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  • 【Ecbo Co., Ltd.】 Luggage storage service ecbo cloak, available at JR Shinjuku Station premises! Introduce to baggage storage at 5 Yamanote Line stations

【Ecbo Co., Ltd.】 Luggage storage service ecbo cloak, available at JR Shinjuku Station premises! Introduce to baggage storage at 5 Yamanote Line stations

ecbo Ltd. Luggage storage service ecbo cloak, also available at JR Shinjuku Station! Introduce to baggage storage at 5 Yamanote Line stations ………………………………………………………………………………………… Ecbo Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shinichi Kudo, hereinafter “ecbo”), which operates the luggage storage service “ecbo cloak”, and East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative director and president: Yuji Fukasawa, hereinafter “JR East”, JR East Distribution Co., Ltd. (Head office: Sumida ward, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: President Asakawa, below “JR East Logistics”), April 27, 2019 From Saturday (Sat), we will announce that we will introduce ecbo cloak to the baggage storage area of ​​JR Shinjuku Station, which is managed by JR East Logistics, and will start luggage storage.

Shinjuku Station, present conditions and problems of existing luggage storage and coin lockers

Shinjuku is a popular area visited by about 60% of foreign visitors to Tokyo, and Shinjuku Station boasts the world’s highest number of passengers, with 3.47 million people per day. The total number of coin lockers is 2280, and there are only 386 large-sized suitcases. In response to this situation, JR Shinjuku Station has set up its own baggage storage and worked to improve its services, but the problem was that it could not guide customers. Introduction of ecbo cloak to Shinjuku Station Based on the demand and results at the existing introduction stations, we have recently introduced ecbo cloak to the luggage storage area in Shinjuku operated by JR East Logistics. We expect that it will lead to the recognition and reservation of the existing luggage storage area through the app with features such as search function of surrounding storage area, advance reservation, and multilingual support. We believe that tourists will be able to securely deposit luggage, which will help solve the problem of coin locker shortage. We provide “hospitality” unique to Japan and a better sightseeing experience. About ecbo and JR East’s efforts ecbo has 4 locations in Tokyo East, JR East from November 2017, 1 location in Ikebukuro from December 2018, 2 locations in Shinagawa Station from December 2019, and a luggage storage service ecbo from 1 location in Ueno Station from March 2019 We have introduced cloak. With the introduction of Shinjuku Station, ecbo cloak has been introduced to all baggage storage operated by JR East Logistics. Introduction outline 【Baggar storage in the JR Shinjuku Station central east exit ticket gate】

Reservation start date: April 24th, 2019 (Wed) 14:00- Start date of use: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Operating time: 11:00 to 21:00 Usage fee: uniform 800 yen / day / piece (tax included) regardless of luggage size Business days: weekends and holidays Same day reservation: Possible Multi-day reservation: Not possible Luggage can be stored: 30 pieces ecbo cloak store URL: cloak.ecbo.io/ja/space/tokyo/ARE1/SUB101/BJxxWqEA Please see here for details on how to use it: jr-east.ecbo.io/en * Business days may be changed during major holidays, etc. * Different from regular ecbo cloak plan.
With luggage temporary storage sharing service “ecbo cloak”

ecbo cloak HP: cloak.ecbo.io/

“Ecbo cloak” is a sharing service that connects “persons who want to store luggage” with “shops with space to store luggage”. With advance reservation from the app, you can store luggage in a wide variety of spaces such as cafes, beauty salons, post offices, and train stations. Currently, the number of stores introduced is over 1000. It is deployed in major cities across the country. Not only travel destinations by tourists, but also shopping at events, everyday life, and various other scenes. We also store large luggage (strollers, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.) that do not fit in the coin locker.

ecbo cloak (exek cloak) application Reservation from here bit.ly/2 VrJ4Hk Company Profile 【Ecbo Co., Ltd.】 President and CEO: Shinichi Kudo Date of establishment: June 2, 2015 Company page: ecbo.io Location: 3-24-2, Ebisu ST Building, 3-24-2 Higashi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Main business: Operation of luggage storage platform “ecbo cloak” using idle space of stores, operation of owned media “ecbonist” [Contact regarding this matter] ecbo Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department: pr@ecbo.io Press kit: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1X7Wj0vzCwB9WPA_2TKE23F0gHZRaeA2H?usp=sharing

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