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  • Kodomon Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Childcare Documentation Service” to realize child-centered childcare fr om the childcare ICT system Codomon

Kodomon Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Childcare Documentation Service” to realize child-centered childcare fr om the childcare ICT system Codomon

Codmon Co., Ltd.
Announcement of “Childcare Documentation Service” to realize child-centered childcare from Kodomo, a childcare ICT system ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Codmon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshinori Koike) that provides an ICT system “CoDMON (hereinafter referred to as Codmon)” that supports the daily life of teachers working in child facilities such as nursery schools, kindergartens, schoolchildren, schools and elementary schools ) Announces that it will begin offering childcare documentation services in the spring of 2020.
This function will be jointly developed by Codmon Co., Ltd. and Benesse Corporation, and will be supervised by Tamagawa University Faculty of Education, Professor Yoshitomo Ikuta and Keiko Iwata. [Image 1

[What is documentation]
“Documentation” captures the moment when children are enthusiastic about their activities and records them with photographs and comments. In recent years, “documentation” has attracted attention as an effective method for realizing “children’s childcare”.
By using the documentation, childcare, parents and children can create dialogues and expand the world of children to enrich their learning. [Image 2

[What is Codmon’s childcare documentation service]
Click here for childcare documentation service page →
Kodmon’s “Childcare Documentation Service” is a mechanism that allows the introduction of documentation without increasing the workload of the childcare worker.
By simply filling in one “record with photos”, you can create “diaries”, “posts”, “contact books”, and “weekly plans” all at once. It is possible to consolidate things into one process.
[Image 3

Eliminates the burden of transferring the same content to multiple documents. Using the childcare documentation service, you can show the child’s appearance and interest in childcare activities with photos, and record the experiences and learnings of the children gained through the activities. It is also expected to have the effect of creating a self-introduction (self-assessment) of the childcare person, a dialogue between the childcare workers, and a dialogue between the childcare worker and the guardian, with the “record of” as the core. Furthermore, it is designed so that the cycle of “record ⇒ retrospect ⇒ forecast ⇒ plan” can be repeated while filling in the “record with photo”, so the curriculum management of childcare can be realized. [Thoughts on childcare documentation service development]
Documentation that is effective as a method for realizing
“child-centered childcare”. However, we often hear that it is difficult to get started due to concerns about the increase in the workload of childcare workers and the lack of effective creation and utilization.
This childcare documentation service is an ICT service designed in response to such feedback from the field, by asking how to make effective use of documentation by Prof. Ikuta and Iwata. By using ICT, you can introduce documentation in a way that reduces the workload without increasing the workload. In addition, effective creation and utilization methods can be covered by the mechanism. While making the most of the benefits of ICT, we have been studying how to use the documentation effectively without any burden.
We will continue to study and improve the service so that it will be easier to use and more effective for childcare providers. We hope that as many childcare workers as possible will use this service and that child-centered childcare using “documentation” will advance throughout Japan. (Benesse Corporation)

[Outline of childcare documentation service]
Service name: Childcare documentation service
Release date: Scheduled for April 2020
Start of sales: Start of sales from late November 2019
[Image 4

[About plans and documentation packs that improve childcare quality] The “Guidance Plan Creation Service” provided by Codmon has been revised so that the appropriate text plan according to the grade and time can be selected from over 5,000 text examples. Furthermore, by using it as a set with the “Child Care Documentation Service”, the overall plan, annual guidance plan, monthly plan, weekly plan to diary are linked, and the necessary items are linked. Improve childcare instruction planning work more efficiently.
[Image 5

[Outline of ICT system for children’s facilities “CoDMON”]
Kodomon is a SaaS * 1 that provides various support tools under the mission of “All teachers have time and peace of mind to face children”.
In addition to nursery schools, children’s gardens and kindergartens, we are proceeding with the work of all children’s facilities, including schoolchildren, elementary schools, junior high schools, lessons and schools.
Institutional functions such as the ability to smartly record growth records and teaching plans on centralized child information as functions for the facility, as well as support functions for school attendance and communication with parents using apps, etc. Supporting the creation of an environment that improves the quality of education while greatly improving efficiency and automation. At the same time, we provide solutions that enable integrated management of the school’s ICT / IoT environment, such as API integration with IoT devices. As a function for parents, we are developing services such as child growth management and photo sales, as well as contact functions with facilities through dedicated apps.
* 1 SaaS is a mechanism for providing application software functions to customers as needed through a network.
[Codmon Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
◆ Location: Net1. Mita Building 4F, Mita 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
◆ Capital: 68,250,000 yen
◆ Representative: Yoshinori Koike, Representative Director
◆ Business description: Development and provision of systems for children’s facilities. As of October 2019, about 3,900 facilities nationwide and about 60,000 childcare workers use it. Introduced in 13 local governments nationwide. (Reference: Fiscal 2018: 34,763 nursery schools nationwide including specific regional childcare projects)
◆ Service HP: https://www.codmon.com/
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEmIiuWJFWM]

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