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【Stripe International Co., Ltd.】 Sneakerwolf Jack “hotel koe tokyo” “MOTOKI” sneakerwolf “TAKENAKA Exhibition <Tokyo Ikko Plan"

【Stripe International Co., Ltd.】 Sneakerwolf Jack “hotel koe tokyo” “MOTOKI” sneakerwolf “TAKENAKA Exhibition Limited opening from March 1st (Friday)! ………………………………………………………………………………… Hotel koe tokyo (Hotel koe tokyo (Kyoto)) which offers a variety of contents such as fashion, music, food and accommodation developed by “koe” of Stripe International Inc. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Yasuharu Ishikawa) Hotel Ko Tokyo) “has expanded POP UP SHOP regularly at 1F event space” koe space “. This time, as a producer of Yo Uehara who is active as a BMX rider, but also active in many fields such as event production, he has worked on the window art of “Supreme”, etc. as a Tokyo street artist sneakerwolf (Takenaka group) “MOTOKI “Sneakerwolf” TAKENAKA Exhibition ■ "sneakerwolf" TAKENAKA Exhibition sneakerwolf The theme of “Street art with Japanese originality” is the theme of production, lanterns and coats, constructed by the aesthetic sense of commoners in the Edo era that are not affected from the West, such as Sumo characters and Kabuki characters MURO King Of Diggin ‘that Japan boasts of the world MURO. Produced as ‘Digger of the World’ / We will expand the range of activities at DJ from underground to major, and to the world wide. Even now, we have released a number of label official MIXs and gained tremendous support both in Japan and abroad. It is an artist whose attention is the most widespread in a wide variety of fields including releasing a cover album [chord] with his name as a producer of a new label “TOKYO RECORDS”. Ryohu Artists who started music activities from their teens, connected sounds, people, and events beyond genres and places. In addition to attracting attention as a rapper, announcing at the Major Deal the things that guests have performed in various artworks such as Base Ball Bear, Petrols, Suchmos, and belonging hip-hop crew, KANDYTOWN at major deal, as a music production and truck maker The face is also known. It attracted a lot of attention also in fashion style rooted in lifestyle such as music and car, and is involved in the apparel neighborhood such as collaboration music / MV disclosure and is talking about the topic to viral. In recent years he has expanded his activities as a soloist, and in SxSW 2017, Star Ro to play in Austin and CYBER TELEPORTATION TOKYO showcase to connect the stage of Tokyo in real time, the release of EP “Blur” spun by mellow and rare groove beat , Participating in song collaboration, performing live performances with bands and so on, updating the new record every day. Official WEB: http: //www.ryohu.com/ Instagram: @ryohu_tokyo Twitter: @ryohu_tokyo Sato Saki He was active as a fashion model, actress, and actively acting as a DJ. It is characterized by a wide range of genre sets tailored to the floor, centering on house, techno, rock etc. She also appeared in clubs as well as fashion events and parties. sankara A group consisting of rapper Toss and vocal Ryo. Both of us spend my young days abroad and brought up by touching real hip-hop and R & B. Urban and smooth track, making use of the sense cultivated through its rich music experience, lyrics and melodies that blend in English and Japan. Indeed, the originality that can be said as “sankara clause” has a variety of charm, such as gentle touch closely stuck to life, glamorous coloring of the party, anthemic ability to live strongly prospectively right now. With the feeling of a new generation, you must listen to the performance that updates the universality of pop songs, growing up with the situations of listeners. Open: February 9, 2018 (Friday) Address: No. 3 7, Udagawa cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042 Floor composition: 1F Bread & Dining “koe lobby” / Event space “koe space” / Hotel reception 2F Shop (Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Miscellaneous Goods) 3F Hotel (Guest Room, Hotel Lounge) HP: http: // hotelkoe.com/

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