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【Daijob.com】 Human Global Talent 【Daijob.com Survey on Working with Foreigners】 90% of the respondents said, “Working together to improve language skills”

Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. Human Global Talent 【Daijob.com Survey on Working with Foreigners】 90% of the respondents said, “Working together to improve language skills” -Deepening understanding of different cultures, awareness of new values, etc.- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Yuji Kuwahara, “Company”), which is a business subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd., develops a job / job information site Daijob.com for bilinguals. A questionnaire survey on working with foreigners was conducted for Japanese business people who are currently working with foreigners. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-965181-0.jpg]
◆ Introduction It has been about two months since the creation of the new status of residence “specific skills”, and there will be more and more opportunities to work with foreigners in Japan. Therefore, in order to find out what Japanese people should do in order to work with foreigners, we have a questionnaire survey on working with foreigners for over 300 Japanese who are currently working with foreigners. I did.
◆ Survey outline Survey period: May 17, 2019-May 21, 2019 (Tuesday) Survey target conditions: Japanese nationals who are currently working with foreigners The number of effective answers: 311 people Survey method: Internet survey through “Daijob.com” Survey subject: Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. ※ Due to rounding, the total breakdown of each graph may not be 100%.
◆ Survey results
■ The best thing about working with foreigners is that cross-cultural understanding is the most common Looking at what it was good to work with foreigners, 30% said that “I got a better understanding of different cultures”, followed by “I improved my language skills” and “I noticed new values” at 29% each. It continued (= figure 1). Also, looking at the best job categories (top 3 items) working with foreigners by job category, the job type that answered that “deep understanding of different cultures” was “education / training / language related” It became 15.2% of (= figure 2). In addition, “The language skills improved” was the highest with “IT technology” at 15.6%, and “It noticed new values” was the result with “IT technology” and “Finance / Accounting” at 10.9% respectively. Yes. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-370583-1.jpg] [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-457420-2.jpg]
■ The largest percentage of people who worked with foreigners and felt that they had a problem was that they had different values. Looking at what I felt as a problem working with foreigners, 46% had the most “differences in values”, and below 20% had “no nuances were transmitted” “communications It did not do well “continued with 14% and so on (= figure 3). [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-260742-3.jpg]
■ The proportion of respondents saying “the values ​​are different”, the largest job type is “education / training / language related” Looking at the types of jobs that you worked with with foreigners (the top three items), the type that answered that “Nuance did not get passed” was the highest for “IT Technology,” “Financial / Accounting “, Each rose to 12.8% (= Figure 4). The following is “I can not communicate well”, “IT technology” is 21.4%, “Education / training / language” is 12.0% in “value was different”. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-986917-4.jpg]
■ 90% of students who worked with foreigners improved their language skills The percentage of those who answered that working with foreigners contributed to language improvement rose to 90%. It can be seen that working with foreigners is effective in improving your language skills.
● Fig. 5 Whether working with a foreigner improved language skills (n = 198) [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/10881/110/resize/d10881-110-364459-7.jpg]
◆ The reason for improving your language skills is “must be necessary” I asked in a free-form statement about the reason why I improved my language skills, but “Because I can not work if I can not speak”, “Because it will be faster if I interact in the language of the other party”, “For better communication”, etc. The voices pointed out that they were in need and in terms of efficiency at work. On the other hand, as to the reason why language proficiency did not improve, “because the other party could speak Japanese”, “to stay in a limited conversation”, “because there was a trend to ask an interpreter for a difficult thing”, etc. The
◆ A misunderstanding episode from foreigners, “Daily sushi, Sukiyaki” In addition, I asked in a free-form statement about episodes that I felt misunderstood by foreigners, saying, “Japanese have a preconception to work well”, and “It seems to resist overtime work”, etc. There were many answers on “diligence”. In addition, from the strength of the impression of Japanese culture or “the Japanese seem to be familiar with the animation”, and sushi and sashimi, which are generally considered high-class food, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu “at home on a daily basis There is also an answer that it is believed to be eating.
◆ The important thing in working together is “mutual understanding” When I asked about the important things in working with foreigners in a free-hand manner, many answers were given that “respect the differences between cultures” and “understand foreign cultures and ways of thinking”. The The other answer was “don’t treat” foreigners “. In connection with this, in the “Working Questionnaire Survey on Foreigners in Japan” published by the Company on April 26, 2019, the respondents cited that “For foreigners as well, we want Japanese companies not to be treated as foreigners”. Although it is important to be aware of the other party when working with foreigners, it is clear that it is necessary to balance them.
◆ We receive questionnaire findings It turned out that there are many good things and tasks for working with foreigners. Among them, the voice of “the difference in the sense of values” as a problem was particularly large at 46%, which indicates that mutual understanding is important when Japanese and foreigners work together. With the philosophy of “optimizing positions for people who want to be active globally,” we will continue to provide useful information to companies and personnel who are active globally. Details can be downloaded from here. : hrclub.daijob.com/en/report/4184/
■ Company Profile
■ Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.
● Representative: Representative Director Yuji Kuwahara
● Location: Akasaka 1-Chome 7-No. 1 Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Osaka Building 5F
● Business description: Bilingual specialized job / advertisement job in job and job change, staffing business, event business
● Capital: 10 million yen
● Homepage URL: corp.daijob.com
● Administration site: www.daijob.com
■ Business inquiries
■ Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. Sales Planning Division Fukuchi Tel: 03-6682-5443 Fax: 03-6682-5485 Email: info@daijob.com
■ Inquiries about this matter
■ Human Group spokesman Tel: 03-6846-8002 Fax: 03-6846-1220 Email: kouhou@athuman.com

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