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  • 【Ambie Co., Ltd.】 Notice of the provision of ambie to “AR City in Kobe” in the cross-media event “078 kobe” that delivers the new appeal of Kobe

【Ambie Co., Ltd.】 Notice of the provision of ambie to “AR City in Kobe” in the cross-media event “078 kobe” that delivers the new appeal of Kobe

ambie corporation Cross-media event “078 kobe” to announce the new attraction of Kobe, notice of “ambie” provision to “AR City in Kobe” Experience the sound of AR space and the conversation between participants at the same time by wearing ~ ambie ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/27386/15/resize/d27386-15-655445-1.png] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/27386/15/resize/d27386-15-555558-0.png] Ambi Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masao Matsumoto, hereinafter amie) who proposes a new lifestyle with “listening while listening to the sound without blocking the ears”, April 27, 2019 MESON Co., Ltd. (Head office: one of the featured content of the cross-media event “078 kobe”, which sends an attractive and vibrant city “Kobe” for the future, which will be held on Sat)-April 29 (Mon./Holiday) AR Cloud * 1 Content “AR City in” by Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kento Sugaya, hereinafter MESON, and Hakuhodo DY Holdings Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichi Toda, hereinafter Hakuhodo DY Holdings) “Ambi” will be provided to Kobe “, and we will cooperate with the AR experience * 2 of sound that leads to communication activity in AR space. At AR City in Kobe, where MESON and Hakuhodo DY Holdings will exhibit within 078 kobe, you can experience urban development simulations where several people will simultaneously create the city of Kobe in the future. This exhibit uses AR cloud technology provided by MESON and Hakuhodo DY Holdings, recognizes space based on the feature points, and shares the location of the terminals with each other. This enables interaction between players in the same AR space. In order to enjoy “AR City in Kobe” to the fullest, general closed-type earphones block the conversation between the participants and outside sounds because they block their ears, making communication between participants difficult . On the other hand, by using ambi, an audio device that allows “while listening”, it is possible to simultaneously listen to the sound of AR space (car’s running sound, bird’s cries, etc.) and the conversation between participants, and real communication You can enjoy a more social AR world by creating a common virtual experience without impeding We will continue to provide products and content services in an effort to expand the opportunities for sound AR experiences. We will work to be able to provide a new way of enjoying lifestyle by incorporating life with sound in various scenes. * 1 AR Cloud: A technology that allows real-world object data (= point cloud data, position data) to be stored and held on the cloud, enabling multiple people to share virtual objects at the same position ※ 2 AR experience of sound: The experience of expanding auditory information, expanding the possibility of experiences by adding auditory information to the real world [About MESON] Established in September 2017. As a tech company focused on AR, the company operates a creative studio business centered on business planning, user experience design, and technology. We are conducting research and development in collaboration with various partners on the issue of how to make the extended experience instill in people’s lives. www.meson.tokyo/ 【With 078 kobe】 A new cross-media event to disseminate Kobe, which will be developed as a city full of charm and vitality toward the future, in order to realize Kobe, a city that is chosen by young people and in which everyone works. A participatory festival in which engineers gather and create each other. For the first time in 2017, 36,500 people will participate, and in 2018, 75,300 will participate from within and outside Japan. “Music” “Movie” “Anime” “Fashion” to enjoy in the city “IT” to accelerate social change, high-quality “food” culture, next-generation “child” themes are combined, live, conference, Aim for experimental and international convergence points combining exhibitions (trade shows). [Kobe ~ 2030 held summary of all together with AR City in Kobe ~ AR cloud technology] We will exhibit demo content of cutting-edge technology that will touch on the future life of AR while creating a town of your own. AR technology, which is starting to be used mainly for smartphone games and camera applications, is considered to be a technology that supports and entertains our lives. An essential technology for realizing such a future is the “AR Cloud”. Through this exhibition, we can understand the importance of such AR and AR cloud. Let’s experience real-time town development with several people on the stage of virtual Sannomiya that appears in the real world! 【078 kobe event holding period】 April 27 (Saturday) to April 29 (Mon.), 2019 【This AR Cloud Technology Demonstration Period】 April 28th (Sun)-April 29th (Mon.) 【This AR cloud technology demonstration exhibit place】 Design and Creative Center Kobe “KIITO” (1-4 Onohamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City) 【Site URL】 078kobe.jp/ [About ambie] amvie is a new type of audio device that allows you to enjoy music without blocking your ears and to “listen while listening” and “listening” simultaneously. As we do not shut off outside sound, we can notice the dangers and calls around us, and we can talk. In the activity scene, you can experience new ways of enjoying music by layering music on natural sounds and air. A variety of unique color variations are available in all six colors, and the stylish ear cuff structure also features a design that is compatible with a wide range of lifestyles, from everyday life to activities. amvie official site: ambie.co.jp/ 【Company Profile】 Company Name: ambie Ltd. Representative: Makoto Matsumoto Location: 2-5-1 Atago Green Hills MORI Tower 40F Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 11, 2017 Business description: Design, manufacture, sale and lease of voice related products Planning, sales, operation and management of digital content, and rental and leasing Company URL: ambie.co.jp/

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