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  • [Cybernet system] Online STEM (* 1) Start educational support environment “MapleCLASS” compatible, free distribution of supplementary teaching materials for “linear algebra”

[Cybernet system] Online STEM (* 1) Start educational support environment “MapleCLASS” compatible, free distribution of supplementary teaching materials for “linear algebra”

[Cybernet system] Online STEM (* 1) Start educational support environment “MapleCLASS” compatible, free distribution of supplementary teaching materials for “linear algebra”
Cybernet system Began free distribution of supplementary teaching materials for online STEM (* 1) educational support environment “MapleCLASS”, “linear algebra”
■ Interactive teaching materials based on open source materials of Hokkaido University Associate Professor Takao Usuki: eBook type text, making mathematical concept easier to convey!
■ Online exercise problem: Significant reduction in time and cost for scoring work and performance management! ………………………………………………………………………………… Cybernet System Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Kuniaki Tanaka, hereinafter “Cybernet”) expands the educational contents available for the online education support package “MapleCLASS (Maple Class)” for STEM classes that we sell , Hokkaido University Graduate School Science Institute Mathematics Department Assistant Professor Takao Yuki’s “linear algebra mathematics” based on published materials Interactive teaching materials · Online exercises · Test problems · Issue mounting problems , We will inform you that we will start from February 2019. ————————————————————————————– – MapleCLASS is a joint venture between Maple (Maple), a STEM computing platform developed by Maplesoft, Inc. (headquartered in Ontario, Canada, “Maplesoft”), a Cybernet group company and DigitalEd (Head office: Ontario, Canada Online education support package for STEM class that combines the STEM online test and automatic evaluation system “Mobius Assessment (Mobius Assessment)” developed by “Digital Ed”). ————————————————————————————– – ======================= Background and issues of STEM education =======================
■ What are the challenges of STEM education based on science and technology, engineering and mathematics In recent years the social needs of STEM education were mentioned also in the 6th “Corporate related system · Industrial structural reform · Innovation” of the Future Investment Conference Structural Reform Promotion Meeting held by the government on January 11 this year , It is increasing not only in traditional science and engineering fields but also in interdisciplinary fields represented by data science. On the other hand, among science courses that require steady accumulation of knowledge and understanding, it is not easy to continue active learning while especially students with unfamiliarity understand the concept of mathematics education, in particular, A lot of voices are said to be “problematic” that the time and cost of the activity are “straining the research activities of teachers”. As a solution to the challenges in STEM education like this, we began offering MapleCLASS in 2017. In order to respond to your request that we would like you to increase the Japanese version content that can be used in the class right away from the beginning, “” I want Japanese content that can be customized according to my class ” We developed contents set based on type teaching materials · online exercises / test problems · problem mounting specifications. By using this free content, MapleCLASS users can help learners understand intuitively through lesson management with high educational effect, and it is possible to drastically reduce the time and cost required for creating teaching materials and problems. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/4714/340/resize/d4714-340-442846-0.png] Overview of MapleCLASS ======================= Learn anytime and anywhere with the cloud! Contents of educational content that greatly reduces the time / cost required for assessment achievement evaluation ======================= Content of educational content set using MapleCLASS · Interactive teaching materials (Maple workbook) It is a teaching material that supports intuitive understanding of mathematical concepts by using Maple’s mathematical expression processing, numerical calculation, and visualization functions. · Online exercise · Test problem (Mobius Assessment problem) Automatically evaluates the correctness of answers input by mathematical formulas or numerical values. It is also possible to automatically generate typing problems by randomizing problem parameters. Learners can access clouds from PCs, tablet terminals, smartphones, etc. and work on exercises regardless of time and place. · Problem implementation specification (Maple workbook) It is a specification that describes the implementation routine of the answer and the verification routine by Maple. By referring to these, it is easy to customize the problem. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/4714/340/resize/d4714-340-297161-1.png] Example MapleCLASS content
■ Supplementary educational material for MapleCLASS “linear algebra” set This is the following contents making full use of the experience obtained in the process of education and research activities in mathematics and informatics field by Associate Professor Takao Goki of Mathematical Division of Hokkaido University Graduate School of Science: · Maple workbook on matrix and vector introduction in “Linear Algebra” · A total of 157 questions on online issues organized in the main topics of linear algebra mathematics · Implementation specifications of major problems Users can use them as they are in class, or customize them as desired. Cybernet will gradually improve and expand the contents of “linear algebra” and will also serve contents of differential integral theory, differential equations, probability and statistics that are particularly requested in mathematics education in the first year of university is. In addition, we are planning to create and publish content for data science education, which is becoming more important nowadays. In addition to the above, we will continue to offer paid content to respond to further requests along with free content that can be useful to many more people in the future. For details of MapleCLASS, please visit the following website. www.cybernet.co.jp/mapleclass/ ======================= Comment of