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  • [Sony Music Labels, Inc.] A live game exciting band, “10th Concert-Super Hyper Fever Five Years!-” Is held! Tokyo performance live report

[Sony Music Labels, Inc.] A live game exciting band, “10th Concert-Super Hyper Fever Five Years!-” Is held! Tokyo performance live report

Sony Music Labels Inc. The game realist exciting band, “10th concert-Super Hyper Fever Five Years!-” Is held! Tokyo performance live report ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/13546/2106/resize/d13546-2106-923587-0.jpg] The live game band Waku Waku band held a “10th Concert-Super Hyper Fever Five Years!-” Performance on June 9 in Tokyo, Tokyo DOME CITY HALL and on June 15 in Osaka, NHK Osaka Hall. At the encore for the Tokyo performance, we announced that we will hold the 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving Event, which will be formed at STUDIO COAST, Shin Kiba, Tokyo, on September 7 (Saturday). For the members who have reached the turning point, it can be said that this show was a stage to prove the band’s further growth and its momentum. Until now, they have shown their unique performance of putting the game in real time during the live part, but this time they challenge new ideas. At the beginning, the members showed off a syntactic game that included an association game and gesture gesture game that we are the best in history, and in the second half the audience was a rock band-like style that they could be fascinated by live performance for about two hours. An enthusiasm I let it go. Here, we report the appearance of the TOKYO DOME CITY HALL performance that took place on June 9. When the venue was darkened, loud cheers came up with a sense of expectation, and the colorful pen lights shook. The voice of narration came over after the buzzer to announce the opening sounded. Laughter was spilled in the development which made a surprise, but when the member who dressed in Yankee who wore a school run eventually appeared, the yellow voice that the member controlled involuntarily jumped up. The story is that “Team Self-Defense” tries to deepen the unity of the team by clearing the game in order to challenge “Strong Yankees”. However, even in association games that try to derive the same answer from questions such as “What is the staple of Tokyo souvenir?” And “What is the vegetable that children dislike?” Five people who could not be cleared even in the gesture message game where the title was issued. The hall also laughs at the original expression of the members who show up in the fight between unity and laughter. The last one is “Let’s get a band, not a Yankee!” I ended up with the live part. The members appeared on the stage after the film talks about the members, sometimes intermingled with laughter sometimes and seriously about the feelings at the time of formation and the feeling of having been active for 5 years. With Yuga (Vo & G), Hirano (G), and Fuji (B) turning their backs to the spectators, the familiar tunes match the breath with Furukon (Dr) and Serikaru (Key) who are one step higher I listened. The band silhouette and cool groove swept away the loose air in the skits and videos we mentioned earlier. From the count of the full kon’l, the “rock” “I ガ レ ル 前 ニ” and the hard rock number intensify with a rush of “signal”. Then, the major first single “Denshintamashii”, followed by a catchy new song “Drive the World” with a light that looks like hope. She wrote about the song, “The image of a boy running around. This song contains a catchy phrase like Anison’s royal road. The whole venue at Clap “Yeah! Super Hyper Fever Five!” In the scene where each member is connected by solo part, each skill and potential height was shown. With the rock tune “Dynamite Rock”, which uses the vibrato of Yame, and “Kimi’s Mirai” with a sense of omission, and the tension of the venue being raised further, two new songs are shown continuously. The minor chord beat rock “shooter star”, which was introduced as “I wish I could be a goal, a dream or a vitality. Please listen to pray for the stars” (Girano), is the manager of Hirano The song that the first composer composed. “Tsugihagi” is also a dark hard rock tune that Fuji wrote for the first time writing songs. Furthermore, it continues to the dark number “feeling line” of a power beat, and the “weekend” of a sharp beat. Their tunes are often changed and the difference in height is intense, but Yoh’s vocals with a wide range of voices and a sense of stability are persuasive It is powerful and overwhelming. Following the new song “Masterkey” with a sense of openness, the chorus in Sabi invites a sense of unity in “Hey Boy Hey Girl”, and the main story is finally going to the end. From the song song flavor “Nunun”, “I think I’ll do it from the 5th anniversary after a long time, but I’m going to do it from the beginning” (Yose) and the cover song “Flying Get” which can be called their origin, the voltage reaches its peak, its momentum To “Wakuwaku My Life” of the last Ma Ma last. The fresh band ensemble makes the initial impulse feel. I finished the main story while leaving a bright afterglow. The members who appeared on the stage again in response to the voice of Encore announced the holding of the 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving Event, formed at Shin Kiba STUDIO COAST on September 7. It was a serious medium number “Don’t open at night” that I showed off at the place where I got excited. With the performance getting gradually heated, and the break before the end, which was the longest in the past, I could feel the breath of the band directly. Lastly, he played “Full Happiness Surrender”, “Wakuwaku Full Days” and Upper Tune. After that, I felt “complete combustion” from their expressions. It is exhausted to the one word. The endless sense of fulfillment led not only the members but all who were present to happiness, and I was convinced that it was the attraction of their performance. Shin Kiba STUDIO COAST performance was announced as a place to show the feeling of gratitude that reached the 5th anniversary of the formation, but this performance is ambitious in light of the future ahead while tracing their track of these 5 years I think it was a stage. It was told that new songs were released four out of 19 songs. With respect and challenge. Above all, the figure of five people who face music is impressive. I hope to see what kind of evolution will be achieved after this 5th anniversary, and their next phase. Photo: Yusuke Sato Text: Okubo Yuka
▼ June 9, 2019 Tokyo · TOKYO DOME CITY HALL Live set list M1. Signal M2. I ガ 壊 前 d before M3. Denshin Tamashii M4. Drive the World M5.Yeah! Super Hyper Fever Five! M6. Dynamite Lock M7. Your Mirai M8. Shooting star M9. Tsugi Hagi M10. Sensed line M11. Weekend M12.Masterkey M13. Hay Boy Hay Girl M14. Cloud M15. Flying Get M16. Exciting My Life En1. Do not open the night En2. Perfect happiness Surrender En3. Exciting Full Days
▼ The game lively person exciting band information
■ Saturday, September 7, 2019 Tokyo Shin Kiba Studio Coast 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving Event Held! ※ Details will be announced later
■ “NARUTO to BORUTO THE LIVE 2019” appearance decision! Date and time: Saturday, October 5, 2019 15:00 Opening 16:00 Opening schedule / Sunday, 6th October 14:00 Opening 15:00 opening schedule Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall Nakase 2-chome 1 Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 261-0023 ticket:
● Fastest preceding [all seats specified] ※ lottery sale Reception period: ~ June 30 (Sunday) 23: 59 Price: 7,500 yen (excluding tax)
● Fastest preceding [family sheet] ※ lottery sales Reception period: June 17 (Mon) 12:00 to June 30 (Sun) 23: 59 Price: 7,500 yen (excluding tax) ※ It becomes seating designation (1F front seat). The following customers are junior high school students and their parents.
● Premium sheet ※ limited number, lottery sales Reception period: ~ June 30 (Sunday) 23: 59 Sales price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax) Benefits: View in front of the stage & Premium sheet limited goods included (T-shirt, towel, Rubber band, etc.) Official site: www.naruboru-live.jp Official Twitter: @ naruboru_live (Hashtag: # Narbol Live) Organized by: NARUTO to BORUTO THE LIVE 2019 Executive Committee Cooperation: TV Tokyo Music Co., Ltd. / Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc. The exciting project Twitter https://twitter.com/wkwkproject Waku Waku Project official site wkwkproject.com/

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