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  • 【NTT.com Online Marketing Solution】 Introduces SAP (R) Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA as an integrated management and utilization platform for global customer ID at Yamaha Corporation.

【NTT.com Online Marketing Solution】 Introduces SAP (R) Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA as an integrated management and utilization platform for global customer ID at Yamaha Corporation.

NTT Com Online Marketing Solution Introduces SAP (R) Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA as an integrated management and utilization basis of global customer ID to Yamaha Corporation. -Correspondence to each country’s laws and regulations and social login correspondence specific to region- ………………………………………………………………………………………… NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshie Tsukamoto, hereinafter NTT Com Online) is Yamaha Corporation (Head office: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture; President and CEO: Takuya Nakata, We have introduced the customer identity management platform “SAP (R) Customer Data Cloud form GIGYA” as a basis for integrated management and utilization of global customer IDs, which will be developed and strengthened globally in the future. 1. Background Yamaha has issued and operated an online customer ID globally to improve the convenience of users of its products and services, but faced the following issues. (Yamaha’s issues) ・ Correspondence to each country laws and regulations about personal data management which changes continuously Continue to respond continuously to laws and regulations in countries that are expected to be updated, including the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations), which came into force in May 2018. ・ Introduction of global social login Introduce social login corresponding to specific SNS such as China, Russia, Korea, Japan, etc. to increase membership registration and active rate, and minimize the trouble of membership registration and login ・ Be able to respond flexibly to strengthening digital marketing to be promoted globally in the future As a platform to solve these issues, Yamaha decided to adopt SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA from the following viewpoints. (Reason for selection) ・ GDPR compliant consent management function, profile management function ・ Selectable data centers in countries (EU, Russia, China) with restrictions on personal data storage locations ・ Social login function corresponding to global 30 or more SNS / ID providers ・ ETL and connectors enable easy coordination with various digital marketing tools NTT Com Online has been the most frequently installed SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA, and also has a large number of systems installed in strengthening digital marketing promoted by Yamaha in the future. it was done. 2. Contents of introduction As a first phase, Yamaha has transferred customer IDs for product sites in 14 countries and regions such as Australia and Singapore to SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA. The membership registration function, social login support for each country, recording of consent required in each country’s law, and security support etc. can be converted to a SaaS and used as a common base across regions. Also, using connectors for data linkage, from now on, we will expand the coverage area, integrate customer IDs of other existing services, etc., and consider data linkage with CDP in line with the customer’s consent status, and finally We plan to integrate customer IDs among various services to create a global, common customer ID management and utilization basis. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/6600/149/resize/d6600-149-906348-0.png] Figure: Overview (including future plans) Details of NTT Com Online “SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA”: www.nttcoms.com/service/GIGYA/ Details of Yamaha Corporation: www.yamaha.com/ja/about/ 3. Comments from Yamaha Corporation Yamaha aims to realize integrated ID management for a consistent customer experience while giving due consideration to the rights and security of the customer’s personal information as much as possible, as a customer registration and authentication basis. We introduced GIGYA. The introduction is based on the abundant introduction results of NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions, and with suggestions and advice, it takes only about four months from system design to introduction without major rework. Did. In the future, in order to utilize SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA as a customer integration platform, we will continue to ask for support from NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions on issues such as linking of various marketing tools and integration of existing customer databases. I think. Mr. Hidenori Sanko, General Manager, UX Strategy Department, Marketing Division, Brand Strategy Headquarters, Yamaha Corporation About SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA integrates and centrally manages customer information from multiple devices such as complex customer IDs and multiple databases, PCs and smartphone applications in the era of omni-channel to enhance the effectiveness, data linkage and update menu Always maintain updated status and generate actionable data for marketing activities. In addition, the cloud type that combines reliability and flexibility contributes to the efficiency and cost of development investment and provides platform services that streamline the marketing ROI of a company. About NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions NTT Com Online is a solution partner that supports corporate digital marketing and digital transformation. With the strength of data analysis and technology, in the field of digital marketing, we provide total support from the introduction to the operation companion, including integration and management of customer data, marketing automation, B2B marketing, customer loyalty management, and messaging services. You In addition, TIBCO’s data analysis and integration products, which have a high track record as global, are software that “cooperate, integrate, and analyze all data in real time” to support digital transformation in response to corporate data issues. We offer as a general agent in Japan. Name: NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Ltd. Location: Osaki 1-Chome Osaki Center Building, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Representative: President and CEO Yoshie Tsukamoto URL: www.nttcoms.com/ * “SAP Customer Data Cloud from GIGYA” is a registered trademark or trademark of SAP SE in Germany and other countries around the world. Company names and product names in the text may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 【Contact Us】 NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Ltd. Mitake (Yamatake), Yashiro (Yashiro) URL: www.nttcoms.com/service/GIGYA/ Email: gigya_ask@nttcoms.com

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