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TBS Tuesday drama “I, I will return home on time.” × Kojima package specialty store “Kyoto” collaboration Koiso package release

Delico International Inc. TBS Tuesday drama “I, I will return home on time.” × Kojima package specialty store “Kyoto” collaboration Koiso package release Starting April 16! Sell ​​the original small parcel package that appears in the drama of the topic! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Deriko International Co., Ltd. (Head office: Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Yuta Suganosu), which has 11 stores in Japan, is the starting point of April. We will sell the original small parcel package “Rinko fragrant Yamagata small parcel package” in collaboration with TBS and the Tuesday drama “I will return on time”. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/18073/10/resize/d18073-10-444800-1.jpg]
Yui Higashiyama Yui Higashiyama, the main character living in the motto that “I will return home on time” plays “do not work overtime”, draw a figure that causes a small miracle while struggling among strong bosses and colleagues To support all who work in the modern “Heartwarming working drama” A small package that is deliciously cheeked at the “Shanghai Hotel,” which is a regular store that Yui goes straight after the company is on time This time, “Yoshiko fragrant Yamakasa 小籠 包 籠” developed by Gyeonggi only for this drama. We added the savory pungent flavor of our bowl to our specialty rich soup rich in small bowl and finished it with the taste of beer. We will sell the small parcel package appearing in the drama at all 11 stores in Gyeonggi (Jin Ding Lau) for a limited time until the end of June.
■ Product Overview
■ [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/18073/10/resize/d18073-10-473638-2.jpg] “Oyashi fragrant yam small parcel package” 1200 yen ・ “I, I will return at the scheduled time.” Original “Yoshiko fragrant yam small parcel package” (6 pieces) 1200 yen (+ tax) ・ “I, return at regular time.” Original “two-color small parcel package” (3 Gyogo small parcel package and 3 Yamagata small parcel package) 1200 yen (+ tax) -Sales start date: April 13, 2019 -Sales store: All 11 stores in Gyeonggi (Ebisu Main Store-Sogo Chiba Store-Sogo Yokohama Store-Ikebukuro Parco Store-Aqua City Odaiba Store-LaLaport Shin Misato Store-Mint Kobe Store-Hirakata T-SITTE Store-KITTE Hakata Store · HANARE store · Atre Urawa store)
■ About TBS Tuesday drama “I return home on time.” “I, I will return home on time.” Is a series drama of the same-name series novel Kino Kiko. “Long working hours”, “Service overtime work”, “Overwork death” that may occur in the future. “Work style reform” aiming at correction of long working hours and fair treatment regardless of employment form has attracted much attention in recent years. This work draws on the “life work balance” that the working people’s awareness reform = working people should have rather than a simple institutional reform, focusing on the “overtime work problem” that is drawing particular attention, with the same name novel as the original. Even if the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare raises a voice, there are many people who say that “the ideal and the reality are different, and there is no choice but to work overtime”, and there are many people with “aesthetics that work overtime”. This drama is a new generation working girl who lives with the motto “Go back on time” and “Don’t work overtime” in such modern Japan as a main character, while struggling among black bosses and colleagues all over the musicians, small every day Make a miracle. Rethink the various social problems in our daily life, such as crooked work, love, marriage, human relations, black business problems, lonely death, etc. And convey simple messages such as “for what purpose?” “To cherish oneself” and “to cherish companions”. Official site: www.tbs.co.jp/watatei/

■ What is “Kyoto” … Opened the first store in Japan in 2005, starting with the specialty store “Kyoto” that can be used to process in Taiwan. Based on the concept of a small coffee shop cafe and restaurant that women can enjoy casually, it will develop 11 stores in one store and restaurant format in 8 Kanto stores, 2 Kansai stores, and Kyushu. You can enjoy authentic Chinese food easily and feel free of course. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/18073/10/resize/d18073-10-750002-0.jpg]
■ Gyoen small parcel package Gyeonggi’s small bowl package is handcrafted from one to a store by a trained dim sumper with a pair of chopsticks and skin. The secret of deliciousness is the extra-thin skin-enriched collagen-rich soup and pork bowl. We gather the skills of skilled dim summoners and steam them with the best ingredients and unique formula. The feature is the skin that wraps the soup and salmon. The steamed small eggplant package is so “ultra-thin skin” that you can see through. If you keep your cheeks fresh, the inside of the skin will be full of collagen rich soup and selected pork flavor. Official site: jin-din-rou.net/ (C) 2018 Hino Kiko / Shinchosha (C) TBS / TBS Sparkle

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