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Kodansha Co., Ltd. In 2020, the “Tokyo Mew Mew” project will start!

Kodansha Inc.
In 2020, the “Tokyo Mew Mew” project will start!
In 2020 … the BIG project will forgive the times!
The “Tokyo Mew Mew” project has started!
[Image 1

[Miu Miu Project 1.]
In the Nakayoshi January issue (released on November 30),
Miu Miu came back to Tokyo in 2020 as a “man”!
A very large project commemorating the 65th anniversary of Nakayoshi New series “Tokyo Mew Mew Ore! (Manga: Madoka Aotsuki draft: Kodansha) started! !
That “Tokyo Mew Mew” appeared as a “male version”!
Madoka Aotsuki of “Hot Love Prince” is in charge of drawing! The first time is a large volume of 62p cover and front color! A little disappointing handsome high school boy, Rin Shibuya, One day suddenly, Iriomote cat DNA was injected into the body, Transform into “Miu Miu” and rampage in Tokyo!
I didn’t want to be a hero … for all the creatures on Earth, This time we will serve! ! !
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

[Miu Miu Project Part 2.]
In the Nakayoshi February issue (released on December 28) & Nakayoshi March issue (released on February 3, 2020)
What! That legendary popular work is back (Heart)
“Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Ri-tan” before and after
Manga: Mia Sekai Scenario: Atsuko Yoshida Original: Kodansha * Penname changed from Mika Sekai
One day, Momomiya Ichigo was united with the gene of Iriomote Wildcat to fight against powerful enemies.
Too special before and after ☆ Check required ♪
[Image 7

[Miu Miu Project Part 3.]
In the Nakayoshi February issue (released December 28, 2019) “Tokyo Mew Mew” model blackboard tablet
A popular blackboard board that everyone has been waiting for will come! Canvas fabric is a little cute design!
Opening… It ’s like a tablet PC ☆
You can enjoy it as many times as you like.
Strawberry chalk pen
I can draw a lot ~ ♪ A messy drawing heart (heart)
Meatball blackboard eraser
It can be erased ♪ ~ Cute meatball (heart)
[Image 8

[Miu Miu Project Part 4.]
“Tokyo Mew Mew” has been released free of charge for all stories with the cartoon app “Palcy Palsy”
Kodansha and pixiv’s manga app “Palcy” for girls.
Odoroki’s “All story open” that allows you to read popular titles such as blockbuster and animated works for a limited time for free! Miracle blockbuster “Tokyo Mew Mew” is being released free of charge until 12/13!
Please read Ikki at this opportunity ☆
[Image 9

[Miu Miu Project, Part 5]
In response to the popularity of God!
“Tokyo Mew Mew” is the long-awaited anime distribution start! That Miracle blockbuster anime
You can always watch it ☆
Very two junior high school students, Ichigo Momomiya,
Due to the influence of an experiment involved during a date with Aoyama-kun, Iriomote Wildcat’s DNA has been incorporated …?
[Image 10

(C) Kodansha, TV Aichi / Tokyo Mew Mew Production Committee
★ Distribution media
d anime store
Bandai Channel
Continuous distribution on other media!
* Please check each media for detailed distribution schedule. [Miu Miu Project 6]
\ ☆ Ending soon! ☆ /
“Tokyo Mew Mew” 2nd DMM scratch, now on sale!
Don’t miss out on a product that uses a newly drawn illustration by Mia Sekai under the theme of “Alice in Wonderland” ☆
Sales start: November 01, 2019 (Friday) 11:00
Sales End: Monday, December 02, 2019 10:59
Price: 600 yen (excluding tax)
Delivery fee: Up to 20 sheets, 500 yen (excluding tax)
Estimated delivery: Around early February
[Image 11


The “Tokyo Mew Mew” project has just started running!
We will continue to announce more follow-up reports in Nakayoshi, so be sure to check it out ♪

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