Urban research participates in FASHION REVOLUTION 2019

Urban Research Co., Ltd. Urban research participates in FASHION REVOLUTION 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… This year, the 6th year, Urban Research will be participating in this campaign, and will face “environmental protection” which is one of the themes. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/3710/479/resize/d3710-479-530393-0.jpg] April 24, 2013 Lana Plaza’s garment factory collapse accident in Bangladesh, which had a great impact on the fashion industry. Taking this opportunity, a global campaign event “Fashion Revolution” was launched in 2014, thinking about the future of fashion and the working environment, and acquiring tips for each and every person to take action. Urban Research also participates in this campaign this year, which will be the sixth year, and will address “environmental protection” which is one of the theme of this year. During the period, we will promote “NO SHOPPING BAG” and present 10 points as Green Eco Points to customers who do not need paper bags, as well as present this campaign original sticker! “FASHION REVOLUTION DAY 2019” will be held on April 24 (Wednesday) at TRUNK (HOTEL) in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. In the daytime section, a total of four talk sessions invite companies, brands and media leading Japanese fashion to think about the future of fashion. We will investigate how the future of fashion should change and what will be sent out from Tokyo based on the keywords of transparency and ethical. In the night club, we will hold a full-fledged 1DAY event such as screening the movie “The True Cost”. Please come by all means.
■ session 1
■ “The link between fashion and the environment” Mr. Takahiro Okano General Manager, Planning Research Office, Environment Planning Division, Minister’s Office, Ministry of the Environment × Mr. Kazuhisa Mizoguchi, Executive Officer, Sales Planning Department, Toshima Co., Ltd.
■ session 2
■ “What can be done as a trend maker” Guest: “VOUGE JAPAN” Editor-in-chief Mitsuko Watanabe × special guest coming soon
■ session 3
■ “Why do we promote sustainability now?” H & M Hennes & Maurits Japan Ltd. Mr. Yoshifumi Yamaura, CSR Manager × Stripe International Co., Ltd. General Manager, SDGs Promotion Office Reiko Ninomiya
■ session 4
■ “One step to sustainability that can be done today” Non profit organization Zero Waste Academy President Akira Sakano × Patagonia Japan branch office Brand Responsibility Manager Mr. Kenji Tsuji
■ Company booth
■ Green Down Project APOLIS Toshima Co., Ltd. THE NEW DENIM PROJECT THE WOOLMARK COMPANY Talk session “NEUT Magazine x FASHION REVOLUTION” Guest: Akazawa Eru (LEBECCA boutique director), and other COMING SOON True Cost Screening

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