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  • Avex Corporation Held an art fair event “GRADATION Daikanyama” at the site of “TENOHA DAIKANYAMA”! Les lie Key’s “VOGUE Taiwan” unreleased cut for 20 years is the world’s first exhibition

Avex Corporation Held an art fair event “GRADATION Daikanyama” at the site of “TENOHA DAIKANYAMA”! Les lie Key’s “VOGUE Taiwan” unreleased cut for 20 years is the world’s first exhibition

Avex Corporation
An art fair event “GRADATION Daikanyama” will be held at the site of “TENOHA DAIKANYAMA”! Leslie Key’s “VOGUE Taiwan” unreleased cuts for 20 years are on display for the first time in the world
Avex Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsumi Kuroiwa, AEI) is located at the site of “TENOHA DAIKANYAMA”, a commercial and business complex closed on the end of October 2019 , The art fair event “GRADATION Daikanyama (reading: Gradient
Daikanyama)” will be held from November 22 (Friday) to December 15 (Sunday), 2019.

“GRADATION Daikanyama” is an art fair event with a new edition of cross-genre culture unique to Tokyo, such as food, design and fashion, with a focus on art and music. This is an event where you can not only understand the current state of art and music, but also see and feel it.
At the event, artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Daido Moriyama, MEGURU YAMAGUCHI, and YOSHIROTTEN will be exhibited. In addition, the cover work of “VOGUE Taiwan” which photographer Leslie Key took for 20 years will be exhibited together. For the first time in the world, we will display photos of not only Japan’s leading stars but also the world’s leading models and actors.
The Art Music Lounge will be open from 14:00 to 23:00 during the event period. DJ lounge music listened to by HIFI audio can be enjoyed in a space surrounded by art, and live, DJ events and night events by organizer players who create various cultures leading Tokyo will also be held. Pop-up stores such as SUNTORY, Tatras, and glo are also open, and while enjoying entertainment such as music, you can purchase numerous artworks, and it is an event where you can experience new excitement.
◆ Participating artists * You can purchase works
Takeshi Amano, Nobuyoshi Araki, Andy Warhol, Masanobu Ando, ​​ICHASU (Ichas), Ellsworth Kelly, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Kensaku Enomoto, Akira Kitajima, Kinriari, Plex, Jean Dubuffet, Joan Mitchell, si oux, Zoe Huiwen Shi, Satoshi Tadokoro, Damien Hirst, TURBOSONIC, NEORT, Yumeyoshoten, NOMA, PMKen, Byon Dahlem, FAFI, Shuichi Maiyama, MABO, MAROUSA, Takaaki Murase, Daido Moriyama, Yura Mori, UTOPIE (KOSUKE KAWAMURA x YOSHIROTTEN), YUMIKO KAMATA, Ryan Chan, Ricritt Tirabanya, Leslie Key, Satoshi Wakita, Waku (in alphabetical order)
◆ About Art Music Lounge
Permanently created a single-point speaker by collaboration between the popular audio magazine “Monthly stereo” and the furniture studio “Acrouge Furniture” in Tokyo Kagurazaka. On the turntable, Technics “SL-1500C”, which was released in June this year, has brought good audio files to its ears due to its cost performance and sound quality. “Nippon Seiki Jewelery Industry (JICO)” has a lineup of 2200 types of record needles and continues to produce by hand. And it sounds like “Sun Valley”, one of the most famous tube amplifier manufacturers in Japan and many celebrity enthusiasts. Long-established Oyaide Electric Co., Ltd., which has been in business for 67 years, provides full support for the cables. With the music BAR at the forefront, the arrival of the second audio boom has been whispering, and you can experience the tasty good sound woven by vintage homemade speakers, handmade record needles, vacuum tube amplifiers, and audio cables. About glo Hall
A huge wooden speaker is installed from “NORM”, which is handled by “eastaudio SOUNDSYSTEM”, the sound crew that should be called the strongest in Japan. High-resolution PioneerDJ DJM-900NXS2 for the mixer, multiplayer CDJ2000NXS2 for DJ, and Technics “SL-1200MK7” that DJs from all over the world have been waiting for the turntable. “Nippon Seiki Jewelery Industry (JICO)”, which has a lineup for DJs on record needles and continues to produce one by one even now. The cable connecting them is supported by Oyaide Electric’s professional line “NEO”, centering on the cable “d +” specializing in DJs. Produce an ultra-high-quality sound space at a high volume.
The performers are as follows.
DJ NOBU, MOODMAN, GONNNO, YOSHINORI HAYASHI, Chris SSG, David Dicembre, Tsukasa Ito, Hiyoshi, Arisa, H. Takahashi, Celer, Hakobune, Sapphire Slows, Tentenko, DJ Soulscape (from Korea), OKAMOTOREIJI (OKAP FLAVIO, mouse on the keys, DJ Kuri (Black Forest), Satoshi Otsuki (Vis Rev Set), Chee Shimizu, Gai Sunya (yayhel), The SAMOS, jan and naomi, RHYME SO and more … (in order of appearance)
◆ Overview
[Holding schedule]
November 22 (Fri)-December 15 (Sun), 2019
* Wednesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
・ Wednesday-Saturday
OPEN 12:00 / CLOSE 23:00 (Admission is until 22:00) * Music events until 23:00 ·Sunday
OPEN 12:00 / CLOSE 21:00 (Admission is until 20:00) * There will be music events until 21:00
TENOHA Daikanyama 20-23 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034 3 minutes walk from the main exit of Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line 【Admission fee】
Adult ¥ 3000 (cash price)
Adult ¥ 2100 (Web ticket price)
University / High School Student 1000 yen (student ID)
* Admission free for junior high school students and younger * Tickets include tax
【Official site】
* Please check the official website for details on participating artists and pop-up stores.
Organizer: Tokyu Land Corporation
Special cooperation: Tokyu Corporation
Produced by avex entertainment inc.
Sponsor: SUNTORY, Spotify, glo, Tatras, TSSL / eastaudio / NORM Cooperation: General Incorporated Association Nighttime Economy Promotion Council, Gradient, RFA digital brains, General Incorporated Association Japan
This Audio Association, Pioneer DJ, Technics, Monthly stereo, Aclosure Furniture, Inc.
Sun Valley, JICO Nippon Seiki Jewelery Co., Ltd., Oyaide Electric

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