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Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd. Central Japan International Airport Centrair G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers Meeting strengthened security

Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd.
Strengthened security following the Chubu Centrair International Airport G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers Meeting
From November 21 (Thursday) to 24 (Sunday), enforcement of airport security and regulations on roads around airports
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At Chubu Centrair International Airport (“Centrair”), the G20 Aichi / Nagoya Foreign Ministers Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the “G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting”) will be held in Nagoya City on November 22 (Friday) and 23 (Saturday). In line with the implementation, the security system has been gradually strengthened at various locations within Chubu International Airport.
From November 21 (Thursday) to 24 (Sunday), including the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, it may take time to enter the terminal due to restrictions on roads around the airport, baggage inspection at the time of entry, and identity verification. There is sex. Centrair is asking airport users during the period to come to the airport with plenty of time as well as using public transport.
?? G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers Meeting Warning and Traffic Regulations (Centrair Official Website)
Passenger terminal building inspection
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In order to strengthen the security guards in the airport, we will conduct inspections for all persons entering Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. In addition, as security inspections are strengthened, the security inspection area is expected to become more crowded than usual. (1) Period:
From November 21 (Thu) to 24 (Sun) * 24 hours
(2) Inspection location:
1.In front of the access passage to Access Plaza Terminal 1
2. Terminal 1 1st floor Welcome Garden entrance
3. Terminal 2 2nd floor departure lobby entrance and 1st floor arrival lobby entrance
(3) Inspection contents:
Identification by baggage inspection and boarding pass or ID Prohibition of use of coin lockers
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From November 20th (Wednesday) to November 24th (Sunday), the use of approximately 400 coin lockers at 10 locations in the airport will be suspended.
(1) Period:
From November 20 (Wednesday) to 24 (Sunday)
(2) Location:
Terminal 1, Terminal 2, FLIGHT OF DREAMS, Access Plaza coin locker (3) Contents:
Coin lockers are not available during the period. Baggage that was stored in the locker on November 20 is stored in the baggage storage area on the 2nd floor of Terminal 1.
?? Baggage temporary storage
Sky deck access restrictions
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Under the guidance of the relevant authorities, the 4th floor observation deck “Sky Deck” of Terminal 1 may be temporarily closed. (1) Period:
From November 21 (Thu) to 24 (Sun)
(2) Location:
Terminal 1 4th floor observation deck “Sky Deck”
(3) Contents:
Temporarily close all doorways. The closing time will not be announced because it varies depending on the situation of the day. Please note. Traffic control and inspection by Aichi Prefectural Police
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Due to the G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, traffic congestion will occur between November 21 (Thursday) and November 24 (Sunday), including before and after the meeting, due to large-scale traffic regulations mainly in Nagoya city. Is expected.
During the period, we ask for your cooperation in mitigating traffic congestion, such as self-restraint of using your own car and adjusting the operation of commercial vehicles.
In addition, during the period, airport express buses departing and arriving at Centrair are expected to be unable to secure regular bus schedules due to traffic restrictions on the expressway and
surrounding roads. Depending on the service route, there may be some suspension or schedule changes.
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Restrictions on use / carry-down of unmanned aerial vehicles (drone, radio controlled aircraft, etc.)
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In line with the G20 Foreign Ministers ‘Meeting, the “G20 Aichi-Nagoya Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on the prohibition of the flight of small drones” (Aichi Prefectural Ordinance No. 42, hereinafter referred to as “the Ordinance”) it was done.
As a result, it is prohibited to fly unmanned aircraft (drones, radio controlled aircraft, etc.) in Centrair and its surrounding areas of approximately 1,000 meters from November 10 (Sunday) to November 24 (Sunday).
Please note that if you fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in the relevant area without permission during the target period, penalties will be imposed according to relevant laws and regulations.
Please note that the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles around airports is regulated by the Aviation Law outside the above period. ?? Aichi Prefectural Police website
(https://www.pref.aichi.jp/police/anzen/samitai/g20/drone.html) Strengthen maritime guards
The 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters will strengthen maritime security in the waters around Centrair. During the period, there is a self-contained sea area around the airport, and there are restrictions on sailing and anchoring within the sea area.
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