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  • News Release Notice Analyzing the needs of Chinese consumers for Japanese brand products from Trend Express an d SNS data (reviews)! Chinese consumer “Bought” Japan Product Ranking 2019 announced!

News Release Notice Analyzing the needs of Chinese consumers for Japanese brand products from Trend Express an d SNS data (reviews)! Chinese consumer “Bought” Japan Product Ranking 2019 announced!

Trend Express Co., Ltd.
Analyzing Chinese consumers’ needs for Japanese brand products from Trend Express and SNS data (review)! Chinese consumer “Bought” Japan Product Ranking 2019 announced!

・ The product most frequently reviewed as “ bought ” is “ Pigeon Medicated Lotion (Momomono) ”
・ The largest number of reviews is related to “Cosmetics / Beauty”. “Fashion” also grew due to popularity of functional innerwear ・ While the number of reviews has increased, the number of Japanese products that have been reviewed has decreased.
Trend Media Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO, Tomonari Kanno, hereinafter referred to as Trend Express) is a web media that provides analysis tools for Chinese consumer trend information and SNS data (reviews). “Express”
(https://cte.trendexpress.jp/blog/) is an aggregate of information on Japanese products posted as “Bought” on Chinese SNS such as “Weibo” in 2019. Announced “Chinese Consumer“ Bought ”Japan Product Ranking 2019” which was analyzed and compiled into rankings by product name and product category.
* Click here for the PDF version of the press release:
1. The total number of “Bought” reviews increased by 39% from the previous year to approximately 10.19 million (an increase of more than 2.5 million from the previous year)
The total number of reviews that “bought” Japanese products were posted on Chinese SNS in 2019 was 1,0191,624. More than 2.5 million cases from the previous year’s 7.347,227 cases. On November 11th of this year, “Single Day (Double Eleven),” sales of Japanese products were ranked first in the country, but it can be seen that there is still a strong interest in Japanese products.
2. The total number of “Bought” reviews has increased, while the number of Japanese products appearing in reviews has decreased. Reviews may be concentrated on popular or topical products
The total number of Japanese items posted on Chinese SNS in 2019 was 486 items (approximately 96% of the previous year). The result was 543 items in 2017, 504 items in 2018, and a further decrease this year. There is a wealth of information on Japanese products on the Chinese WEB and SNS, and it is possible that reviews are concentrated on what was recognized by consumers and what became a hot topic.
[Image 1

3. “Cosmetics / Beauty” was the top “Bought” reviews, by product category, and “Fashion”, “Food” and “Cosmetics / Beauty” increased significantly in terms of the number of reviews.
The total number of reviews posted as “Bought” by product category was “Cosmetics / Beauty” in the top, and the growth rate compared to the previous year. “Fashion” was the top at 50% compared to the previous year. “Food” was 42%, followed by “Cosmetics / Beauty” with 41%. As for “fashion”, the popularity of functional fashion popular in Japan, especially in stockings and tights functional inner products, grew. [Image 2

4). “Buy” reviews ranking first place was “Pigeon Medicinal Lotion” following last year. Shiseido “TSUBAKI” ranked 5th
The Japanese product that was most frequently reviewed this year was “Pigeon Medicinal Lotion” following last year. Next, 2nd place was “Stomatitis Patch Taisho A” (Taisho Pharmaceutical), 3rd place was “Ryukakusan Throat Refresh” (Ryukakusan), 4th place was “Suntory Single Malt Whiskey Yamazaki” (Beam Suntory) Last year’s top team appeared with a slightly different order. On the other hand, Shiseido “TSUBAKI” was ranked 5th. This was a result of the growing needs of Chinese consumers for “hair care”.
[Image 3

[Review] Satoshi Morishita, Editor-in-Chief of “China Trend Express” Continuing from last year, the number of reviews related to Japanese products has been on the rise, indicating that Chinese consumers are still interested in Japanese products. Looking at the word-of-mouth rankings of “Bought” products, it seems that practicality-oriented products occupy the top. On the other hand, looking at the number of reviews, the number has been declining, contrary to the increasing trend in the number of reviews. Even by product category, the overall trend was downward, with no bias toward specific categories. As a possible background, the era of selling because it is made in Japan is over, and in the information that Chinese consumers touch in daily living activities such as SNS and offline advertising, it is a Japanese brand that has increased its popularity and topicality It is the trend that popularity gathers. Naturally, competition with overseas brands, such as competition with European and American brands and Chinese brands, and the rise of high-quality Chinese brands has intensified, and the market has been centered on provincial provinces from leading cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Is a city
It spreads to two- and three-line cities.
In the future, it will be necessary to examine and practice
communication methods rooted in Chinese consumers more than ever. Even if you say “Chinese consumers”, the tastes vary depending on the region and age, so in addition to SNS analysis, it is recommended that you actually visit the site and conduct market research analysis. . [Survey Overview]
Aggregation period: January 2 to October 29, 2019, January 3 to October 30, 2018, January 4 to October 31, 2017
Survey target: Word-of-mouth data posted on Weibo, BBS, and Blog Survey item: From the content of posted texts that touched on Japanese products, we extracted posts that stated that they bought the product.
When quoting or reprinting this release, be sure to specify “China Trend Express Survey” or “Trend Express Survey”.
[Trend Express Company Profile]
Trend Express conducts promotions based on consumer insights (latent needs) analyzed from social big data (reviews), cross-border EC support projects, and web media management. As a general rule, by conducting word-of-mouth analysis before and after the measures we provide, we are able to operate the PDCA cycle of marketing that is not limited to a temporary scenario.
Trend Express HP https://www.trendexpress.jp/
Location: Fujimi Duplex Biz 5th Floor, 1-13-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and President: Tomonari Kanno
Business description:
(1) Market research and analysis using social big data from around the world ・ Demand forecast for inbound consumption
・ Insight analysis of overseas consumers
・ Company brand survey / competition survey
・ Marketing strategy development analysis
(2) PR and promotion based on social big data analysis
(3) Marketing media for China Editing and publishing “China Trend Express” (https://cte.trendexpress.jp/blog/)
(4) Cross-border EC support (sales, CS support, logistics, promotion, “cross-border EC X (cross)” management)
[Main history]
October 2019 Raised ¥ 700 million in Series B round with Japan Post Capital as lead investor
July 2019 Partnership with a retail brand “SN’SUKI” operating in Changsha, China May 2019 Social buyer sales activity support app “ World X ” announced February 2019 Announcement of “ Trend MOVIE, ” a service that creates video content for Chinese consumers and spreads on SNS November 2018 First social buyer EXPO, a large-scale business meeting event between social buyers and Japanese companies
April 2018 Announced “cross-border EC X (Cross)” in partnership with Chinese social commerce company “Wai Dien”
November 2017 Draper Nexus Venture Partners II, LLC (San Mateo, Calif.) And other two companies allotted ¥ 180 million in third-party allotment
February 2017 Announcement of “Trend PR”, a promotional service that uses word-of-mouth analysis on SNS in China
January 2017 Split off from Hotlink Co., Ltd.
November 2015 Launched as a new business of Hotlink Inc. (TSE Mothers 3680)

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