Hokkaido University Associate Professor Takao Yuki ======================= Lecture form of general education course of university It is not easy to secure exercise amount in class. When I tried Maple T.A. (former name of Mobius Assessment) in the class of differential integration for the first year student in the literary system in 2014, I felt a good response. As we thought that the problem of this system was to enrich the problems in Japanese, we provided translations from English issues provided by Digital Ed as part of education and research activities. In addition, we provided material as an introduction to the matrix operation used in linear algebra mathematics in the first year of grades, and realized interactive reference material in combination with mathematical expression processing system. From these as a starting point, we expect that more eLearning contents will appear and that mathematics education at university will develop with both lecture and race. ======================= Comment of Mr. Masayoshi Takahashi of user, Konan University School of Intelligence Information ======================= · Reason for introducing MapleCLASS Confirming the degree of comprehension of each student in a limited time and evaluating the grade was a very difficult task in the past. For this reason, MapleCLASS was introduced as e-testing using the Web with problem creation function, assignment setting function, automatic scoring function, grades management analysis function. · Expectation of MapleCLASS educational content In order to support learners’ understanding, it is not good simply to have more problems. “What kind of problems” and “How to present” are important questions to consider. We hope that a systematic problem group will be provided according to the lecture materials actually used at the university so that a path to these questions will be presented. · Expectations for future development The Mobius Assessment installed in MapleCLASS is expanding worldwide compared with e-testing using the Web until now. Therefore, there are many attempts and practical research is flourishing. I hope that educational contents provided by Cybernet will support this and contribute to the development of effective mathematical education using technology. ————————————————————————————– ——– [Note] * 1: STEM A general term for comprehensive fields that took the first letters of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In addition to Art (art) in recent years it is sometimes called “STEAM”. In 2017 the Japan STEM Education Society (www.j-stem.jp/) was established and attracting attention both in Japan and abroad. * 2: Meeting of the Future Investment Conference Structural Reform Promotion Meeting “Enterprise-Related System / Industrial Structure Reform / Innovation” Meeting (Employment / Human Resources) (6th) Handouts “Promotion of Information Education in Primary and Secondary Education” www.kantei.go.jp/jp/singi/keizaisaisei/miraitoshikaigi/suishinkaigo2018/koyou/dai6/siryou4.pdf ————————————————————————————– ——– About Maplesoft Maplesoft (Maplesoft) is a leading company that develops and sells interactive mathematical calculation software. It is loved by mathematicians, physicists, engineers and designers all over the world, and various technical calculation products based on mathematical technology, including the flagship product STEM computing platform “Maple” We are offering. Maplesoft’s computing software compiles general companies such as Allied Signal, BMW, Boeing, DaimlerChrysler, DreamWorks, Ford, GE, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technology, Motorola, Raytheon, Robert Bosch, Tyco Electronics and Toyota Motor Corporation It is used for educational and research purposes in advanced research institutes such as MIT, Stanford University, Oxford University, NASA, Canada · Energy Ministry and others. For detailed information on maple software, please visit the following website. www.maplesoft.com/ About Digital Ed Digital Ed (DigitalEd) provides online educational solutions to educational institutions around the world to bring better learning to educators and learners. A unique group of products based on the technology of the STEM computing platform “Maple” is utilized in the field of many STEM education. For more information on Digital Ed, please visit the following website. www.digitaled.com/ About Cybernet CYBERNET SYSTEMS CORPORATION develops a wide range of advanced software solution services related to science and technology computing field, particularly CAE (*), and is developing a wide range of advanced software solution services related to electrical equipment, transport equipment, machinery, precision instruments, medical institutions, education and research institutes We provide software, educational services, technical support, consulting, etc. in various industries and application fields such as. In addition to IT resource management tools that realize the efficiency of PC / smart device management owned by companies, IT solutions that prevent leakage and unauthorized access such as personal information and confidential information and improve the security level of enterprises are packaged And in cybernet cloud. For more information on CYBERNET SYSTEMS CORPORATION, please visit the following website. www.cybernet.co.jp/ * CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is a technology to simulate and analyze tests and experiments using prototypes that have been conventionally done at the time of research / development in “manufacturing” with prototypes on computers. We dramatically reduce the number of prototypes and experiments, and contribute to the realization of environment-conscious “manufacturing” that predicts and solves various problems virtually everywhere and dramatically reduces waste materials by trial production experiments. * Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks and registered trademarks of each company. ————————————————————————————– ————- For inquiries about this matter: Cybernet System Co., Ltd. ————————————————————————————– ————- About content
■ Government Offices / Education Sales Department / Kono TEL: 03-5297-3429 E-mapleclass@cybernet.co.jp
■ If you are a news report Corporate Marketing Department / New Town TEL: 03-5297-3094 E-prdreq@cybernet.co.jp
■ If you are an investor Corporate Planning · IR Department / Meguro TEL: 03-5297-3066 E-irquery@cybernet.co.jp ————————————————————————————– ——–

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