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HeaR Co., Ltd. HeaR for supporting CX (Candidate Experience) improvement, 108 touch points with job seekers and examples of CX improvement for free

HeaR Inc.
HeaR supporting CX (Candidate Experience) improvement, 108 touch points with job seekers and examples of CX improvement for free ……………………………………………………………………………………………
HeaR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Ogami, hereinafter referred to as “HeaR”) supporting the improvement of “CX = Candidate Experience” is selected after the job seeker recognizes the company. 108 touch points to finish and examples to improve CX were released.
For more information: https://blog.hear.co.jp/n/n793e88e1e398 [Image 1

Release overview
Why you need Candidate Experience
Overview of Candidate Experience (touch points)
How to improve Candidate Experience
Efforts to improve HeaR’s Candidate Experience
[1] Why you need Candidate Experience
CX refers to a series of process experiences starting from where the job seeker recognizes the company, before and after application, selection, and joining. The concept of CX is to deliver a good experience to all candidates who meet in the selection activities. In the future Japan, it will become more difficult to secure human resources due to the decline in the working population, and the liquidity of human resources will increase further due to the collapse of the lifetime employment system. Even large companies that have not had a hard time acquiring human resources until now have started various activities to join the company. As your company continues to be chosen, the importance of activities to help your company change jobs is increasing.
[2] Overall image of Candidate Experience (touch points)
Actually, I found out the touch points with job seekers in HeaR, and there were a total of 108.
The touch points are classified into the following five phases. 0.Company preparation
1. Cognition
3. Selection
4.Contract / join
Phase 0. Company preparation
The purpose of recruiting people is “to grow the business”. Before starting recruitment activities, what kind of business your company is developing, what kind of KGI / KPI you need to develop, and the skills and minds to achieve those indicators need to be disassembled There is.
Phase 1. Cognition
The goal of the cognitive phase is to have a positive impression on your company. Regardless of the willingness to change jobs, the target is those who have the skills and mind they want. By knowing your company from when you have no willingness to change jobs, you will be more likely to be a candidate for starting a job change.
Phase 2. Application
Job seekers may have been selected by multiple companies. If the response from the application is slow or the communication is not sincere, the job seeker will decline. Grab the trust of job seekers with the intent of being honest.
Phase 3. Selection
This is an important phase that increases motivation to join the company. By providing a consistent online and offline recruitment experience, job seekers can proceed with the selection with peace of mind. Let’s convey not only your company’s appeal but also its challenges.
Phase 4
Even after giving a job offer, you should not be alarmed. Your company is not the only company that has made a job offer. Follow-up and care after a job offer is indispensable in order to get a job approval. Let’s make contact points continuously through interviews and internal events.
108 items can be downloaded here.
108 items download URL: https://form.run/@hear-82
[3] How to improve Candidate Experience
HeaR also identified all the touch points with job seekers and looked back on points that could be improved one by one. However, it is difficult to tackle more than 100 items at once.
[Image 2

Therefore, priority was set. We recommend that you improve from the touch points where job seekers are more likely to join the company. [4] Efforts to improve HeaR’s Candidate Experience
Job seekers tend to be “anxious” and “untrusted” the more they feel they are late. There are also opinions that “I think companies that respond lately are irresponsible companies” and “I don’t want to work in a company / workplace where I can’t get in touch during the day”, and I contacted applicants quickly and successfully conducted interviews and hiring It is a point to let you.

HeaR will send you recruitment pitch materials 3 days before the interview. Job seekers have a rough understanding of the company in advance and do not need to introduce the company again. During the interview, you can start with a discussion about the deeper part of the company, starting with a question-and-answer session about recruitment pitch materials sent in advance. As a result, you can deeply understand the job seeker and improve the accuracy of the selection results.

HeaR conducts interviews with members and evaluates each other. Detailed feedback on how to speak, behave, and answer. We also share a collection of questions received from job seekers within the company and strive to unify and improve quality so that everyone can answer the same questions.

I’m happy about the offer. I wanted to provide more added value in the part of the notification.
Therefore, HeaR is surprised to “take out cake” at the touch point of “notice notification”.
Candidate Experience that makes you think “It was good to meet this company” To put the Candidate Experience into practice, you must not just make your company look attractive.
In addition to appearance, it is necessary to hone insights such as programs that can embody corporate values ​​and information that is truly openly communicated.
Please refer to the Candidate Experience touchpoint document if you want to improve CX.
Company Profile
Our company provides recruitment support.
“I want to recruit, but I do n’t have enough resources.”
“I want to improve CX, but I do n’t have the know-how and I ’m in trouble.” If you are interested, please contact us!
■ Service offer list
・ Improvement / proposal for CX improvement
・ Creation of recruitment pitch materials
・ Adopted content production
・ Recruitment media operation (preparation of job postings, sending of scout mail, etc.)
・ Agent support
・ Various support depending on recruitment issues
Company name: HeaR Co., Ltd.
Representative: Satoshi Ogami, CEO
Location: 1-32-2-3F Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Contact: info@hear.co.jp

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