Tokai area’s first held at Matsuzakaya Nagoya store!

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. Tokai district’s first <Ryuo Academy in NagoyaShoguns who won the title battle of the highest rank title battle "Ryuo War" served as a lecturer, a lecture of attention that explains the way of thinking mind to read the power and thinking ahead through children and the adversity against children! ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Ryuo Academy in Nagoya” (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan Shogi Federation, sponsored by SAPIX YOZEMI GROUP, cosponsored by Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store) will be held at Matsuzakaya Nagoya South Building 8F Matsuzakaya Hall on Sunday, April 14 Ru. The lecturers will be the first Ryuo Shimaro Kudan, the special lecturer Masataka Sugimoto from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and Yuta Fujii from Seto City. In the lecture, for children who are interested in Shogi, it is a content that Shogi can learn while enjoying the commentary and the "next hand" quiz using the game of the Dragon King game in the past. [Image 1:] [Image 2:] [Image 3:] [Image 4:] ※ From the top, Shimaro 9-dan, Sugimoto Masataka 8-dan, Fujii Yuta 7-dan, Suzuki Ann Na N The program on the day of April 14 (Sun) 13 o'clock to 14 o'clock Special Round-table Discussion The theme is "Learning from Failure-Things necessary to keep growing-" As panelists, Mr. Sugitaka Masataka Hachidan, Fujii Yuta Shidandan, SAPIX YOZEMI GROUP co-representative Mr. Toshiro Takamiya, Mr. Suzuki Nana's two-stage, coordinator Shimaro Kudan will be in charge and a round-table discussion will be held. 14:15-16:00 Course 1. The commentary of the score with the watching materials for the Dragon King Battle. 2. Next One-handed Dragon King Sugimoto-san and Fujii-san will play the game on the big screen, and will ask "next one-hand" at any time in a quiz format. 3. Relay match Students will take on the stage and challenge Fujii with a relay format. Will be implemented. After the course, we will have a closing ceremony. In the ceremony, the certificate of attendance will be given (a certificate of completion will be given to the student from Shimaro 9dan) and the commemorative photo shoot (the student who received will be a group photo with Masataka Sugimoto, Yuta Fujii and 7 stages of Fujii) . ※ The program is subject to change. [Notes on coverage] ※ We only cover event contents for coverage. ※ Please note that we will not accept individual interviews or box interviews.
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