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  • 【J SPORTS】 Domestic highest peak road race series “J Pro Tour” Digest broadcast with J SPORTS 20 games in 2019 season as well!

【J SPORTS】 Domestic highest peak road race series “J Pro Tour” Digest broadcast with J SPORTS 20 games in 2019 season as well!

【J SPORTS】 Domestic highest peak road race series “J Pro Tour” Digest broadcast with J SPORTS 20 games in 2019 season as well!
J SPORTS Domestic highest peak road race series “J Pro Tour” Digest broadcast with J SPORTS 20 races in 2019 season as well! ………………………………………………. ………………………………….. J sports television station in Japan, J Sports Co., Ltd. (headquarters in Koto Ward, Tokyo President and CEO Kinoshita Kinoshita, indu “J SPORTS” ※ 1)) will continue this year as the domestic highest road race series series “J Pro Tour 2019 “will be broadcasted with a preliminary digest. In addition, it will also deliver with the video distribution service” J SPORTS On Demand * 2 “. At J SPORTS, we are offering to all audiences the major races of the UCI World Tour including de France and Vuelta a España, the All Japan Championship Road Race, the Japan Cup Road Race and domestic and international attention races I have delivered it. In addition, this year we will deliver J SPORTS original Cycle Road Race information program “Moon Chari ~ # jspocycle NEWS ~” on broadcasts as well as on-demand delivery besides live broadcasting this year, including the charm of the cycle road race more We have arranged a lineup so that we can understand it more closely. And we continue broadcasting and deliver “J Pro Tour” delivered in digest from 2016 this year. Critellium at the Jingu Gaien that will be held for the first time in the final round also is planned, and it is expected that excitement will be big more more and more. There are each drama in each race, each of the 23 races of the series held in various parts all over the country. We will broadcast and distribute all 20 races except Joint Exchange · Exhibition at J SPORTS so that we can deliver numerous of these hot battles not only to the venues near the venue but also to all Cycle Road Racing fans who can not go to the venue. J SPORTS will continue to support the largest JBCF Road Race Series game “J Pro Tour” in Japan that has delivered the charm of the road race to the people of the venue nationwide and has produced a number of top players. By all means, please enjoy “J Pro Tour” with J SPORTS. J Pro Tour 2019 Summary [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-498642-5.png] J Pro Tour Logo [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-875750-0.png] JBCF logo A series game that decides Japan’s top racer sponsored by JBCF (All Japan Industry Federation Cycling Federation). In 2019, 18 domestic teams participated. The opening of the “Shuzenji Road Race” to be held at the Japan Cycle Sports Center in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture on Saturday, March 16, until the “Tokyo Criterium Shinku Shrine Stage” in October, 15 rounds in the whole country in the whole country 23 A hot battle over the race will be held. The Year’s Award (NEXT Leader Jersey) of 22 years old, three titles of team overall victory. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-523736-1.jpg] Iran Fernandez (Matrix Power Tagg) who won the victory at the 6 th round of the previous year “The 52 nd East Japan Road Classic Gunma Games Day – 2” [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-667680-2.jpg] Last year’s 19th “3rd JBCF Restoration Yamaguchi Criterium” was a speed race in the main street in front of Yamaguchi Prefectural Government
● 20 races digest broadcast overseas race live broadcast J Pro Tour 2019 Digest broadcasting schedule (about 5 minutes each venue) [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-597495-3.png] J Pro Tour 2019 Digest Broadcasting Schedule * Broadcast date / time · Channel is undecided. * The content may be changed in a hurry. The latest information will be posted on the official website of the program. Check out the fulfillment information with J SPORTS special page, SNS account! \ J SPORTS Cycle road race Official Twitter account is sending information at any time / [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/14079/242/resize/d14079-242-655053-4.png] J SPORTS CYCLE Account name: @ jspocycle https://twitter.com/jspocycle J SPORTS’s Cycle Road Race Official Account! We will deliver a bit of minor content, including program information on Cycle Road Race broadcasting at J SPORTS, update information on the website, and more. Please check the J SPORTS Cycle Road Race Feature site for the latest information [⇒] www.jsports.co.jp/cycle/ J SPORTS Cycle road race Official facebook account is updated as needed [⇒] www.facebook.com/jspocycleclub/ ※ 1 J SPORTS is a domestic maximum 4 sports television stations watching about 6.5 million households by cable TV, BS broadcast (SKY perfume) throughout Japan such as J: COM. ※ 2 J SPORTS On Demand (jod.jsports.co.jp/) will be chargeded. J SPORTS Customer Center 03-5500-3488 (10: 00 am – 6: 00 pm) J SPORTS Official Site www.jsports.co.jp

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