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  • 【Forex Broking Co., Ltd.】 Held in Okinawa on April 6! Notice of recruitment of economic event “Okinawa Seminar 2019” thinking about future foreign exchange market points and investment in high-interest currency by PR LIMITED lecturers

【Forex Broking Co., Ltd.】 Held in Okinawa on April 6! Notice of recruitment of economic event “Okinawa Seminar 2019” thinking about future foreign exchange market points and investment in high-interest currency by PR LIMITED lecturers

【Forex Broking Co., Ltd.】 Held in Okinawa on April 6! Notice of recruitment of economic event “Okinawa Seminar 2019” thinking about future foreign exchange market points and investment in high-interest currency by PR LIMITED lecturers
Foreign Exchange Co., Ltd It will be held in Okinawa on April 6! Announcing the recruitment of the economic event “Okinawa Seminar 2019” to consider luxury lecturers and invest in points of future foreign exchange markets and high-interest currencies ………………………………………………………………………………… Co-sponsored by Foreign Exchange Dotto Com Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Jun Takeuchi) and Ryukyusu.com (headquarters: Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City, President and CEO: Taishiro Taisyama) At the “Ryukyusu Shimpo Hall” in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture on Saturday, April 6, 2019, a large-scale seminar entitled “Okinawa Seminar 2019 – Future Foreign Exchange Rate / Long-term Investment Thinking in High-Interest Currencies” We will hold an event. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/42477/2/resize/d42477-2-905357-0.png]
This seminar consists of three parts, and we intend to delve into useful themes for individual investors in each part. From the basic contents such as “What is Foreign Exchange”, “What is the difference between yen appreciation and yen depreciation”, etc. from the 13 o’clock “Part 1: Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange to You to a Full-Scale Investor?” Beginning, we will concentrate lectures by packing up the fundamentals of foreign currency investment in 90 minutes. Experienced Forex Undertone Com staff will tell carefully. Mr. Masashi Sasaki, Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase Bank Market Research Division entitled “Part 2: Future Foreign Exchange Market Points of Attention” from 15:15, starting from 15:15. In the US and Europe where the rate hike outlook and trade policy are uncertain, the economic slowdown in the European Union, difficulties in EU withdrawal negotiations in the UK, and many uncertain factors such as invisible clue in deflation in Japan, the point of notice in forecasting the foreign exchange market I will explain. Mr. Sasaki, a famous prominent strategist in television and magazines, has appeared on economic program “Morning Satellite” (TV Tokyo) and wrote numerous writings. Do not miss Mr. His analysis which gathers overwhelming support by a detailed analysis based on abundant experience and deep insight. “Part 3: Long-term investment considering in high-interest currency” from 16:25, “Compound Economic Juku Co., Ltd.” which is active in the media such as “World Business Satellite” (TV Tokyo) and “Zai FX!” (Diamond) Mr. Emin · Yurumazu, a currency strategist at the Board of Directors will attend. Mr. Emin will be the first seminar in Okinawa. As the BOJ’s negative interest rate policy continues, investment in foreign currencies in high-interest currencies is gaining attention as an option for asset management. Mr. Emin from Turkey who is a different college graduate from Tokyo university graduate school, focuses on Turkish lira and others and explains the investment strategy of high interest currency. In the gallery on the 2nd floor of the venue, “Panel Corner”, which looks back on historical events such as “question corner”, comment staff responds to questions about FX, Lehman shock and British referendum (Brexit), on a currency chart, 5 “Mini seminar” to tell us useful information of FX, a foreign exchange information site boasting an overwhelming amount of information “Foreign Exchange Information Navi introduction corner”, “virtual FX introduction corner” where you can get luxury items with winning, advanced technology Such as “Future Forex Trading Experience Corner”, which will be held in the future. Also, as we have a relaxed break at the break time “Coffee Corner”, please drop in by all means. The “Okinawa Seminar 2019” this time we will delve into the theme that individual investors want to know about in three parts. I am proud that it is a unique opportunity to be touched directly by insight of prominent experts. Please expect this economic seminar held by Foreign Exchange Computer and Ryukyus News.
■ Summary of this seminar “Okinawa Seminar 2019 – Foreign Exchange Rates in the Future / Long-Term Investing Thinking in High-Interest Currencies” [Date and time] Saturday, April 6, 2019 13: 00 ~ 17: 25 (opening time 12: 00 ~) [Venue] Ryukyusu Shimpo Hall (Izumizaki / Shinkosha, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) (10-3 Izumizaki 1 – chome, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture) [Number of people wanted] Venue: 300 people (In case of a large number of applicants it will be a lottery) [Participation qualification] Venue: Anyone can join (Foreign exchange will be prioritized by members of the comics group in case of draw) * Sorry, we are not accepting visitors with small children, participation by minors [Registration fee] Free [Application method] Please apply from the seminar special page (URL below). URL: www.gaitame.com/seminar/okinawa/ About Seminar hosted by our company ※ The seminar introduced by this content is a seminar sponsored by Forex Undertonescom. For seminars, we will briefly introduce and explain FX (Foreign Exchange Deposit Transaction), so please approve beforehand and please participate. These seminars are also held for the purpose of providing information to help you make investment decisions. Please make your own judgment on the final decision such as investment policy and timing selection. ※ When you apply, please confirm the opening date and time. In the case that the contents are incomplete, If the same person is registered more than once, there is a thing I will invalidate the application. 【Company Profile】 Foreign Exchange Dotcom Corporation President and Representative Director: Jun Takeuchi Address: 2 – 8 – 1 Higashinbashi Bridge, Minato – ku, Tokyo 105-0021 URL: www.gaitame.com/ Main business: OTC derivatives through Internet The over-the-counter foreign exchange deposit transaction and the over-the-counter currency binary option transaction do not guarantee the principal and profit, and loss may be caused by fluctuation of the market price or interest rate difference. Understand the contents sufficiently before dealings, please do yourself at your own discretion. Foreign Exchange DOT COMPANY, 4th Floor Palazzo Astec, 2-8-1 Higashi Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021 TEL: 03-5733-3065 Financial instruments dealer registration number: Kanto Finance Bureau Director (Kimyo) No. 262 / Financial Futures Trading Association (membership number 1509)

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