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  • 【TIS INTEC GROUP】 INTEC Offered EDI’s “2 Base Operation Service” in Metropolitan Area and Hokuriku

【TIS INTEC GROUP】 INTEC Offered EDI’s “2 Base Operation Service” in Metropolitan Area and Hokuriku

【TIS INTEC GROUP】 INTEC Offered EDI’s “2 Base Operation Service” in Metropolitan Area and Hokuriku
TIS INTEC Group INTEC launches EDI’s “2 site operation service” in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Hokuriku area ~ Distributed deployment of operating SEs, allowing customers to continue business even in the event of a disaster – ………………………………………………………………………………… TIS INTEC CORPORATION INTEC CORPORATION (Head office: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, President: Takayuki Kitaoka) announces the EDI outsourcing service “EINS / EDI-Hub series” for stable EDI operation even in the event of a disaster We will add an option menu of “2 base operation service” and will start offering from April 2019. 【Outline of 2 site operation service】 In addition to system redundancy, distributed operation of SEs (operation staff) realizes stable EDI operation even in the event of natural disasters and pandemics. At the same time, operation is always coordinated between the Tokyo Metropolitan area site where the risk of large-scale disasters is low and the Hokuriku site at all times, and in the event of a disaster, the EDI operation is continued by the system and the operation personnel at the other site. 【Service image】 [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/11650/568/resize/d11650-568-176517-0.png] 【background】 As a countermeasure to BCP * 1 of EINS / EDI – Hub, INTEC has redundant systems in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Hokuriku area since 2011. EDI operation of EINS / EDI-Hub has been carried out in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but in the event of a disaster in the metropolitan area EDI operations can not be continued, so we also created an operation base in the Hokuriku area It was. By setting EDI, which is specialized in EDI, from EDI in peacetime and conducting EDI operation, we respond promptly even in case of emergency, enabling customers to continue business. * 1 BCP: Business Continuity Plan (abbreviation of business continuity plan), a company plans to continue business as important as possible for disasters, accidents, terrorism and other emergencies as much as possible, and aim for recovery at an early stage even if interrupted. 【the next deployment】 We will further expand the EDI service business for customers who use the BCP countermeasure system in EINS / EDI-Hub and customers planning to use them. About EINS / EDI-Hub EINS / EDI-Hub is an EDI outsourcing service that gathers the know-how of building and operating an EDI system for more than 30 years. Because we are using our own development engine, we offer one stop from introduction to development and operation. Because it is a cloud service, it does not require replacement cost and maintenance of equipment and lines, realizing cost reduction and operational burden reduction. The details of “EINS / EDI-Hub” is here: https: //www.einswave.jp/service/edi/einsedi-hub-nex/ About Intec We are developing a wide range of business in IT field from planning of information strategy according to customer’s management strategy to system planning, development, outsourcing, service provision, operation and maintenance. Based on the technological capabilities cultivated over 55 years since its founding, INTEC actively challenges the use of digital technologies such as AI, RPA and the development of new value creation type called “mode 2” I will. We will continue to provide new value to our customers as a company that always connects people, businesses and society with technology, constantly changing themselves, “taking on the role of a rich digital society” company. About TIS INTEC Group About 60 companies and 20,000 group companies in the TIS INTEC Group will unite and utilize their respective strengths to provide IT services that support the business of many customers such as finance, manufacturing, services, and public in Japan and overseas Offers.

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