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DOLK Popular doll makers appear in the doll “Gymnadium Students” series!

[DOLK] Popular doll makers appear in the doll “Gymnadium Students” series! Popular doll maker SWITCH’s best-selling doll “SOHWA” collaborates on the series “Gymnadium Student” concept. Orders start with a limited quantity.
Borderless Co., Ltd., which plans and sells “DOLK” dolls, will release “SOHEA Limited”, the latest work in the “Gymnadium Students” series on Friday, November 22, 2019.
◆ “Gymnadium Students” is a doll series based on the concept of beautiful students with the appeal and intelligence of popular makeup artist Micazuki.
[Image 1

◆ Doll maker SWITCH is a popular maker with beautiful sculpture with a unique sense of fluctuation.
SOHWA has become a particularly popular boy doll among manufacturers. An impressive feature that contrasts the sensual and plump lips with an adult gaze that feels the strength of the will,
The delicate and dangerous sensibility of a transitional boy is superbly sublimated.
[Image 2

◆ Makeup
As a member of “Gymnadium Boys” this time, Korean popular makeup artist “MICAZUKI” is in charge of makeup again.
Splendid eyebrows and eyes, delicate and soft lower eyelashes tell the pure boyhood.
All the lips, which are lightly colored and have a distinctive shape, are all gathered together in warm and soft colors, giving them a wonderful finish that even makes them feel the boy’s body temperature. [Image 3

◆ Gymnadium students correlation diagram
Four classmates and one senior first appeared at the 2018 doll event “ DollismPlus Tokyo 2018 ”, and in this winter, one fascinating homeroom teacher appeared as early as this series has a delicate world view unique to SWITCH It is expressed with plenty.
[Image 4

This time, sales are limited. Limited to 20 units sold on a
first-come-first-served basis. SOHWA is a limited make-up with bright eyes that have a dream. Please enjoy the world view.
[Image 5

【Product information】
◆ Product Name: [DOLK × SWITCH] SOHWA Limited -Schulwechsler ver.-
◆ Product structure: Doll body (Assembled / Makeup)
◆ Sales price: 123,200 yen (tax included)
◆ Length: 65cm
DOLK / Borderless Co., Ltd.
◆ Special site: http://dolk.jp/pages/special1618.php

For more information about this release(Japanese):



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