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  • [Kao MK News] Matsuko Deluxe and Ms. Yuko Okubo, Asako Itoh “Medicine Puora GRAN” New CM 2019 on April 26 (Fri) On-air starts nationwide

[Kao MK News] Matsuko Deluxe and Ms. Yuko Okubo, Asako Itoh “Medicine Puora GRAN” New CM 2019 on April 26 (Fri) On-air starts nationwide

Kao Corporation (Kao MK News) Matsuko Deluxe and Kayoko Okubo, Asako Itoh “Medical Puora GRAN” New CM started on-air nationwide from April 26 (Fri), 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/9276/870/resize/d9276-870-529193-0.jpg] Kao Corporation has adopted the new CM of “Pharmaceutical Puora GRAN”, which is newly released from “Puora”, which proposes periodontal problem care * 1, as the “Granish messenger” 、, from April 26th (Fri) 2019 I will air it. In this new CM, Matsuko Deluxe, who is a brand character of “Puora” from 2015, and Kayoko Okubo, who have a close but private relationship, as well as three luxurious Ito Asako’s co-star performers for the first time in the CM. “Medical Puora GRAN” is a new product born from the oral care brand “Puora”, and is a toothpaste that focuses on waste products * 2 (proteases) of bacteria that are easy to hide in the mouth of adults. The troubles in the mouth that are anxious with age increase, and there is a tendency for troubles in the mouth to be multilayered. Under such circumstances, medicinal Puora GRAN not only makes it easy to disperse “mass of bacteria”, but it also makes it easy to clean dirt including bacteria waste products, cleans the mouth, prevents periodontal disease with various symptoms * 3 You In the new CM, Ms. Matsuko Deluxe said that Alafif OL, played by Tatsuko Okubo and Asako Ito, who are also the target generations of new products, talks about “where the mouth of an adult comes to mind” in the hotel lobby. Appeared in a special silver costume from huge vehicles that appeared to be a bubble of the toothpaste. Mr. Matsuko Deluxe, who casts a stone in various social problems, as “The Emissary of Gran”, this time with the two who talk about “the place of the adult’s mouth” in the tone like “Blessing Our Lady”, It is a story that preachs the suggestion of the tooth gently. In the last, two people who protected Matsuko Deluxe’s ​​announcement are transformed into “Gran’s messenger” dressed in silver costume. For all who have “mouth trouble of the adult”, using new products, oral care proposal for periodontal disease prevention called “to the age to consider the mouth also aging ※ 4”, gently but sharply into a new CM Was expressed. ※ 1 cleaning with fresh water / halitosis / gingivitis prevention ※ 2 is a secretion of bacteria, it spreads as waste in your mouth, and may cause nebula and bad breath ※ 3 Hahazuki hare / bleeding / dropping / halitosis * Periodontal disease is a generic term for gingivitis and periodontal disease ※ We focus on periodontal disease risk increasing with 4 years of age and suggest care depending on age
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/9276/870/resize/d9276-870-800593-1.png] [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/9276/870/resize/d9276-870-747067-2.png] [Kao / medicinal pyora GRAN “Granish messenger” niece] 【Type】 15 seconds [Performers] Matsuko ・ Deluxe Mr. Yuko Okubo Itako Asako 【Start broadcasting】 April 26th, 2019 (Fri)-All over the country
◆ Like a variety show? The shooting takes place at a fun and lively site from day to day The shooting site of “Pharmaceutical Puora GRAN” was the media’s first co-star in the CM, but this cousin Matsuko, Okubo and Ito were all the first in a commercial, but it was a lively atmosphere with a fun atmosphere as if you were watching one TV program It was done to
◆ Because it is two people who are close in private and have a good relationship, it’s also worth watching! In the talk of Okubo Tatsuko and Tosako Asako in the scene that talks about your mouth trouble in the lounge of the hotel, the ad lib is also actually added, and attention is also paid to the realistic reaction to your mouth trouble.
◆ Matsuko also burst in shooting! Shooting field while developing opinions with the shooting staff Matsuko who has been working since 2015 on the brand character of the oral care brand “Puora”, which proposes periodontal problem care, and enters its fourth year. At the time of shooting, Mr. Matsuko, who has deep love and knowledge for the product, does not express what is written in the script as it is, but with director and production staff, in order to bring out the features of the newly born product. Sometimes, while exchanging opinions, I thoroughly focused on the expression and completed a new commercial. Please pay attention to future developments. 1. Product name [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/9276/table/870_1.jpg] ※ We do not set maker suggested retail price. 2. Product features It is a toothpaste for the adult’s mouth, focusing on the waste products of bacteria that easily hide in the adult’s mouth * 1 (protease).
● As well as making it easy to disperse “mass of bacteria”, it makes it easy to clean up dirt containing bacteria waste and cleanses the mouth.
● Prevent periodontal disease with various symptoms ※ 2. ※ It is secretion of 1 bacteria and spreads in the mouth as waste, and may cause nebula and bad breath ※ 2 ha hazuki hare ・ bleeding / with neba / bad breath
● Medical ingredient and W purification ingredient combination ・ Medical ingredients [Anti-inflammatory ingredient] GK2 (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) blended. Reduce inflammation of Haguki and prevent periodontal disease. [Fungicide] formulated with CPC (cetyl pyridinium chloride). Sterilize the cause bacteria, prevent bad breath, gingivitis, cavity. ・ W purification component of natural origin [Detergent] blended with erythritol. Penetration of “mass of bacteria” quickly. It is easy to disperse and cleans the mouth. To Sarasara. [Detergent] Contains γ-Oryzanol. Sticking with dirt, “bacterial secretions (protease)” that also causes bad breath, makes it easier to clean up dirt and cleans the mouth.
● Low foam paste that can be carefully and gently polished
● 2 types to choose according to your worries 【Multi-care】 Flavor of clearst mint 【Whitening】 White Herbal Mint Flavor
● Quasi-drug [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/9276/870/resize/d9276-870-977591.jpg]
3. Individual features “Pharma Puera GRAN Whitening” [Extra-drugs]
● We adopt bride up prescription [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/9276/870/resize/d9276-870-123871-4.jpg] -Blended with brightener (phytic acid solution) and coating agent (Na polyphosphate). Makes it easy to remove stuck dirt and coats with bright, shiny teeth. 4. Release date Saturday, April 20, 2019 / whole country

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