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  • Japan’s first furniture subs “subsclife” “OYO PASSPORT” service benefits updated!

Japan’s first furniture subs “subsclife” “OYO PASSPORT” service benefits updated!

Subsclife Inc.
Japan’s first furniture subs “subsclife” “OYO PASSPORT” service benefits updated!
“OYO PASSPORT” that can use the sharing subscription service to make life more convenient and more advantageous! Use subsclife at OYO LIFE to make life more convenient and comfortable

Subsclife Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, representative: Ken Machino, hereinafter referred to as subsclife) is a rental housing-type service “OYO LIFE” (operated by OYO TECHNOLOGY & HOSPITALITY JAPAN, CEO: Hironori Katsase). ) “OYO PASSPORT” service benefits provided by) have been updated.
At the OYO PASSPORT, where you can use sharing and subscription services to make your life convenient, you can make a new application from abundantly designed furniture and home appliances handled by subsclife. Available at a discount.
All subsclife are new and can be shipped nationwide. If you like it with a monthly fee setting that does not exceed the list price, you can also purchase.
Failure and water damage are also guaranteed with peace of mind, and collection is supported at a disposal fee of 0 yen when unnecessary. [Service benefits]
General customers can use OYOLIFE residents for free for the first month with a new application and a discount of up to 5,000 yen. [How to use benefits]
Download the “OYO LIFE PASSPORT” APP and use it from the “OYO PASSPORT” service page.
“OYO LIFE PASSPORT” APP DL: https://oyolife.page.link/press
[Background of service subscription]
By subscribing to OYO PASSPORT, we aim to increase the chances for customers to use the service and experience the services provided by subsclife, thereby expanding their convenience and comfort.
[About OYO LIFE] oyolife.co.jp
“OYO LIFE” uses technology to provide a comprehensive service from finding a property with a single smartphone to developing
infrastructure for contracts and payments. There are plenty of rooms with furniture appliances, and basic amenities such as utility bills and Wi-Fi communication costs are included. In addition, it solves the problems that occur when renting rental properties so far, such as property information that is difficult to search, complicated procedures, binding of 2-year contracts and security deposits. It is a new life service that allows you to easily enjoy new life in an area that suits your lifestyle.
[About OYO PASSPORT] https://oyolife.page.link/press
A platform service that allows you to use sharing subscription services that make life easier. Partnering with various services that allow you to customize your lifestyle, such as housekeeping, car sharing, and fashion rentals. You can use all the services of more than 100 companies now.
[About subsclife] subsclife.com
With the vision of “From the house to the richest country in the world”, we offer a new option of subscribing to living. subsclife is a coined word of subscription (regular purchase) + life (life), and it is a service that allows you to use the things you need to live as much as you need when you need it on a monthly basis. The initial cost is greatly reduced, and you can use new and highly-designed furniture and home appliances. You can buy them if you like them. If you continue to use the rental, it will exceed the list price, but our subsclife is a monthly fee setting that will not exceed the product price even if you continue to use it. In addition, you can use it with peace of mind with guarantees such as scratches at the time of use. By valuing valuable products and the people who support them, we will provide a system that is easier to provide to consumers by providing them with subscribing.
【Company Profile】
Company name: subsclife
Representative Director: Ken Machino
Business description: Planning and development of subscription-type services for items such as living, furniture and home appliances Established date: November 9, 2016
URL: https://subsclife.com/

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