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  • 【ISA】 Aiming for tradition of traditional technology and succession of culture “Open climate kiln public demonstration experiment utilizing IoT and holding virtual experience event”

【ISA】 Aiming for tradition of traditional technology and succession of culture “Open climate kiln public demonstration experiment utilizing IoT and holding virtual experience event”

【ISA】 Aiming for tradition of traditional technology and succession of culture “Open climate kiln public demonstration experiment utilizing IoT and holding virtual experience event”
ISA Toward the tradition of traditional technology and succession of culture “Opening demonstration experiment of climbing furnace kiln using IoT and holding virtual experience event” “The tradition to connect to the future and the ring of IoT (Wa), the virtual experience of ceramics presented from Yamanashi” – The fusion of tradition and latest IoT – ………………………………………………………………………………… Press and Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masayuki Sakai, hereinafter referred to as Ceramic) and Masako Ikkiri Four groups of Higashi no Igorigama (Yamanashi Prefecture Fujikawa Town, Representative: Harada Ota, hereinafter referred to as Kiln Yuan) and East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Tokyo Shinjuku-ku, President: Fukuzo Inoue, hereinafter NTT East) For the purpose of inheriting the culture, we will conduct a public verification test of firing of climbing kiln using the latest IoT technology. The demonstration experiment widely recruits 50 works of participants who wish to firing in a traditional climbing kiln regardless of professional and amateur from all over the country (free of burning costs), anyone can experience climbing kiln firing anywhere , A new sense of ceramics virtual experience event “Tradition connecting to the future and ring of IoT” will be implemented. Three installations of on-site cameras, video distribution using optical lines and LPWA technology, temperature inside the kiln, outside air temperature etc. visualized on the cloud visualization processing, even those who can not participate directly in the burning PC and smartphones We provide a mechanism that enables you to experience a virtual experience with realism. In the future, by accumulating analysis of data accumulated through this demonstration experiment etc., we plan to challenge simplification of traditional technology transfer by converting know-how of climbing kiln formation into data. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/6131/28/resize/d6131-28-133008-0.jpg] Outline of demonstration experiment / event system 【Background and purpose of event holding】 “Ceramic art” which is traditional craft of Japan, “climbing kiln” for firing the pottery is one of the kilns that have been used for a long time in Japan, but special techniques (craftsman’s intuition, skilled skills, etc.), cost And time, the constraints of environmental conditions such as land and flue gas, etc., the number of kilns which burns year by year is decreasing. Decreasing opportunities for climbing kiln firing leads to value loss of pottery art works that can be tasted only by traditional techniques, coupled with problems of technology transfer and cultural succession. Together with Mr. Saori Ota of the kiln, who was sad about this situation, ISA, Ceramics and NTT East had more experiences of tradition and culture, more understanding of ceramics and increased number of participants, years of experience of craftsmen We are planning and holding the event “tradition connecting to the future and ring of IoT” aimed at challenging data of “know-how” by intuition and intuition. 【Event Summary】 At Golden Week from April 27th to May 4th, 2019, Yakinashi prefecture Masako Yamanashi Prefecture Kaoru Masako at the climbing kiln, through the PC or smartphone, everywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, the state of the fire climbing “climbing kiln” burning It is an event that a “virtual” experience is experienced. We are looking for 50 people who wish to bake in kiln in advance. Distribution starts from placing 50 sets of winning works selected in the lottery in “climbing kiln”. After that, we will visualize data and images such as appearance of firewood spending over 5 days, changing burning temperature, outside temperature etc. and live distribution. During the event period, we will publish the site for a limited time so that not only the pottery user, anyone can participate in the pottery virtual experience in the climbing kiln. Details will be announced at Ceramics No. 171 (released February 23), No. 172 (released on April 23 issue). 【Event held (climbing furnace firing) place】 Masako climbing kiln (representative Hirotaka Ota) Hirabayashi 2144-4 Fujikawa-machi, Minami-gama, Yamanashi-ken, 400-0514 【Event date and time】 · Kiln packing April 27 (Sat) – 30 (Tue) · Kiln firing April 30 (Tue) evening – May 4 (Saturday) · Kiln removal May 11 (Saturday) 10 o’clock ~ * It may change depending on circumstances. 【Recruitment of works】 As a celebration of the event, we will burn 50 works for free. Certain 171 (released February 23) and soliciting applicants on the ISA website, we will decide by lottery. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/6131/28/resize/d6131-28-845806-1.jpg] Virtual experience image (virtual experience of climbing furnace kiln through smartphones, tablets, PC) 【Common significance and purpose of project members】 Inheritance of traditional techniques of craftsmen, efforts to connect pottery culture to the future. In modern times opportunities are reduced, ceramics firing by climbing kilns is a valuable experience regardless of amateurs and writers. We will integrate the latest IoT technology with that traditional technique and check with real PC or smartphone even for users who can not stand in burning even with visualization data such as real-time picture of site situations, changing firing temperature, outside temperature etc. If possible, the user gets a virtual experience with realism, and as a result, I think that it has great significance as it gains understanding and prospects for further ceramics. In addition, by aiming to contribute to the succession of traditional techniques and to convey the wonder of Japanese traditional culture by converting the traditional techniques of “experience” and “intuition” of firing technology cultivated for many years I will. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/6131/28/resize/d6131-28-477557-2.jpg] Shooting / Espless Media Publishing “Pottery” Editorial Department 【Purpose and role of each member】
