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  • [Star Channel Inc.] BS10 Star Channel “More movies.” Free movie broadcast Every Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to June Broadcast works, lineup announced!

[Star Channel Inc.] BS10 Star Channel “More movies.” Free movie broadcast Every Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to June Broadcast works, lineup announced!

Star Channel Inc. BS10 Star channel “More movies.” Free movie broadcast Every Saturday & Sunday from 9am-June broadcast works announced! ………………………………………………………………………………………… New films such as the movie “Paddington 2”, “Patterson” and “A cat named Happily Happy” are uncut and delivered in no-CM! (Details: www.star-ch.jp/feature/detail.php?special_id=304) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-121950-6.jpg] “Patterson” “BS10 Star Channel”, a specialized movie service, is available every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00, so that everyone can watch the best movie films that Star Channel recommends to movie fans on the “BS-10” channel. We are delivering by “free broadcast”! In June, from the feature broadcast “Nouvelle Vague for movie enthusiasts” on the BS10 Star Channel, the リ ュ Jin Luck Godard ’s debut movie “No Forever”, which is said to be the first year of “Nouvelle Vague”, A special feature to be sent to commemorate the BS10 star channel “exclusive first broadcast” of the topic overseas drama “Warrior” by visualizing the original draft of the vision by the late Bruce Lee “Dr. “And,” “Audrey’s 90th Anniversary Special Project Audrey” to “Roman’s Holiday” etc. If you look at the “more enjoyable movie” attractive work full of “movies more enjoyable! Please do not miss it!
■ 6/1 (Sat) “Shyness” [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-347608-0.jpg] (C) 1960 STUDIOCANAL-Societe Nouvelle de Cinematographie-Tous Droits Reseves Related feature: Nouvelle Vague introduction for movie fans (www.star-ch.jp/feature/detail.php?special_id=20190605)
■ 6/2 (Sun) “Massy of Sicily” [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-423453-1.jpg] (C) 2015 FRENESY FILM COMPANY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
■ 6/8 (Sat) “Dragon crisis one shot” [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-118072-2.jpg] (C) 2010 Fortune Star Media Limited. All Rights Reserved. Related feature: Overseas drama “Worrier” exclusive Japan’s first broadcast commemoration our Bruce Lee (www.star-ch.jp/feature/detail.php? Special_id = 20190604)
■ 6/9 (Sun) “Roman Holiday” [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-826923-3.jpg] Related feature: Audrey’s 90th anniversary special program Beautiful Audrey (www.star-ch.jp/audrey/)
■ 6/15 (Sat) “Bob cat’s high touch of happiness” [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-492797-4.jpg] (C) 2016 STREET CAT FILM DISTRIBUTION LIMITED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
■ 6/16 (Sun) “Machete Kills” [Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-249296-5.jpg] (C) 2012 Vrelonovama LTD
■ 6/22 (Sat) “Patterson” [Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-121950-6.jpg] (C) 2016 Inkjet Inc. All Rights Reserved.
■ 6/23 (Sun) “Getaway Super Snake” [Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-675935-7.jpg] (C) 2013 ADF Acquisitions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. “Supersnake (R)” is a registered trademark of Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. and is used with permission
■ Saturday, June 29 Paddington [Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-703679-8.jpg] (C) 2014 STUDIOCANAL S.A. TF1 FILMS PRODUCTION S.A.S Paddington Bear (TM), Paddington (TM) AND PB (TM) are trademarks of Paddington and Company Limited www.paddington.com
■ 6/30 (Sun) Paddington 2 [Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/8010/420/resize/d8010-420-486773-9.jpg] (C) 2017 STUDIOCANAL S.A.S All Rights Reserved. ============= BS10 Star Channel “More movies. Free movie broadcast” (all 10 works) ============= 【STAR1 subtitle version】 Free broadcast Every Saturday & Sunday 9: 00 ~ URL: www.star-ch.jp/feature/detail.php?special_id=304 ============= About the Star Channel “Movie Entertainment Service” for everyone who loves movies. “BS10 Star Channel” offers a variety of viewing methods such as on-demand service and Internet TV, in addition to the TV broadcast of BS high-definition 3 channels. From the latest film of the first TV broadcast, to the mega hit and the timeless masterpieces, the popular overseas drama, it is being broadcast with a substantial lineup. In addition, free movie broadcasts are being carried out popularly from 9 o’clock every Saturday and Sunday. A new distribution service “Star Channel EX” that can be enjoyed more easily starts, and is getting closer and closer! More movies for all movie fans. www.star-ch.jp/

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