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  • [Asmark Inc.] What is the image of visiting Chinese to Japan? … [China] Questionnaire survey on visiting Japan

[Asmark Inc.] What is the image of visiting Chinese to Japan? … [China] Questionnaire survey on visiting Japan

Asmark Corporation What is the image of visiting Chinese to Japan? … [China] Questionnaire survey on visiting Japan The experience rate of visiting Japan is the highest in their thirties, and the information gathering for shopping is overwhelmingly ‘net search’. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Asmark Co., Ltd. (formerly Marsh Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Tokyo), a marketing research company, is a 20 to 60-year-old man and woman in China (a person who has experienced or planned to visit Japan within the last year) Conducted a “Questionnaire Survey on Tourism in Japan” and published the results on May 31. ※ The survey date is April 23 (Tuesday)-May 6 (Mon) on 2019 【Investigation result】
■ Have you ever visited Japan before? If you have visited, please answer the latest visit time. (Select one) n = 726 Within 1 month 6.5% Within 3 months 13.9% Within half a year 15.8% Within 1 year 11.7% Within 2 years 5.8% Within 3 years 3.6% Before 3 years 5.4% Plan to do in the future (inexperienced) 20.9% There is no plan 16.4% [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/18991/41/resize/d18991-41-433366-4.gif] Most recent visit to Japan 訪 63% of experience in Japan as a whole. Men and women in their 20s and men in their 60s are likely to visit Japan in the future. By sex age, the percentage of experienced people in the 30s for men and women is as high as nearly 80%, greatly exceeding other ages.
■ What did you spend in Japan? (Multiple selections are allowed) n = 348 Nature and scenic spot sightseeing 88.5% Shopping 81.3% Eat Japanese food / Drink Japanese sake 80.7% Hot spring bathing 70.4% Japanese cultural experience 69.3% Theme park 62.1% Treatment, checkup 21.6% Sports (including watching) 17.0% Other 0.0% [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/18991/41/resize/d18991-4-525997-2.gif] What I did during my stay in Japan ⇒ Things that have been in Japan, “Nature · scenic spot sightseeing” “shopping” “Japanese food · sake” ranked high. “Treatment and health check-up” and “sports” were low overall, but were high in women in their 50s and 60s.
■ Where do you get shopping related information from? Please answer everything that gets information, and the ones that you will find most helpful. N = 283 Internet search 87.6% 60.8% of reviews by friends and acquaintances WeChat 56.5% Weibo 45.6% Travel agency brochure 42.8% Magazine, weekly magazine, guidebook 40.3% Small red book 31.1% Manufacturer’s and brand brochure 30.4% Newspapers 12.0% Other SNS 1.1% Other review sites 0.7% Other 0.0% Do not collect information Joho 0.4% Internet search 42.6% Review of Friends and Friends 19.5% Small red book 9.2% WeChat 8.9% Weibo 7.4% Magazine, weekly magazine, guidebook 6.4% Travel agency brochure 3.9% Manufacturer / Brand brochure 2.1% Newspaper 0.0% Other SNS 0.0% Other review sites 0.0% Other 0.0% Do not collect information 0.0% [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/18991/41/resize/d18991-41-190514-3.gif] Information gathering route of shopping ⇒ “Information search for Internet shopping” is by far the highest at 88%, followed by 61% of “friends / friends”. The top two items have a high percentage as the most informative. 【All findings are here】 www.asmarq.co.jp/mini_research/mr201905chn-visitjp.html ※ You can download the full report for free on the above page. 【investigation】 Basic attributes (sex, age, marital status, monthly income) ・ Visit to Japan ・ Visit and travel companions ・ Planned visit time (visitor scheduled person) ・ Expected degree to Japan ・ It was Japan ・ Japanese satisfaction ・ What you want to do in Japan (visitors) ・ Information gathering of shopping ・ Pre-decision of purchased products ・ Purchased item change reason ・ Image of Japanese products ・ Priority order of priority when staying in Japan ・ Percentage of actual payment ·Lifestyle · Values ·what I want 【Overview of the survey】 Name of survey: [China] Questionnaire survey on visiting Japan Survey target people: Chinese 20s to 60s males and females who have experienced or planned to visit Japan within the last year The number of effective answers: 500s Assignment: Gender, gender uniform Survey period: April 23 (Tuesday)-May 6 (Mon), 2019 Survey method: Internet survey Research organization: Asmark Co., Ltd. (formerly Marsh Co., Ltd.)

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