching seat, etc. and develop a high-profile race.
● Elite category (Current J Elite Tour / J Feminine Tour / J Youth Tour equivalent) · From the fourth division league to the eighth league is called “elite category”. · JBCF membership registration is required and personal rank is set. · By adopting the two-term system of the previous term / the latter term, the individual rank is decided at the end of each period by the cumulative points given according to the rank order. · According to the determined individual rank, individuals of the athlete, not clubs, are upgraded.
● Open category (equivalent to the current J Challenge series) · The race group that the Enjoy Cyclist can participate is called “open category”. · Registration to JBCF is unnecessary and personal rank is not set. 2. Purpose of the establishment of the new league The main objectives of establishing a new league in the spring of 2021 are as follows.
● Improve international competitiveness of Japanese athletes The results of male Japanese players in the bicycle road race at the Olympic Games are the 22nd place recorded by Beppu Fumiyuki at the 2012 London Olympics. This is lower than the second place in the bicycle track competition, which is generally regarded as having much in common (2004 Athens Olympics / Team Sprint) and 5th in the male marathon (2004 Athens Olympics / Shigeru Ochiya), bicycle In the road race, we have never played a prize (within 8th place) at the Olympic Games so far (compared with the records since 2000). In bicycle road racing, in order for Japanese athletes to continuously grasp good results on the international stage, it is essential to learn seriously from measures to strengthen the country and to develop new reinforcement measures beyond those. For example, in France, athletes with similar competitive abilities have developed a domestic league that can frequently perform high-intensity racing, and in the UK actively incorporate scientific training to provide competitive players / guidance I train people. We will implement various measures to improve competitiveness like this in the new league.
● Further development of bicycle culture According to a survey by the Bicycle Industry Promotion Association, Japan’s population declining while the population penetration rate of bicycles (the number of bicycles owned to the population) is increasing year by year, from 52.6% in 2006 to 57.0% in 2016 , It is on an increasing trend. This is a higher penetration rate than other vehicles such as four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles. Among the high penetration rates, various purposes including commute to work, commuting, hobbies and health promotion, competition racing appearance are included. In the new league, we will contribute to the further development of bicycle culture by having bicyclist road races familiar as more familiar to them based on the various ways of involving such people and bicycles.
● Discovery and dissemination of social value of bicycle In the ride called bicycle, the social value that has not yet been scooped is sleeping while running the convention competition so far. For example, because bicycle road racing is a course all over the country as a course, it can be provided because it is a Japanese bicycle road racing event that “you can explore Japan to the full extent and discover and disseminate the charm of the land every season” Value is hidden. By loving bicycles, we will be able to contribute to society more than ever by rediscovering the value of bicycles through a challenging approach that is appropriate for a new era and contributing to society. think. 3. Philosophy of the new league The new league is a major policy to solve the structural problems of today’s bicycle road racing world and to build a foundation that will produce players active at the world’s top level. While aiming at “the world’s top level league”, we will also operate as a “league for everyone to participate” promoting regional revitalization, health promotion and traffic safety in various parts of Japan. In order to achieve this compatibility, we will strive to realize the following philosophy, in cooperation with each stakeholder such as the national government, local governments, companies and media.
● Realizing the only bicycle league in the world – Build a solid league base that is consistent from top-level race to enjoys-oriented hobby race, creating the world’s most innovative bicycle league. – Increase the value of bicycle road racing through improving entertainment and create the world’s most attractive bicycle league. – Systematically discover and nurture young athletes, and develop scientific training and racing environments to create the world’s most efficient bicycle league from the viewpoint of improving competition.
● Create, observe, support, create an environment where all cyclists can join and enjoy – Realize an open league where everyone can “show, watch, support” bicycle road races. – Design institutions that all cyclists can enjoy playing in the road race with confidence. – In collaboration with each stakeholder, contribute to the promotion of maintenance of the bicycle running environment and realize an environment where you can enjoy the bicycle safely and safely.
