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  • 【Ito En Co., Ltd.】 Experience the world view of “Oh tea new green” at Hibiya Park full of greens “Oh green tea new green” and picnic sets of special sandwiches are very popular!

【Ito En Co., Ltd.】 Experience the world view of “Oh tea new green” at Hibiya Park full of greens “Oh green tea new green” and picnic sets of special sandwiches are very popular!

Ito En Co., Ltd. Experience the world view of “Oi Ocha Shinshoku” at Hibiya Park, which is full of greens. “Oi Ocha Shinshoku” and picnic sets with special sandwiches are very popular! About 100 people participate in “fresh green and breathing work”, and both mind and body comfortably reset! ………………………………………………………………………………………… ITO EN Co., Ltd. (President: Daisuke Honjo, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) proposes “Drink, Deep-breathing.” As a place to experience the “Oi Ocha Shin Green” brand experience, O Ocha “New Green Picnic Stand” , On June 1 (Sat), 2019, at the Hibiya Music Festival site. “Oh tea green tea green tea” is a new green tea beverage for people who want to change their feelings and send a comfortable daily life with the concept of “drinking, deep breathing.” This time, Ito En thought of a project to realize the green concept and provide a place where mind and body can be reset. At the venue, “BUY ME STAND”, created by creator Kamichi Yamamoto, who continues to produce various cultures such as fashion and food, and “SOLA,” owned by Mr. Keisuke Yamamoto, a brother of Kaito For the first time, PIZZA joined hands to provide a limited special sandwich on the theme of mariage with “Oi Ocha Shinshoku”. In addition, many appeared in the media, also known as “Renewable Work, Breath Work” produced by Prof. Atsushi Morita and Prof. Aiko, who are well-known for breathing control, and those who have trained in a breath maneuver instructor who studied under Prof. Atsushi Morita. We gave a lecture on a comfortable breathing method that gives peace of mind. Oocha “Shin-Green Picnic Stand” is open until June 2 (Sun). ※ But “new green, breathing work” is only 6/1 (soil) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/34365/22/resize/d34365-22-380288-6.jpg]
■ Natural green breathing work that allows you to breathe naturally and comfortably [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/34365/22/resize/d34365-22-213245-2.jpg] The main theme of this project, “New Green and Respiratory Work,” was produced by Dr. Atsushi Morita and Aiko Morita, who are respirators. The concept “Oi Ocha Shin-Green”, which is the concept of “drinking and deep breathing.” And the desire to give comfort by Dr. Morita’s comfortable breathing, has coincided with this workshop. In the five workshops, about 100 people from children to adults participated, and they had a pleasant breathing experience while relaxing in the green park. A woman who came from Gunma Prefecture joined with a 10-year-old child and said, “It was good that I could breathe naturally and naturally while surrounded by greenery. I was satisfied with the smile.
■ We sell special sandwich which can enjoy mariage with “Oi tea fresh green” Popular sandwich “BUY ME” of sandwich shop “BUY ME STAND” of the pioneer existence of grilled cheese sandwich is an original menu which arranged Vietnamese bain me. Usually it is a bain me who makes sandwiches with baguettes, but this time, in collaboration with the truck’s pizzeria “SOLA PIZZA”, it was wrapped in a deliciously delicious pizza dough using raw yeast. The deliciously baked mochi’s pizza dough, which has been baked at once in high-temperature sarcophagus, and a specially-made rice cake, nanasu, lime, pakuchi, etc., match exquisitely and become a wonderful taste. As we sold special price 600 yen with set with “Oi tea new green” and rented a picnic sheet, under the blue sky blessed with fine weather, couples and families with children enjoy having a picnic feeling It was seen that A man who had come with a friend said, “Because it was a refreshing taste, I was able to eat it perfectly and deliciously in a hot time like today.”
● “BUY ME STAND” A sandwich stand created by the brand director of SON OF THE CHEESE (Sanova cheese) by Umi Yamamoto. A sandwich shop not only in Shibuya but with shops in Motomachi, Fukuoka and Korea.
● “SOLA PIZZA” Sticking to authentic Neapolitan pizza ingredients, flour, tomato sauce and cheese are all imported from Italy. The dome-shaped stone pots made to order reach 500 degrees, and one pizza is baked at once in about 90 seconds. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/34365/22/resize/d34365-22-629492-3.jpg] [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/34365/22/resize/d34365-22-394549-4.jpg]
■ “Oi tea new green” summary [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/34365/22/resize/d34365-22-917983-5.jpg] “Oh tea green tea” is “drinking, deep breathing” concept. It is a new green tea beverage launched in May 2018 from the tea-based beverage No. 1 brand “Oi Ocha” for those who want to change their feelings well and send a comfortable daily life with a refreshing taste. Using 100% of the first tea, using some frozen tea leaves, I extracted a clear sweetness by low temperature extraction. The “fresh green”, which was created with the technology unique to Itoen, enjoys a refreshing taste as if you are breathing deeply in fresh green.
■ Product Name: Ooai tea Fresh green
■ Product name: Green tea (soft drink)
■ Packing size: 24 × 470ml plastic bottle
■ Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 140 yen
■ JAN code: 4901085607084
■ Best before date (unopened): 6 months
■ Sales area: whole country

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