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  • [Goldwin Co., Ltd.] The NORTH FACE launches environmentally friendly special model wear

[Goldwin Co., Ltd.] The NORTH FACE launches environmentally friendly special model wear

Goldwin Inc. THE NORTH FACE launches special-model wear that is environmentally friendly “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project to consider environmental issues The “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project launched by Gold Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Akio Nishida / Part 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: Code No. 8111) Started on Saturday, July 27, 2019 for the purpose of connecting the importance of the environment and peace and the importance of the challenge spirit to the next generation. As part of that effort, Goldwin has developed a special model for the THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT from the THE NORTH FACE brand, Trans Antarctica Parka, Trans Antarctica Fleece Jacket (Trans Antarctic Fleece Jacket), S / S TRANS ANTARCTICA Tee (Short Sleeve Transantacticity) will be available from Friday, November 15th at some THE NORTH FACE stores and Goldwin’s official online store. [Image 1

Thirty years ago, six adventurers from around the world, including Japan’s leading adventurer Junzo Funatsu, departed for the world ’s first crossing of the Antarctic dog sledding to appeal to the importance of the environment and peace. , All superbly went through about 6,400km. The “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project is a project that focuses on the problems of modern society that they thought of and sent to the world at the time, and that they would succeed to the next generation. A symposium will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on November 10, 2019 (Sunday). A historically very important and important documentary film “Trans-Antarctica Expedition” will be screened in Japan for the first time in Japan. Tickets for this symposium are now on sale at Ticket Pia. Admission is 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for high school students and below (both including tax). Prior to the screening of the movie “Trans-Antarctica Expedition”, a preview movie has been released. https://www.think-south.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtFaeS6tqCo 【Product details】 Trans Antarctica Parka Part number: NP61930R Price: 70,000 yen + tax Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Color: J2 (Jade 2), K (Black) Material: <Dress material<LiningGORE-TEX Products with a two-layer structure that is waterproof is a water-repellent material that does not contain perfluorinated compounds that have a concern for environmental impact on the surface of 70-denier recycled nylon that is produced by reusing discharged waste cotton. Use materials. The front is double-flap and further waterproof. A waterproof shell jacket designed with a slightly longer length that hides the hips, based on the wear worn by the crew at the time. Flags of each country that participated in the Antarctic Troops are placed on the left chest and back, and a silicone patch of Trans Antarctica Expedition is placed on the left arm. [Image 2

Trans Antarctica Fleece Jacket Part number: NA61930R Price: 32,000 yen + tax Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Color: J2 (Jade 2), K (Black) Material: Versa Micro ECO 300 (100% polyester) A jacket made of microfleece with a loft feeling made from used plastic bottles, and finished with a light weight while maintaining high heat retention. Large ventilation under the arm releases steam, allowing quick temperature adjustment in clothing. Combined with a windproof shell, the range of use in the polar regions can be further expanded. The national flag of each country that participated in the Antarctic Troops is placed on the right chest and back, and the Trans Antarctica Expedition silicone patch is placed on the left arm. [Image 3

S / S TRANS ANTARCTICA Tee Part number: NT81930R Price: ¥ 6,500 + tax Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Color: W (white), K (black) Material: Organic Heavy Cotton (100% cotton) Short-sleeved T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton that are manufactured in accordance with social norms such as labor safety and child labor, while minimizing the health and environmental burdens caused by the use of chemicals. Printed photos of the adventure taken by Will Steger during the Antarctica crossing 30 years ago. This is a T-shirt that can be enjoyed with softness while being thick. Trans Antarctica Expedition silicone patch is placed on the left arm. [Image 4

[Development stores] TNF Sapporo F / TNF Sendai / TNF Hakuba / TNF Harajuku Mountain / TNF Hibiya play / TNF Akishima / TNF Nagoya Lasik / TNF Osaka Grand Front / TNF Fukuoka (Tenjin) / GOLDWIN Official Online Store [Symposium Outline] Title: “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” Symposium Date and time: Sunday, November 10 from 14:00 to 17:00 (Reception starts from 13:00) Venue: Tokyo International Forum, Hall B5 Cast: (Speakers) Will Steger (USA), Jean Louis-Etienne (France), Victor Boyarsky (Russia), Chin Daho (China), Jeff Summers (UK), Junzo Funatsu (Japan) Contents: 14:00-documentary film “Trans-Antarctica Expedition” Japan first screening / 16:00-talk event Admission fee: 2,000 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for high school students and younger (both including tax) Ticket: Available at Ticket Pia ticket.pia.jp/pia/event.ds?eventCd=1943919 * A gift from Transantactica memorial bandana and Junzo Funatsu will be given to visitors (limited quantities) [Image 5

[“THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” Project Overview] Project title: “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” Organizer: THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT Executive Committee (Goldwin, Inc., DAC Holdings, Inc.) July 27, 1989, thirty years ago, in the Antarctic, the only continent with no borders on the earth, the message “THINK SOUTH” appealing to the environment and peace Adventure begins. Members are Trans-Antarctic International Corps organized in six countries around the world. After reaching the South Pole on December 11, they passed through about 4,000 miles (3,400 kilometers) on March 3, 1990, and all of them finished safely. At that time, many media covered the achievements, and at the same time, reported on environmental issues that started to attract attention. Thirty years later, the environment in Antarctica is in a very serious state, such as the disappearance of the Larsen B shelf ice that they ran with dog sledding under the influence of global warming. This project was established to convey this situation to as many people as possible and to think about environmental issues and peace to protect them. [Image 6

[Image 7


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