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【Stock Mark】 Tokyo University Venture for Natural Language Processing Technology Research Stock Mark Inc. Open Innovation Event Launches AI SaaS for Companies at Open Innovation Fes

Stock mark The University of Tokyo venture for natural language processing technology research Stockmark Inc. Open innovation event Launches AI SaaS for companies at Open Innovation Fes ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo University’s stockmark corporation with advanced natural language processing technology and expertise (stockmark.ai/ Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mr. Hayashi, “Stock Mark”) will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya from June 4 to 5 at “Open Innovation Fes The company will take part in the “Startup Pitch” and exhibit booths as the seven startups that are currently attracting attention. As a leading company in natural language processing technology, we will introduce three AI SaaS that can be used in organizational information sharing, sales operations, and business strategy formulation in the age of digital transformation.
▼ Open Innovation Fes Overview A festival of Japanese-style open innovation that allows discussion with large companies and start-ups from face to face, exploring the possibilities of open innovation. A session was organized on the theme of “Corporate Strategy x Open Innovation”, “Social Issues x Open Innovation”, “Business Revitalization x Open Innovation”, etc., and the theme of “the world accelerated by Open Innovation” and invited speakers. In addition to sessions that provide hints for daily open innovation activities, in addition to talk sessions and panel discussions at the main booth, you can meet with startups, small and large companies, and large corporations that are considering open innovation, and many other companies on the spot. In the matching booth, we held networking etc. while having a meal with 1000 people. Event site: eiicon.net/about/joif2019/ Date: June 4 (Tuesday)-June 5 (Wed), 2019 Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Location: 1-1-2, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
▼ JOIF STARTUP PITCH 2019 Overview June 5 (Fri) 15: 40- Outline: The decision maker of the operating company that has been named as a co-creation partner will be a judge and conduct discussions and co-creation judgments on the spot. Real co-creation pitch to create business seeds on the spot, with matching organizers supporting seven startups and “I’m interested!” Or “I want to assemble!”
▼ Stock Mark Booth Outline We collect and analyze a large amount of internal and external text data, and provide SaaS that can be used in business. In this event, we will introduce “Anews”, “Asales” and “Astrategy”, services that contribute to business efficiency and sales expansion, and can be used for organizational change. Contents of the exhibition Anews: A SaaS that delivers daily business news directly to AI teams and organizations. Not only that, as a communication tool to share information, it has been introduced in a wide range of industries such as business planning and new business divisions responsible for digital change as well as marketing, public relations, sales, etc. that catches the trend along with introduction results of more than 1,000 major companies You Astrategy: This is a service that performs macro environment analysis and industry analysis by extracting insights according to the needs of management measures using advanced text analysis technology when registering competitors and industry keywords etc. Asales: A SaaS that collects and analyzes internal data such as daily reports, business meeting notes, proposal materials, etc., and uses knowledge to strengthen the proposal ability of sales organizations, standardize skills, and visualize sales sites. Asales’s AI is solved for everyone who is troubled by having put a sales support system but has not come up with the expected effect.
▼ Stock Mark Co., Ltd. Company Profile [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/24407/16/resize/d24407-16-257976-0.png] Anews, a web news platform that streamlines information sharing and knowledge sharing for organizations based on cutting-edge natural language processing research, and Astrategy, which strongly supports strategic decision-making from large amounts of text data We provide sales strategy support service “Asales”. Company Name: Stock Mark Co., Ltd. Location: 1-12-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo LIFORK MINAMI AOYAMA S209 Established: November 15, 2016 Representative: Representative Director CEO Toru Hayashi

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