● Mutsumo climbing kiln By challenging an unprecedented new attempt of fusion of tradition and IoT, we aim to deliver the significance and value of the existence of traditional kilns to society. We hope to increase understanding through virtual experience / participation in firing by climbing kiln and contribute to efforts to inherit traditional techniques. This time we will operate (kiln fired) the firing of the climbing kiln from the preparation, from the preparation of the actual kiln placement, the management of the fire by the introduction of firewood, furthermore the kiln work in the field, with the cooperation of participants I will continue. It will be the organizer of the event. ————————————————————————————– – In the ear strung climbing kiln, pottery is baked only by natural energy using thinned timber such as red pine, cedar and cypress in Yamanashi Prefecture. The kiln is located in Yamanashi Prefecture Fujikawa Town (former Nikko Town) Hirabayashi, at an altitude of 850 m. Up to now, we burned 560 times in firewood kiln such as climbing kiln, hole kiln, Masuyu Hakkaki kiln, etc., and the work sent out to the world will be over 300,000 points. From the beginning of the opening of the kiln, we continue firewood kiln burning with thinned wood, renewable energy is zero emissions that helps conserve the forest with less environmental burden. Currently there are 8 kilns, among which the representative one is “Ikeda Masuo Happo Kii” invented by Mr. Masuo Ikeda of the artist. In 2007, it won an excellent prize of stop warming · activity contest. ————————————————————————————– – Porcelain “Ceramic art” which is traditional craft of Japan. In the aged and older age, although it is still proud of its strong popularity as a hobby and interesting culture, in recent years the ceramic art population has gradually been decreasing. It is also expected that young people including children will be interested in ceramics by doing new attempts for ceramics world such as this time. Not only introducing traditional techniques, we aim to inherit the pottery itself to the future. This time, I took charge of various roles such as announcement of the event, recruitment and management of the work, introduction of the burning work in the magazine and interviewing related people. We will publish a report article at the Ceramics No. 171 issue (February 23 issue number), 172 issue (release issue on April 23 issue), a report article at Ceramics No. 173 (June 23 issue issue). ————————————————————————————– – Ceramics was launched in 2000 with the theme of “Ceramics that I create and enjoy by myself”. We pick up the information of each season, which is conscious of Japanese events and seasons, and introduce how to make by photograph commentary in an easy-to-understand manner. We also offer information on readers participating in spots focused on interviews and professional artists active in domestic and overseas, publicity exhibitions for amateurs, ceramics class work exhibitions, and workshops. Future plus lifestyle information that satisfies hobby life derived from pottery also plus. Refine as an information magazine for enjoying expansive pottery life. ————————————————————————————– –
● ISA We have made a relationship with pottery industry in “Kiln Oito Series”, the temperature management system of pottery kiln developed and sold previously, but this time we adopted LoRa communication which is a new type of sensor wireless system, We will establish a measurement system and challenge the difficulty to bake kiln. Utilizing thermocouple sensor devices that can be driven by batteries for 10 years with 3 channels, which is the object of construction and civil engineering fields, we will send data to the gateway by LoRa wireless communication and deliver it to the cloud. ————————————————————————————– – ISA is a manufacturer of network equipment and power related equipment, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Developed and sold wireless sensor and gateway by LPWA in 2018. In addition to contributing to smart agriculture, introduction is advanced in all fields for measuring physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, CO2, solar radiation, water level, acceleration, etc. in health care, food related and FA fields. ————————————————————————————– –
● NTT East Japan Starting with participation in this event, we will consider efforts towards “the survival and utilization of local cultural resources”. With the background of depopulation and aging, recent frequent occurrence of natural disasters, it is an issue to inherit the tangible intangible cultural resources existing in the area and to study the method of survival. We hope to combine our company’s ICT solution with various partner technologies to solve these problems. In this event, we will combine optical line and cloud-type camera service “Giga Raku Camera”, IoT technology, and will play a role in providing a realistic virtual experience environment for burning rare climbing kilns that are rare in modern times. We will grasp the ceramic industry closely, and analyze the collected data will lead to the tradition of traditional technology. ————————————————————————————– – In East Japan area (※), develop and sell services that make use of state-of-the-art ICT technology, construct and operate communication lines and backbone networks, etc., innovate business / lifestyle, safe and secure society It is a regional telecommunications company that supports. (※) 17 prefectures of Niigata, Nagano, Yamanashi, Eastern Kanagawa ————————————————————————————– – 【Member Overview】
● Mutsumo climbing kiln Representative: Hirotaka Ota Address: Yamanashi ken Minami-gama, Fujikawa-machi Hirabayashi 2144-4 URL: http: // masuhonoborigama.com/ Porcelain Inauguration: 2000 Publisher: Espress · Media Publishing Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Masayuki Sakai Address: 1-1-15 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo Mita Sonnet Building 4 URL: https: //spressmedia.net/
● ASE CORPORATION Establishment: 1979 Capital: 100 million yen Representative Director: Yoshihiro Misaki Address: Shinjuku 6-chome 24-16 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo URL: www.isa-j.co.jp/
● East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Establishment: 1999 Capital: 335 billion yen Representative Director and President: Fukuzo Inoue Address: 3-19-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo URL: https: //www.ntt-east.co.jp/ ★ ★ ★ ★ 【Company Profile】 Company name: ISES Inc. Established: October 1979 Capital: 100 million yen Representative Director: Yoshihiro Misaki Address: Shinjuku 6-chome 24-16 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Homepage: www.isa-j.co.jp/ Company names, product names, model names, and trademarks of each company in the text are registered trademarks. In case (C) 2019 ISA Co., Ltd. February 2019

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