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【Japan Sports Association of Japan】 Holding the 2nd Junior Sports Forum

Japan Sports Association Holding the 2nd Junior Sports Forum ………………………………………………………………………………………… JSPO (formal name: Japan Sports Association Tokyo Sports Association, Shinjuku, Tokyo / Chairman Masatoshi Ito), which creates an environment for “doing”, “supporting” and “seeing and expressing” sports, We will hold the 2nd Junior Sports Forum in order to contribute to the improvement of the leadership of the boys’ group leaders and the development of a safe and secure environment for sports activities. (The photograph shows the state of last year) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/42202/15/resize/d42202-15-411855-0.jpg] [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/42202/15/resize/d42202-15-822099-1.jpg] In this forum, leaders, legal practitioners, researchers, etc. will be invited as panelists, how they relate to sports in the junior year, the perspective of the quality of movement and the evaluation, and the establishment of governance in the management of sports teams and clubs, etc. Themes to be tackled for the development of regional sports in
■ Date and time Year of the Reich year June 16 (Sun)
■ Location Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioimachi Kioi Conference Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioi Town Kioi Tower 4F, No. 1 to 4, Kioi Town, Chiyoda-ku 102-0094
■ Contents Special lecture “Sports boy group from the viewpoint of junior sports” Mikiko Kuwahara (Basketball U-16, U-18, U-19 Head coach for women in Japan, Deputy Head of Japan Sports Boys’ Group) Working group (panel discussion) Of the panel discussions conducted under four themes, at the subcommittee of “Building Governance in Sports Team and Club Management”, “Principles of Children’s Rights and Sports” presented by UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund) in 2018 We will also cover Working group (panel discussion) theme panel list A variety of ways to interact with sports in the junior year Koji Iida: Japan Culture Publishing Co., Ltd. Riei Takenaga: Sasakawa Sports Foundation Hiroyuki Shimoyama: Nagaizumi Junior Complex, Sports Shonendan Joinus Significance of introducing the viewpoint and evaluation of the quality of movement to sports instruction sites of B children Hisashi Naito: Juntendo University Graduate School Morioka Yasunori: Nihon University Hiroshi Aono: Japan Sports Association Role of sports boys’ group in C area Shimizu Shizuka: Ryugo Lek Sports Shonendan Akira Honma: Tsuruoka City Board of Education Mitsuharu Nara: Japan Sports Association D Building Governance in Sports Team Club Management Takashi Ito: Shin Yotsuya Law Office Hiromi Nakai: Japan UNICEF Yamaguchi Yamaguchi: (University of Tsukuba)
◆ About JSPO (Japan Sports Association) JSPO was founded in July 1911 as the Dainippon Physical Education Association for the purpose of “promotion of national sports” and “improvement of international competition power”. After the Japan Physical Education Association, it became the present name on April 1, 2018. At JSPO, holding sports competitions covering generations such as the National Sports Festival and the Japan Sports Masters, creating sports venues such as the Sports Boys’ Group and the Comprehensive Community Sports Club, and fostering sports leaders who support the fun of sports, Everybody voluntarily develops a wide range of businesses to “play”, “support”, “see and express” sports, such as promoting sports based on the latest medicine and science. In addition, as a unified organization of sports in Japan, we cooperate with various sports related organizations / organizations and individuals such as the country and more than 60 competition groups, 47 prefectures sports and physical education associations. In the 2019 Taiga drama “Idaten”, appearing as an important role leading the main character, Kanoro Juroro is the first president of JSPO, and JSPO is also the stage of “Idaten”. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/42202/15/resize/d42202-15-994542-2.png] [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/42202/15/resize/d42202-15-850044-3.png]

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