● Bring happiness to people and communities through bicycle – Contributing to the physical and mental health of the people through the spread of bicycles, making the cyclist happy. – Fulfill economic and cultural contributions to bicycle road race venues and bring happiness to the area. – Bicycle road race will be held nationwide, rediscovering and disseminating Japan’s rich history, culture and culture. 4. Major initiatives in the 2019 season with a view to establishing a new league In order to raise the appeal of bicycle road racing to establish the new league two years later, we are planning to promote various initiatives from this season. The main initiatives that implementation is decided at the present time are as follows. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/32171/3/resize/d32171-3-809564-1.png] LIVE Result System Smartphone Screen Image
● Internet live distribution, adoption of LIVE result system We are planning to live J Pro Tour’s live on the Internet platform such as YouTube / Facebook / Twitter. The target race is scheduled for 10 races a year, including the Shuzenji Road Race of the opening game and the West Japan / East Japan Road Classic with high attention. Also, in conjunction with live distribution, we will utilize “LIVE Result System” newly developed under the cooperation of Sports IT Solutions Co., Ltd. to inform real time the number of laps and time difference. “LIVE result system” can also be viewed on smartphones and personal computers, so you can check the race condition of the players you care about anytime anywhere. ※ We will announce the target race on the J Pro Tour website as soon as it is decided. * Depending on the race, “LIVE result system” may not be used. * Screen images may differ from actual specifications depending on what is under development.
● Collaboration with online cycling application “Zwift” “JBCF eRacing Cycling Road Series” held JBCF eRacing Cycling Road Series “in collaboration with” Zwift “, an on-line cycling application that allows multiple cyclists to train at the same time in a race form through the Internet. In this event, we plan for online events and offline events, and anyone can feel free to join the same race through the home terminal at online events. Also at the offline event, JBCF director including Katayama Ukyo, Vice President Daisuke Imanaka, top players of J Pro Tour and other guests are planning to join the virtual race with everyone. (1) Purpose: Expanding fan of bicycle road race, expansion of skirts of athletes triggered by Zwift (2) Name: JBCF eRacing Cycling Road Series (3) Others: We will announce the schedule and details as soon as we decide. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/32171/3/resize/d32171-3-162291-8.png]
● Collaboration project with college student project team “Campus Lab” “Go! Go! Pedal Lab” Together with the college student project team “Campus Lab”, which is composed of various college Miss campuses and actively tackling social issues, we aim to acquire new fans and to communicate the charm of bicycle road racing “Go! Go Pedal Lab “will be launched. Looking ahead to the new league two years later, we will discover and disseminate its charm from an unprecedented point of view, especially for people who have never touched the bicycle road race. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/32171/3/resize/d32171-3-809586-4.png] (1) Purpose: Acquire new fans, mainly non-cyclists (those who never participated in the bicycle road race) (2) Contents: J tours at the Pro Tour Race venue, proposals for improvement / planning for acquiring new fans / formulation of communication strategy centering on social media, performance / appearance at stage events at the race venue and various Presenters at the awards Zwift is a fitness company born from the game in 2014. Zwift is the first company to blend the passion and deep understanding of the world of fitness and to utilize the technology of multiplayer games to make outdoor experiences indoors as well. 65 (36.9%) of 176 athletes participating in Tool de France in 2018 are using Zwift, and now the number of accounts worldwide is about 1.15 million, and more than 40,000 users in Japan are present I am using it. Zwift Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/gozwiftjp/ A social problem solving team that the Miss Campus of each university works on its own initiative. Consistently thinking from marketing of young people in their teens and twenties to product development and promotion planning, we are co-invented with companies and local governments to solve problems. Official website: www.campuslab.jp/ (produced by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.) “J Elite Tour” where a wide range of players fight, “J Feminine Tour” where female athletes fight, male players under 18 years old “J Pro Tour” fighting top-ranked top players in Japan, from beginners to professional players “J Juice Tour” to fight. For all who love the road race and supervise all of these, the All Nippon Business Cycle Cycling Federation (JBCF) is. At “J Pro Tour 2019” contested by 18 teams of the highest peak in Japan, 15 places nationwide and 23 races are scheduled to be held throughout the country. Domestic top players and foreign players have fought fiercely aiming for a professional leader jersey, proof of the overall victory over the year, the maximum speed is 60 km / h, the total mileage of the series is about 1850 km (2018 season results). Establishment: March, 1967 (corporation established: January 2011) President: Kamiyama Ukyo Number of participating athletes: 326 teams, 2861 (as of the end of November 2018) Annual conventions: 43 race track races, 3 race track races, 8 race civic races (2018 results) Official website: www.jbcf.or.jp/

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