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  • [Strobo Co., Ltd.] Work with home security leafee (Lee fee) and OYO LIFE via smartphone. Initial fee free, 30 days free trial plan newly provided

[Strobo Co., Ltd.] Work with home security leafee (Lee fee) and OYO LIFE via smartphone. Initial fee free, 30 days free trial plan newly provided

Strobo Co., Ltd. Work with home security leafee (Lee fee) and OYO LIFE on your smartphone. Initial fee free, 30 days free trial plan newly provided More freedom for home security. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Strobo Co., Ltd., in partnership with OYO TECHNOLOGY & HOSPITALITY JAPAN Co., Ltd., offers a special plan that allows customers to experience free 30 days of home security “leafee” with smartphones for subscribers of “OYO LIFE”. start. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/14167/26/resize/d14167-26-682191-0.png]
■ Overview of Business Alliance The home security “leafee” has been linked with “OYO LIFE” on the smartphone. Residents of OYO LIFE can use leafee free of charge. As with OYO LIFE’s property, we offer peace of mind and security through home security that can be used freely with no initial expenses or contract terms.
■ Campaign Summary “Let’s live to travel” Anxiety accompanies the beginning of a new journey. We prepared the perfect plan for the trip so that you can enjoy it without anxiety. We offer initial cost free of charge. First try it! There is no charge for the first month free, return within 30 days. Without contract period, cancellation is possible anytime. As with OYO LIFE, it is welcome for a short time. We offer for 1,350 yen including rental fee of leafee device.
■ Background of business alliance “OYO LIFE” offers no rental fee, no key money, no agency fee, can be entered with only one smartphone, and offers rental properties equipped with furniture and home appliances for each room, making it the first Japanese apartment service to attract attention Are collecting In addition, with the spread of sharing and subscription services for clothing, home appliances, cars, etc., the flow from “ownership” to “use” is accelerating throughout life. On the other hand, conventional home security has been difficult to use for those seeking a free life that repeatedly enters and leaves in a short period of time, such as construction at the time of introduction and contract term lockup. In this partnership, leafee has prepared a plan that focuses on “use”. Home Security can be used more freely by preparing a plan for OYO LIFE tenants that features “no construction required and easy removal”, “initial cost free” and “rental system”.
■ About leafee [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/14167/26/resize/d14167-26-210135-1.png] leafee is a home security that anyone can easily get started when they feel anxious. Check security such as the closing of the window with a smartphone with a smart crime prevention sensor linked with the app and a loud buzzer, or alert the intruder with a loud buzzer and notify the smartphone of a home abnormality . Targeting people living alone and young parenting families, providing home security for people who have had home security needs but have not been able to use it due to long-term and complicated contracts, construction at the time of introduction, and high cost burden. doing. Service site: leafee.me 【Easy introduction】 Since leafee can be easily installed without tools or wiring, home security can be easily installed even for those who can not use home security until now. [We confirm security such as closing of window with smartphone] Check the opening and closing of windows and doors on the go. Prevent potting with intruders Opening and closing information detected by leafee mag is linked to the smartphone, ・ Check the open / close status of the window from outside ・ Detect the intrusion of a suspicious person and notify the smartphone You will be able to. You can immediately check when you are locked out while going out, can be used to detect intruders and prevent potting. [If you have a crime prevention function] Intimidate intruder with alarm sound When the sensor responds while in alert mode, the gateway (gateway with speaker) sounds an alarm and threatens the intruder. [Product related link] Service website: leafee.me leafee Store: store.leafee.me
■ About OYO LIFE “OYO LIFE” utilizes technology to search for properties with a single smartphone, and provide a consistent service offering from contract and payment infrastructure development. All rooms are equipped with furniture and appliances and include basic amenities such as utility charges and communication costs such as Wi-Fi. In addition, we will eliminate the problems that occur when renting a rental property so far, such as difficult-to-search property information, complicated procedures, two-year contract binding and deposit money, and travel in an area that suits your lifestyle It is a “Japan’s first” lifestyle product that you can easily enjoy living like a living. Website: www.oyolife.co.jp 【OYO LIFE Operating Company】 Company name: OYO TECHNOLOGY & HOSPITALITY JAPAN Head office: 1 to 2 Otemachi Tower, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo CEO: Hironori Katsuse
■ About Strobo Co., Ltd., a leafee operating company Head office: Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 4-1-3-5F Representative: Representative Director, Corporate Executive Officer Founding: February 2015 Business contents: IoT product development, planning and development of smartphone application Website: strobo.io/
■ 【Contact for this matter】 Strobo Co., Ltd. Contact: info@strobo.io

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