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  • [New plan] Information sharing service “Kibela (Kybera)” while expanding the use company, start offering “Kibela Enterprise” plan for corporate use

[New plan] Information sharing service “Kibela (Kybera)” while expanding the use company, start offering “Kibela Enterprise” plan for corporate use

Bit Journey Inc. Started offering information sharing service “Kibela” and “Kibela Enterprise” for corporate use while expanding users Realization of high security, efficient account management SAML authentication single sign-on, significant expansion of usage capacity, etc. at reasonable price ………………………………………………………………………………………… Bit Journey Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Masahiro Ihara) is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its corporate plan “Kibela Enterprise” for information sharing service Kibela (Kibela).
■ Kibela Enterprise Official page kibe.la/ More information docs.kibe.la/articles/489245- [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/24220/7/resize/d24220-7-564148-5.jpg]
■ Background and merit The information sharing service Kibela has expanded to approximately 25,000 users, and many people, from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises, have realized the benefits. In addition, as confidential information management on Kibela and information sharing with external parties are also increasing, SAML that achieves high security and efficient account management while maintaining a reasonable charge system for corporate customers. Providing “Kibela Enterprise” that supports single sign-on by authentication, significant increase of usage capacity enabling more active information sharing, and access restriction function that can be used safely from various places regardless of working style Started.
■ Features In addition to highly flexible functions such as unlimited number of users and unlimited number of groups of standard plans, advanced security functions and advantageous price systems for the following companies are available within the monthly cost of enterprise plans. Usage fee: ¥ 1,620 per user per month (tax included) Discounted rates through Kibela points, depending on usage from last month Newly registered customer Free for 2 months Number of users: unlimited Number of groups: unlimited Storage: Up to 20GB per user per month Access source restriction by IP address Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0 Authentication Priority support
■ Benefits ・ When using Kibela for the first time You can feel the effect in a free trial (trial period) for 2 months. All features of the Enterprise Plan are available during the trial. ・ When upgrading from standard plan to enterprise plan One month free trial (probation period) is available. All features of the Enterprise Plan are available during the trial.
■ Target customers Companies who want to manage confidential information safely Companies who want to manage information sharing with the outside world safely Companies that want to manage large numbers of accounts safely and efficiently Company who wants to use without minding capacity Company who want to try first
■ How to apply ・ Kibela member customers Please log in to Kibela and receive a message from the chat in the lower right, or change the plan from “Settings” → “Payment information” → “Plan (tab)” in the upper right user icon menu. ・ A customer who is not a Kibela member Please apply from “Contact Us” on the Kibela Service Site. kibe.la
■ “One idea for everyone’s power” Information sharing service About Kibela Kibela has structured information sharing issues such as “information is flowing”, “information flows in business chat”, “information is old, can not be searched” with highly convenient functions such as folder and group functions, and is a companion type By making information sharing a habit through support, personally identifiable information has become a corporate asset, realizing an autonomous cycle of individuals and teams. Popular with simple functions and interfaces and reasonable prices, Kibela is available to small and medium enterprises to large companies at the stage of growth. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/24220/7/resize/d24220-7-593446-3.jpg]
■ Bit Journey Company Profile Business name: Bit Journey Inc. Representative: Representative Director Masahiro Ihara Location: 3-16, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071 Minegishi Building 4F Established: November 14, 2014 Business description: Web service development operation, technology consulting Capital: 28.5 million yen HP: bitjourney.com/
■ Inquiries about this release Bit Journey PR Co., Ltd. Email address: pr@bitjourney.com Phone: 03-6421-4844

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