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  • In “Chiba Sahara, a notable Chiba Prefecture that succeeded in revitalizing tourism”, “Local Influencer Training Seminar” will be held on Monday, June 24! !

In “Chiba Sahara, a notable Chiba Prefecture that succeeded in revitalizing tourism”, “Local Influencer Training Seminar” will be held on Monday, June 24! !

Value Management Co., Ltd. In “Chiba Sahara, a notable Chiba Prefecture that succeeded in revitalizing tourism”, “Local Influencer Training Seminar” will be held on Monday, June 24! ! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Value Management Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture; Representative: Satoshi Other Rikino, following: Our company) is the Sahara, Chiba Prefecture, the Chiba Industry Promotion Center (Chairman Masanori Itakura), Keiyo Bank, Ltd. (Heading Toshiyuki Kumagaya), Sahara Shinkin-Bank (Chairman Tetsu Komori) and others will co-sponsor the “Local Influencer Training Seminar” on Monday, June 24. As an example of success in revitalizing tourism using historical buildings, we operate the “Sahara Shojiacho Hotel NIPPONIA”, which has recently been featured in the media. From now on, I felt that it is necessary to strengthen information dissemination, which will be region-based, through social media in order to further enhance local brand improvement and customer attraction, and I have been holding this seminar. By fostering “local influencers *” that deliver famous local influencers as social media by inviting famous influencers as instructors, we will realize information dissemination and promotion that will be regional-based, and aim for the promotion of tourism and the development of the local economy. You ※ Local Influencer: A human resource who has 5,000 to 10,000 followers on SNS and can transmit information and content rooted in the community. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/18871/21/resize/d18871-21-783626-0.jpg] Sahara townscape
■ Outline of the event Date and time: June 24, 2019 (Mon) 10:00 to 18:00 Place: Sahara Shinkin Bank Main Store 4th floor Large meeting room (Katori City Sahara 525) Lecture content: ・ Concept making in information transmission ・ Specific points and know-how in SNS posting ・ Photographed lecture using smartphone ・ Workshop (collection of transmission material, Instagram post) Fixed number: 20 people Participation fee: free Organized by: (President) Chiba Industry Promotion Center, Keiyo Bank, Ltd., Sahara Shinkin Bank Co-hosted by: NIPPONIA SAWARA Co., Ltd., Sahara Chamber of Commerce, Value Management Co., Ltd. Sponsorship: Katori City
■ Instructor introduction Mr. Kazuki Kojima (Nagomi SahreFund & Local Revitalization Founder, Cabinet Office, Revitalization of the regional government) After having been out of school for about 10 years, after having started in high school 3 years, we held the “local wound life conference” which won the trend first place on Twitter, and other 100 million yen local wound straight funds in cooperation with crowdfunding Launches various projects related to regional revitalization, such as the establishment of “Nagomi ShareFund”. More than 20,000 related posts on social networking sites have been featured in many media. About 11,000 Twitter followers. Mr. Hiroshi Hirai (Photographer, machine design, writer) She started taking photographs of Japanese towns targeting tourists visiting Japan, and has been working as a photographer for the media “RECO”, which makes photos more enjoyable from 2016. In 2018, the tourist travel media MATCHA has been interviewed with photographs of people promoting Wakayama and Osaka visiting tourists. Currently, in Wakayama, a team of creators and regional revitalization teams under the theme of “co-creation” is engaged in activities for the launch of a media that transmits the attractiveness of Wakayama. About 22,000 Instagram followers. Mr. Ancha (Writing company joint company, representative of WHY & CO) After graduating from university, worked for an IT company for 2 years. Launched a personal blog “Majimajiper” during his tenure and then became independent. Current activities range from blogs and media management, community management, consulting, instructors and event lectures. I was embarrassed about how to work when I was a company employee, and from the experience of being unable to go to the company, I have attracted the sympathy of the same generation while making the same announcement on the theme of “expanding options for my career in my twenties”. About 41,000 Twitter followers.
■ Company Profile Value Management Co., Ltd. uses the theme of “spun Japanese culture” to utilize historical resources such as cultural assets and cityscapes as lodging facilities, restaurants, and wedding halls, and is engaged in businesses left behind in the future. Currently, 16 locations have been operated, mainly in Kansai, and more than 20 have been rebuilt. Company Name: Value Management Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Atsushi Other Power Field Establishment: February 14, 2005 Capital: 30 million yen Location: No.4-20, Taifucho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0011, Osaka Grand Front Osaka Tower A 17th floor Phone number: 06-6371-2700 (representative) Business contents: Conservation and utilization of historical resources, tourism town development support Sales: ¥ 97.1 billion (FY 2018 period) Number of employees: 992 ※ Including part-time job (as of January 1, 2019) HP: www.vmc.co.jp/
■ Press Release · Event flyer is here prtimes.jp/a/?f=d18871-20190610-2582.pdf

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